The Proceedings of the 46th Japanese Joint Conference for the Technology of Plasticity
September 26 ~ 29, 1995, Chiba

Copywrite by The Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity


101. Powder-inserted Resistance Welding Technique for Aluminum Joints Y. Tada and T. Sato 102. Simultaneous Joining of Sintered Product to Ingot Metal Parts In Resistance Sintering S. Maki, O. Haneda, Y. Harada and M. Nakamura 103. Evaluation of Joining Strength of Clad Sheet by Means of Crossed Testpiece T.Mori 104. Effects of Joining Conditions on its Strength in the PBB Method Y. kasuga, T. Machida, T. Okai and K. Takehi 105. Steel Pipe Parts Shave-Joined to Knurled Steel Pipe Periphery (II) Y. Nakamura, Y. Egami, S.Takeguchi and T. Machida 106. Tortional Strength of Variously Shave-Joined Aluminum/Steel Pipes T. Machida, K. Kanno, Y. Egami and Y. Nakamura

Tube Forming

107. Pipe Bending Using Reducing Die M. Tougasaki, M. Nakamura, S. Maki Y. Harada and K. Hayashi 108. Influence of Expanding Ratio on Forming Mechanism of PCR Y, Saitoh, T. Mori 109. Effect of Wall Thickness on Deformation of Thin Copper Tube under Internal Pressure and Axial Compression S. Yamamoto, S. Fuchizawa, M.Narazaki and A. shirayori 110. Forming of T-Fitting of Aluminum Alloy Tube Using Elastomer K. Yamada, S. Fuchizawa, M. Narazaki and A. Shirayori


111. Superplastic Deformation of Fine Cramics on Uniaxial Compression K. Sato, T. Yokoyama and R.Nagae 112. Effect of Heating/Cooling-rate on Superplastic Deformation of Ti-6Al-4V alloys K. Sato, T. Yokoyama, T. Nishimura, Y. kimura and E. Yamazaki 113. Analysis of Superplastic Forming Concerned with the Effect of Friction N. Suzuki 114. Superplasticity of AlN Particulate Reinforced Aluminium Composites T. Imai, S. Kojima and M. Ono 115. Formability of Mechanically Alloyed Al Alloy Sheet Y. Suzuki, N. yukawa and T. Ishikawa

Precision Technology in Powder Forming & Sintering

117. A Study of Compaction Behaviour of Various Ferrous Powders in Three-and Two-Dimensional H. Chao, S. Shima and H. Kotera 118T. Yield Function for Powder and its Application to Powder Compaction Wei Min Shen and T. Kimura 119T. Numerical Study of Powder Compaction by Non Circular Particle Model. (3rd report : Behaviour of Rectangular Particles under Compaction) H. Kitahara, H. Kotera and S. Shima 120T. Quasi-Static Simulation of Powder Packing Behavior by Particulate Modeling and its Evaluation by Experiment T. Kinoshita, S. Shima, R. Wadabayashi and H. Miyamoto 121T. Simulation of Powder Forming by Rigid-Plastic Finite Element Method based on Cosserat Continuum Theory M. Chiomi, K. Mori and K. Osakada 122T. Analysis of Magnetic Powder Compaction in Magnetic Field by Cosserat Continuum -Basic Theory- H. Kotera and S. Shima 123T. Effects of Particle Shape on Pressure under Compaction Y. Ujie, H. Kotera, S. Shima and H. Kitahara 124T. CAD for DRY-CIP Rubber Mold H. Ona, K. Kaminaga, Hai Ou Zhang and T. Jimma 125T. Reduction in Weight of Die in Die-CIP Method S. Mizunuma, T. Tomokiyo and S. Hamauzu 126T. On-process Quantitative Evaluation of Ceramic Green Body in Extrusion Process T. Watanabe, T. Aizawa and J. Kihara 127T. Direct Fabrication of Bulk Ni-Al Solid Solution Materials by Repeated Forging O. Kobayashi, Y. Asakawa, T. Aizawa and J. Kihara 128T. Compacting of Water Atomized Copper Powder by Differential Speed Rolling T. Tanaka, S. Masaki and Y. Kitanohara 129T. Manufacturing Process of TiB dispersed Ti-6Al-4V alloy composites by reaction sintering and those mechanical properties (2) M. Kobayashi, K. Funami, S. Suzuki and C. Ouchi 130T. Improvement of Void Defect in Solidified Part of Metal Powder by Laser Prototyping F. Abe and K. Osakada

Plastic Processing

131. Forming Limit Prediction Using FEM Simulation in Deep Drawing of Thermoplastic Thick Plates C. C. Wang, K. Mori and K. Osakada 132. Computational Simulation of Deformation Behavior of Glassy Polymers with Pre-strain Y. Tomita, T. Adachi and H. Miyamoto 133. Effects of Stretching on Cold Forging of Solid Polymer S. Matsuoka 134. Hardness Distribution and Tangent Modulus for Bending of Hot Extruded Thermoplastic Rods in Solid State Y. Sanomura 135. Deep Drawability of PP and GFPP with the Flexible Punch T. Yokota and T.Nakayama 136. Continuous Joining of Thermoplastic Elastmer on the One Side Surface of Plain Woven Cotton T. Nakayama 137. Square Cup Forming of Fabric CF Reinforced Thermoplastics by Ironing Assisted Drawing T. Machida, K. Yoshimatsu, S. Kuramochi and T. Okai

Incremental Forming

201. Incremental Backward Bulge Forming of Sheet Metal with Hemi-Spherical Tool on NC Machine Tool 14 S. Matsubara 202. Incremental Backward Bulge Forming of Sheet Metal with Hemi-Spherical Tool on NC Machine Tool 15 S. Matsubara 203. Rectangular Shell Using Multi-Stage Incremental Forming with Spherical and Cylindrical Rollers T. Naganawa, H. Iseki and K. Kato 204. Inremental Forming in Traditional Metal Forming Art S. Shima, T. Hasebe and H. Kotera 205. A Study on Incremental Hammering by Hammering-2nd Report : Experiments on Drawing - T. Hasebe, K. Kasai, S. Shima and Y. Imaida 206. Control of Warp of Sheet in Press Forming of Braille Y. Fujihara and M. Tanaka 207. Automatic Generation of Tool Movement using Personal Computer for Incremental Forming by Numerical Control K. Yoshikawa 208. Forming of Compound Curved Surfaces Using Incremental Press Forming Process. M. Matsubara, S. Tanaka, T. Nakamura, M. Hiraiwa and H. Imaizymi 209. Control Forming of Plastic Working by an Elastic Bar II, Perpendicularity of the Elastic Bar to Tool Surface S. Kuriyama 210. Virtual Manufacturing for Sheet Metal Processing (3rd Rep. Simulation by IGRIP) J. Endo, T. Yamada, T. Anzai and S. Ohba

Sheet Metal Forming

211. Finite Element Simulation of Coiling of Plate Using Coilbox N. Oketani, G. Yang, K. Osakada and K. Mori 212. A New Method for Bending Sheet Metal Sharply H. Ogawa and A. Makinouchi 213. Estimation of Mechanical Properties of Clad Metal as a Monolithic Structure E. Nara and H. Ohsawa 214. Study on Hot Forming of Head Plates T. Ohta and N. Tanaka 215. Erichsen Testing of Light Metal Sheets at High Temperatures M. Nura, M. Sugamata and J. Kaneko 216. Material Deformation Analysis using Visioplasticity without Grid Pattern T. Takahasi, I. Aoki 217. Shrink Flange Bending of Sheet Metal M. Murata, G. Chen and F. Arakawa 218. Experimental Study on Hydraulic Bulging of Amorphous Alloy Foil J. Y. Chen, S. Fuchizawa, M. Narazaki and A. Shirayori 219. Basic Deformation of Laser-Welded Steel Sheets T. Hira, T. Kato and Y. Kitani 220. Cryogenic Forming Technology for Aluminum Alloy Sheet I . Deformation Characteristics and Formability K. Matsui, S. Yoshizawa, K. Tsubota and T. Iwase 221. Cryogenic Forming Technology for aluminium alloy sheet II . Application to automotive parts T. Iwase, S. Ujihara and K. Matsui 222. Effect of Deformation Rate and Temperature on Press Forming of Aluminum Alloy Sheet M. Yang and H. Nishimura 223. Serration Behavior of Al-Mg Alloy n Sheet Metal Forming T. Todoroki and H. Ohsawa 224. Tensile Ductility of 5083 Alloy Sheet at Wide Range of Strain Rates and Various Temperatures T. Naka and F. Yoshida 225. Experimental Analysis of Yield Surface for Al-Mg Alloys Y. Maeda, M. Yanagawa, Y. Hayashida, S. Hattori, K. Matsui Frederic Barlat and Kwansoo Chung 226. Numerical Prediction of Yield Surface with Polycrystal Models for Al-Mg Alloys Y. Maeda, M. Yanagawa, Y. Hayashida, S. Hattori, K. Matsui Frederic Barlat and Kwansoo Chung 227. Evaluation of Yield Function for Forming Process by FEM Simulation Y. Hayashida, Y. Maeda, K. Matsui, N. Hashimoto, S. Hattori, Kwansoo Chung and Frederic Barlat 228. Improved Formulation of Degenerate Shell Element for Simulation of Breakage in Sheet Metal Forming Process M. Kawka and A. Makinouchi 229. Automatic Design System for Determining Optimum Blank Shapes for Deep Drawn Cups with Arbitrary Shaped Flanges (2nd Report. Improvement of Accuracy) Wen Hua Si, T. Kuwabara and M. Shuuno 230. Investigation of the Method for Wrinkling Suppression of Aluminum Alloy Sheet K. Ogura, Y. Bekki, S. Nakamura, A. Sato, M. Matsui and Y. Matsumoto 231. Forming Technology of Aluminum Body Sheet Using Variable Blank Holding Force Technique K. Matsui and S. Kawakami 232. Deep Drawing of Cylindrical Cups with Holes at the Sidewall. N. Shirakawa and R. Wadabayashi 233. Influence of Material Properties on Forming Limit of Square Cup Deep Drawing of Thick Plate by Multi-Axial Loading S. Haraguchi, S. Fuchizawa, E. Sato, T. Shimizu and T. Sano 234. Effect of Anisotropy of Mechanical properties of Steel Sheet on Wall Thickness of Stretch Drawn Cup. N. Sato, I. Komatsu, S. Ozaki and K. Imazu

Plasticity of Materials

301. Modelling of Dislocation Interaction and Its Application on Non-proportional Cyclic Loadings T. Hasebe, K. Shibahara and Y. Imaida 302. Aconstic Structure Across Grain Boundary, in Mechanical Characterization by Acoustic Spectro-Microscopy Y. XU, T. Aizawa and J. Kihara 303. Fractal Analysis of Surface Profile of Metal Sheets under Equi-Biaxial Tension A. Nakanishi, Y. Kurosaki, M. Matsui and T. Takayama 304. Strain-Induced Transformation of Stainless Sheet Steel SUS304 Subjected to In-Plane Tension and Compression Y. Morita and T. Kuwabara 305. Improvement in Mechanical Properties of Chromium-Nickel Sintered Powders due to Thermomechanical Treatment Y. Harada, M. Nakamura, S. Maki and M. Ohmori 306. Effect of Cold Working before Heat Treatment on Cyclic Characteristics of Pseudoelasticity of Ti-Ni shape Memory Alloy T. Ijima, K. Satou, T. Yokoyama and A. Munakata 307. On the Evolution of Rotation of Principal Axis of Plastic Anisotropy K. Sasaki, K. Ito, N. Takatsu, T. Sagawa and K. Funayama

High Energy Rate Forming

308. Dynamic Behavior of Locally Compressed Thin-Tube by Impulsive Force. (2nd Report) H. Hata and H. Negishi 309. Electromagnetic Caulking of a Small-Diameter Tube Y. Katoh, H. Negishi and Y. TuJi 310. Effect of Current Waveforms on Electromagnetic Tube Bulging (4th Report) K. Okagawa, T. Aizawa, M. Hayasaka and K. Takahashi 311. A Study of Instantaneous Soldering with Impulse Eddy Current T. Aizawa, M. Yosizawa and H. Matsutani 312. Effect of Blank Holder Force on Limiting Drawing Height in Deep Drawing by Hydro Spark Forming Method M. Yokoi, T. Hasebe and Y. Imaida 313. On Improvement of Forming Accuracy in Explosive Forming Method Y. Ishigori, M. Mochihara, R. Zhang, H. Iyama, H. Osaka and M. Fujita 314. Axi-Symmetric Shearing Process of Metal Plate under Shock Pressure M. Mochihara, Y. Nakiyama, M. Fujita and H. Iyama 315. Hot Dynamic Compaction of Powders Using Converging Underwater Shock Wave K. Hokamoto, T. Kugimoto, S. Tanaka, M. Fujita, S. Itoh and A. Chiba


316. The Concept of CAPD-Application of CAPD in the Forging Industry I - H. Yano, T. Akashi, M. Ogino and K. Osakada 317. Development Technology that Apply Solid CAD to Forging Process Design -Application of CAPD in the Forging Industry II - H. Yano, K. Kaneko and T. Akashi 318. An Expert System to Assist Automatic Remeshing in Rigid Plastic Analysis ; Outline - Application of CAPD in the Forging Industry III - K. Nakanishi, O. Takata, N. Horinouchi, H. Yano and T. Akashi 319. An Expert System to Assist Automatic Remeshing in Rigid Plastic Analysis ; Application - Application of CAPD in the Forging Industry IV - H. Yano, T. Akashi, K. Nakanishi, O. Takata and N. Horinouchi 320. Estimation of Contact State in Aluminum Hot Upsetting by using ultrasonic Examination Zhi-Hong Zhan, H. Saiki, T. Morooka and S. Tatsuda 321. Analysis of Thermal Loading in Warm and Hot Forging Dies with Nitrided Surface Layer H. Saiki, A. Minami and O. Shizuma 322. Effect of Frictional Heat on Temperature Distribution in Fast Indentation Forging K. Yoshikawa 323. FEM Analysis of Closed Forging of Gear Blank K. Osaki, M. Nakasaki and T. Yoshida 324. Precision Closed Die Forging of Spline with Axially Driven Container K. Osakada, S. Hanami and X. Wang 325. A New Proposal for Forging Thick Spur Gear Products by Divided Flows Method K. Ohga, F. Murakoshi, H. Ando, K. Miyoshi and K. Kondo 326. Incremental Blade Forging Process with Plastic Flow Control for Suppression of Bending S. Aoki, M. Shiraishi and Y. Goto 327. 3 Dimensional Forging Simulation and Comparison with Actual Forging T. shimizu, K. Matsuda and T. Sano 328. On the Control of Reference Frame in the Three Dimensional ALE Rigid-Plastic Forging Analysis J. Terziyski, M. Hamada, T. Aizawa and J. Kihara 329. Forging Simulation Using GRADE/Forge System S. Kihara, H. Mori, A. Kinoshita, S. Rashed, S. Nishiyama and K. Asano 330. Numerical Investigation on Reduction of Stages in Multi-Stage Forging Zhi-Gang Sun, M. Gotoh and M. Katsuta 331. Anisotropic Mechanical Properties in Hot Forging K. Shichiku and S. Sugii 332. Effect of Graphite Precipitation on the Cold Ductility of 0.43 % C Steel K. Shiraishi, K. Fukui and M. Akiyama 333. Sinter-Forging of Superplastic TZP and TZP/Al2O3 Ceramics H. Minami, K. Matsuki, M. Tokizawa and N. Takatsuji

Mashy-State/Semi-Solid Metal Forming

334. Model Experiment of Continuous Forging of Slab with Liquid Core Y. Itakura, M. Shiomi, K. Mori and K. Osakada 335. Determination of Optimum Working Condition for Grain Alignment in Mushy-State Forging of Magnets by Distinct Element Simulation M. Otsu, K. Mori and K. Osakada 336. Observation of Mashy Alloys by High Temperature Microscope II M. Kiuchi, J. Yanagimoto, S. Sugiyama and A. Tanabe


401. Investigation on Deformation Behavior in Beading Process. H. Koyama, K. Kawada, O. Haga and Y. Kato. 402. V-Shape Forming Process of Super Hybrid Plate O. Haga, H. Koyama and K. Kawada 403. Intelligent Sheet Metal V-Bending System by Using Both Simulation and Experience Data Base Systems Y. Saotome, S. Tsunoda and H. Koyama 404. Improvement of Bending Accuracy of Damping Steel Sheets I.Kokubo, J.Iwata and H.Shirasawa 405. Bending of Aluminum Honeycomb Panel H. Kobayashi, M. Daimaruya and T. Kobayashi 406. Development of Two Dimensional Sheet Metal Press Stamping Simulator ( 1st Report : Analysis of Material Movement and Stretching Force) S. Murakami, S. Takahashi and T. Kuwabara 407. Stretch Bending for Large Extruded Shape S. Kinoshita, Y. Oki, H. Hashizumi and S. Matsuoka 408. FEM Analysis for Bending Process with Rotation Tool H. Takizawa and A. Makinouchi 409. Elasto-Plastic FE Analysis of Tension-Leveling Process of Sheet Metals M. Urabe, T. Okada, F. Yoshida and T. Kajiwara


410. Effect of Counter Punch Pressure on Blanking of Intermetallic Compound T. Takahashi, M. Takahashi, S. Suto, T. Sano and S. Fuchizawa 411. Shearing of Pipes with Rotating Type Dies Installing a Pair of Connected Mandrels M. Murakawa, J. Mo and N. Koga 412. Determination Method for the Break-Through Starting Point During Blanking N. Koga, M. Kondo, J. Mo and M. Murakawa 413. Effects of a Hydraulic Inertia Type Damper on Reduction of Blanking Noise J. Mo, M. Kondo, N. Koga and M. Murakawa 414. Measurement of Lead Frame material by laser microscope H. Yamada, T. Oishi and T. Ishikawa 415. Workability in Blanking of Lead Frame Material ( Ⅱ ) T. Oishi, H. Yamada and T. Ishikawa 416. Relation Between the Accuracy in Slitting Cutter Assembly and the Grain Mark on Side Surface of Coil T. Watanabe 417. Shearing with No Die of Extruded Aluminum Alloy Sections Hao Zhang, H, Kida, N. Takatsuji, M. Tokizawa, K. Murotani and K. Matsu


418. Tube-Tube Combined Extrusion of Aluminum Alloy Y. Sawai, T. Kojima and M. Ono 419. Effect of Precipitation Morphology of Mg2Si on Surfacial Quality of Extruded Al-Mg2 Alloys T. Takai, M. Tokizawa, N. Takatsuji, K. Muroya, K. Matsu and H. Morita 420. Dimension Accuracy of Rectanglar Cylinder Extruded by Port-Hole Die S. Murakami, N. Takatsuji, M. Tokizawa, K. Murotani, K. Matsuki and S. Nagao 421. Basic Equation of Plastic Deformation K. Momose 422. Aluminium-Lithium/SiCp Composites Produced by Mechanical Milled Powders (II) Influence of Mechanical Milling Parameters on the Mechanical Properties and Microstructures K. Hanada, Y. Murakoshi, H. Negishi and T. San 423. Compaction Behavior of Powder-Viscous Material Mixture K. Nishimura, T. Murakami, K. Ikeda and T. Kanazawa 424. Effect of Additives on Extrusion Characteristics of Powder Compounds Z. Chen, K. Ikeda and T. Murakami 425. Flow of Solid Metal During Extrusion : Three-Dimensional Simulations by Finite Elemer Method-4 M. Kiuchi, J. Yanagimoto and Victor Mendoza 426. Finite Element Analysis of Velocity Distribution in Bearing Section During Extrusion of Rectangular Shapes M. Kiuchi, J. Yanagimoto and Victor Mendoza 427. Finite Element Analaysis of Velocity Distribution in Bearing Section During Extrusion of Angle and Channel Shapes M. Kiuchi, J. Yanagimoto and Victor Mendoza 428. Numerical Simulation of the Extrusion with Shear Strain M. Hoshino


429 Production of Extreme Thin Molybdenum Pipe by Drawing Process S. Yokoyama and H. Nakajima 430. Effects of Using a Diamond-Like-Carbon-Coated Plug in ED Manufacturing Method of Precision Aluminum Thin Tubes M. Jin. N. Koga, M. Murakawa and T. Kumagai 431. Study on Brass Tube-Expanding by Plug Drawing M. Sato 432. Metal Reduction Forming Process for Micro Parts M. Kanamaru and Y. Yoshitomi

Roll Forming

433. A Study on Corner Radius of Square Steel Pipe in Cold Roll-forming Process (24th Report) T. Kitawaki, M. Takeda, K. Higuchi and R. Kuromatsu 434. Finite Element Simulation of Deformation Features of Sheet Metal (SUS304) Formed by Forming Rolls (Bending Angle : 30゜) for Hat-Section Y. Onoda, T. Nagamachi, A. Nakagomi and M. Kono 435. Numerical Analysis of Deformation of Metal Sheet at Breakdown Forming Stage (2) M. Kiuchi and Feizhou Wang 436. Analysis of Roll-Forming of V-Type Heavy Gauge Sections II -Study of Non-Symmetric shapes M. Kiuchi and K. Nakagoshi

Spinning & Rotary Forming

437. An Analysis of Temperature and Strain Distribution in NC Spinning Process of Mild Steel M. Ishikawa, K. Takaishi and T. Yamada 438. CNC Spinning Machine for Making Flexible Cross Section of Circular Tube M. Murata, Xuejun Cai and K. Uemura 439. Helical Rolling of Tube 2nd Report : Rolling Load H. Takizawa and T. Kimura 440. The Effect of Oil on Lead Screw Rolling I. Katayama, Y. Shinbo and S. Takahashi

Technology and Applied Roll Materials in Sheet Rolling

502T. Numerical Analysis of Stress Intensity Factor for Crack in Subsurface Layer of Work Roll H. Yamamoto, S. Araya, K. Seki, T. Tomokiyo, Y. Wada and K. Watanabe 503T. Effect of Rolling Conditions on Wear and Surface Deterioration of Hot Strip Mill Work Rolls. S. Kanari, T. Imae, K. Isobe and I. Yarita 504T. Investigation of Scale Defects by High Carbon High Speed Steel Roll in Hot Rolling. T. Koide, K. Goto, T. Sasaki, T. Shibahara, J. Sugimoto and T. Kita 505T. Expansion of Rolling Schedule by ORG and High Speed Steel Work Rolls K. Masuda and K. Ogawa 506T. Behavior of Roll Plated with Chromium T. Shiraishi, H. Yamamoto, K. Watanabe, K. Nakajima, K. Kanamaru, M Fujimura 507T. Experimental Study on Transfer of Surface Textures from Rolls to Sheets A. Ishiwatari, T. Imae, M. Kitahama, K. Isobe and I. Yarita 508T. Effect of Carbide Volume on Antiseizure Property of Roll in Cold Sheet Rolling Y. Jinbo and A. Azushima 509T. Characteristics of Mat Strip Rolling with Sialon Rolls K. Yasuda, K. Narita, M. Nakagawa and T. Ohkohchi 510T. Roll Coating and Surface Properties in Aluminum Cold Rolling M. Ishikawa, A. Azushima and Y. Motoyama 511T. Effect of Roll-Coating on Surface Brightness of SUS430 Cold Rolled Strip K. Kenmochi K. Isobe, I. Yarita, K. Okada, Y. Seino and T. Akazawa 512T. Effect of Roll Material on Lubricity in Stainless Steel Cold Rolling . A. Azushima, K. Ikeda and Y. Jinbo

Rolling Deformation Analysis

513. Isothermally Rolling of Ti-46Al-Cr A. Morita and S. Hattori 514. Mathematical Model of Width Reduction for Tensile Stress in Hot Strip Finishing Train and Run Out Table T. Sasaki, S. Ban and Y. Kouno 515. Numerical Analysis on Flow Stress, Rolling Pressure and Grain Size Distributions in Tandem Hot Strip Rolling J. Yanagimoto 516. Three Dimensional Elastoplastic Boundary Element Modelling of the Plate Rolling Hong Xiao, T. Aizawa, J. Kihara and G. Shen 517. Thermal Stress Analysis to Prevent Canoeing of Strips in a Vertical Bright Annealing Furnace H Kano, Y. Watanabe, K. Kenmochi, A. Miyajima, A. Umezu and A. Kamimaru 518. Improvement of Flatness of Stainless Steel Strip in Sendzimir Mill to Prevent Canoeing of Strip in a Vertical Bright Annealing Furnace Y. Watanabe, H. Kano, K. Kenmochi, A. Kamimaru J. Yamada and J. Yamamoto

Rolling Tribology

519. Observation of Micro Labricant Behavior between Roll and Workpiece by Using Lubricant with Fluorescer in Cold Rolling A. Azushima. T. Sugai and M. Natsui 520. Investigation into Micro Lubricant Behavior and Oil Film Thickness in Emulsion Cold Rolling . T. Sugai, A. Azushima and M. Natsui 521. Performance of Water Based Lubricants in the Rolling of a Stainless Steel (2nd Report) S. Ogura, J. Shibata, K. Seki and H. Yokota 522. Rolling Properties of Water Soluble Cold Rolling Oils for Stainless Steel S. Shindo, K. Sawa, N. Imazumi and T. Kawanami 523. Investigation into Friction Behavior of SUS304 by Using a Rolling-TypeTribometer Zhrgang Wang, K. Dohda, N. Yokoi and Y. Haruyama

Rolling Shape Control

524. Development of Flatness Set-up Model for 12-high Cluster Mill J. Tateno, Y. Watanabe, K. Kenmochi, M. Hoshino, M. Saisu and T. Fukayama 525. Analysis of Strip Crown by Use of Rigid-Plastic FEM in Nonsymmetric Rolling H. Furumoto, K. Morimoto, K. Hayashi, J. Iwatani and J. Nishizaki 526. Characteristics of Cold Pair Cross Rolling Mill (7) R. Hamada, T. Kajihara, S. Iyama, S. Hashimoto, S. Kamada and K. Hayashi527. Characteristics of Edge Drop Control in Tandem Mill A. Aizawa, K. Hara, K. Nakamoto, M. Otsuka, J. Hayakawa and T. Miki

Rolling on Rod, Bar & Pipe

528. Deformation Analysis of Rolling on Bar Steel by 4-roll Mills (Development of Size free Rolling Technology on Rod and Bar Mill) A. Karino, K. Omori, H. Kondo and R. Takeda 529. Measurement of Circumferential Speed of Blank Ring in Cold Ring Rolling Process (2nd Report) M. Nakasaki, K. Osaki and T. Yoshida 530. Deformation Analysis of 3 Roll Reducing Mill T. Okui, M. Yamada and T. Yamada 531. Deformation Characteristics on Uniforming the Circumferential Wall Thickness by Planetary Type Mill T. Katsumura, M. Hori, K. Yasunaga, T. Hirasawa and T. Ariizumi 532. Effects of Various Factors on Section Area at Pass Exit and Forward Slip Ratio for Single Stand Rolling of Mandrel Mill. S. Yamamoto, Y. Wada, S. Tamura, K. Yamada and S. Hamauzu 533. Analysis of Mandrel Mill Rolling With Tension Using Three-Dimensional Rigid-Plastic Finite Element Method Y. Wada, S. Yamamoto, S. Ida, H. Yamamoto, S. Hamauzu and K. Watanabe

Fractures in Plastic Working Processes

601K. Overview of Fracture Problems in Plastic Working Processes M. Gotoh 602T. Intrinsic Criterion of Diffuse Necking H. Moritoki and E. Okuyama 603T. An Examination of Elastic-Plastic Constitutive Equations with Vertexby using Tensile Test Specimen of Sheet Metal with Multiple Holes K. Takaishi and F. Takahashi 604T. The Effect of Bifurcation Mode on Fracture Limit Strain in Sheet Metal Forming K. Sato, K. Ito, M. Goya and N. Toshotani 605T. The Effect of Planer Anisotropy of Fracture Limit Strain in Sheet Metal Forming T. Yoshida, K. Ito, K. Hashimoto, M. Usuda and T. Kikuma 606T. A Consideration of M-K Model for Stretching of Sheet Metals N. Shirakawa, K. Yamaguchi and N. Takakura 607T. Prediction of Forming Limit in Sheet Metal Forming Using Ductile Fracture Criterion H. Takuda, K. Mori and N. Hatta 608T. Evaluation of Breakage Initiation for Ring-Shaped Cup Press Process by FEM Analysis N. Iwata, F. Nonoyama, M. Matsui, K. Itakura, K. Makihara and M. Gotoh 609T. Foming Limit of Incremental Sheet Metal Bulging H. Iseki, K. Sato and J. Nakahata 610T. Numerical Investigation on Forming Limit Strain of Bonded Sheets Due to Shear-Band-Type Strain Localization Tae-Hoon Chung and M. gotoh 611T. Forming Limit in Deep Drawing of Sheet Metal Laminates R. Hino and F. Yoshida 612T. Stretch Formability of Laser Welded Blank 2 H. Sakurai, T. Sugiyama, S. Takahashi and Y. Miyashita 613T. Forming Limit of Laser Welded Steel Sheets S. Hiwatashi, M. Usuda, T. Kikuma, Y. Miyazaki and M. Ohara 614T. Influence of Change of Rate of Strain Rate on Plastic Instability M. Yoshizawa and H. Ohsawa 615T. Unexpected Behaviors of Deformation and Fracture in a Few Metals M. Yamashita, M. Gotoh and E. Fujita 616T. Numerical Simulation of Ductile Fracture Process using Micro Fracture Model K. Komori 617T. Comparison between Sheared Surfaces and Other Machined Surfaces for Fatigue Fracture Properties Y. Kishi, T. Okada and M. Murakawa 618T. Yielding and Fracture of Radiation Curable Polymers H. Iseki 619T. Correspondence between Strain Path and Stress Path in Plastic Deformation H. Moritoki and E. Okuyama


620. Direct Observation of Real Contact Area in Flat Sliding Test under Lower Mean Pressure A. Azushima and N. Kuriki 621. Lubrication Mechanism Allowing for the Effect of Surface Microgeometry of Workpiece H. Ike 622. Tool Geometry Selection in the Estimation of Tribo-condition for Bonderlube Treated Material in Ferging Process H. Saiki, Gracious Ngaile, L. Rian and M. Asakawa 623. Proposal of Lubricant Test for Thick Sheet Forming K. Katoh, K. Kondo and K. Matsuguchi 624. An Evaluation of Lubricants for Cold Forging by Spike Forging Test. (Some Influences of Odditions in Die Lubricating Oils on Lubricating Performances of Dry Films.) M. Kawano, K. Yanagihara and S. Isogawa 625. Evaluation of Forging Lubricants (Die Lubricants and Billet Coating) for Ti-6A1-4V Alloy by Spike Test K. Sakoda, S. Isogawa and M. Mori 626. Lubricity of Organo-Molybdenum Compounds in Forming Process S. Kashiwaya, K. Dohda, M. Hayakawa