The Proceedings of the 1996 Japanese Spring Conference for the Technology of Plasticity
May 9 ~ 12, 1996, Nagoya

Copywrite by The Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity
Special thanks to Nissei Eblo Co. for the offer of data

Joining and Combination

101 Development of metallic and ceramic particles reinforced radiation curable polymers of stereo-lithography H. Iseki 102 Extrusion of glass fiber reinforced polypropylene in solid state Y. Sanomura 103 Welding and structural deformation of organic materials at interface by ultrasonis S. Kaneko, T. Ishikawa and K. Takeda 104 Research on caulking 3rd report: Combined upsetting and shaving Y. Matsue, K. Kondou and K. Murasato


105 Strengthening by strain-induced vacancy cluster in metal K. Showaki 106 Hydrogen-defects interaction during plastic deformation K. Showaki 107 Dependency of the ferromagnetic compact in magnetic field by Coserat theory H. Kotera, M. Sawada and S. Shima

Numerical Simulation

108 Flow localization behavior of polycrystalline materials Y. Tomita and H. Ooki 109 Finite element analysis of dynamic explicit method based on crystal plasticity theory F. Okamoto, X. Dong and E. Nakamachi 110 Elastic/crystalline viscoplastic FE analysis of texture effects on plastic instability in LDH tests X. Dong and E. Nakamachi 111 Experimental analysis of deformation characterization affected by orientation distribution of crystalline H. Morimoto and E. Nakamachi 112 FE Analysis with mixture of full-and reduced-integration elements Y. Yokouchi and M. Ichishima 113 Control forming of plastic working by an elastic bar Ⅲ, Sheet metal forming using tool described by simply curved surfaces S. Kuriyama 114 Tube forming using shear deformation M. Michino, M. Tanaka and Y. Fujihira 115 Axial crushing of square section tubes A. Uenishi, Y. Kuriyama, M. Usuda and M. Itabashi 116 Particle behavior in extrusion by parallel particle dynamics method H. Kotera, H. Kitahara, M. Maeda and S. Shima 117 3D simulation of powder compaction H. Kotera, Y. Ujie and S. Shima 118 Microscopic simulation of shrinkage in sintering of powder compact K. Mori, M. Ohashi and K. Osakada 119 Finite element simulation of wet powder compaction M. Shiomi, K. Mori and K. Osakada

High Energy Rate Forming

120 Effects of curvature of die corner on the dynamic deformation mechanism during explosive forming M. Fujita, M. Mochihara, Y. Ishigori, T. Kinoshita, H. Iyama and T. Saisyo 121 On deformation processes into grooved dies by explosive forming technique M. Fujita, H. Osaka, M. Sassa, Y. Ishigori, M. Mochihara and T. Kinoshita 122 On the mechanism of dynamic shear fracture by shock pressure M. Mochihara, Y. Nakiyama, M. Fujita and K. Hokamoto 123 Shock Reactivity from Pretveated Powders by Mechanical Alloying in Ni-Al System T. Aizawa, J. Kihara, K. Fukuoka and Y. Shono 124 A study on wire explosion spraying ―Effects of wire materials on coating mechanism― T. Hasebe, Y. Imaida and M. Hesaki 125 Control of blank hokder force and impulsive pressure morphology in closed-type hydro spark forming T. Hasebe, Y. Imaida and M. Yokoi 126 High velosity plastic forming by using underwater shock wave focusing technique Y. Takenaga, T. Hasebe and Y. Imaida 127 Development of high-speed tension testing apparatus with the aid of drop-hammer and its application E. Fujita, M. Yamashita and M. Gotoh 128 Effect of current waveforms on electromagnetic tube bulging (5th Report) K. Okagawa, T. Aizawa, I. Fukushi and K. Yamada 129 Bead forming of aluminum tube by electro-magnetic forming (2nd report) Y. Murakoshi, M. Takahashi, T. Sano and K. Matsuno 130 Ablation of ceramics by excimer laser ―2nd Report: Comparison among three excimer lasers― T. Sugimoto, T. Hasebe, K. Yukimura and Y. Imaida


201 An expert system to assist automatic remeshing in rigid plastic analysis; Development for application ―Application of CAPD in the forging industry V― H. Yano, T. Akashi, N. Matsuoka and K. Nakanishi 202 Die-forging design method by 3-dimensional FEM simulation (Development of remeshing method) K. Kondo, M. Kobayashi, H. Ueda, S. Suehiro, K. Tamura, M. Nishiguchi and T. Fukuyasu 203 Die-forging design method by 3-dimensional FEM simulation (Application of die-forging design for crankshaft) M. Kobayashi, K. Tamura, K. Kondo, M. Nishiguchi, H. Ueda, T. Fukuyasu and S. Suehiro 204 A simplified Simulation by UBET for three-dimensional forging T. Choda and M. Kiuchi 205 Numerical and physical simulation for axis symmetric forging of a few typical shapes K. Osaki, T. Yoshida, M. Yano and M. Nakasaki 206 Numerical and physical simulation for forging of part for automobile chassis M. Yano, T. Yoshida, M. Nakasaki, Y. Kasahara and K. Osaki 207 Study on unsymmetrical plane strain extrusion Y. Song, M. Matsui, T. Mizuno and Y. Kurosaki 208 Forgeability of foward extrusion of high reduction in area at ultra high temperature O. Kada, M. Toda and T. Miki 209 Development of finite slab method for estimation of working pressure during cold forging T. Murakami, K. Kamai, K. Ikeda and K. Nisimura 210 Studies of stage reduction of multi-stage forging process Z. G. Sun, M. Gotoh and M. Katsuta 211 Expert system for cold forging process planning using case based reasoning and finite numeric analysis method T. Ohashi, M. Motomura and M. Muraoka 212 Trial system of risk analysis for cold forging defect with using finite numeric analysis method T. Ohashi, M. Motomura and T. Kinoshita 213 Fundamental study on strength of cold forging dies ―Deformation behavior of dies under static loading― S. Hamaya, T. Hasebe, Y. Imaida and Y. Maekawa 214 Analisys of forging-die life by using CAE and reliability technique S. Fujikawa, S. Nishiyama and K. Uemura 215 Prediction of thermal softening in hot forging die with nitrided surface layer H. Saiki, A. Minami and O. Shizuma 216 Fundamental study on casting/forging process of aluminum alloys for casting J. Natsume, Z. J. Qiang and M. Ono 217 Effect of restraint of backward flow in can and rod combined extrusion Y. Takada, Y. Sawai and M. Ono 218 Effects of temperature on the density of Al-20 Si powder compacted body in secondary forging N. Hayashi 219 Investigation on friction testing method based on forward rod and backward can combined extrusion by FEM simulation T. Nakamura, N. Bay and Z. L. Zhang 220 Development of friction testing method for evaluating friction coefficient on conical punch in can-can combined extrusion by FEM simulation T. Nakamura and N. Bay 221 Comparison between the Localized rod-drawing tribo-test conditions and the real forging conditions H. Saiki, G. Ngaile and L. Ruan 222 Evaluation of lubricity for various lubricatnts in cold forging of different kinds of aluminium aloy T. Nakamura, Z. L. Zhang, H. Kimura and I. Ishibashi


223 Generating method of artificial slash-swan figure in SUGI (Japanese cedar) lumber with forging process K. Kitazawa 224 Generating method of artificial quarter swan figure in SUGI (Japanese cedar) lumber with forging process K. Kitazawa 225 Experimental study on roll force, torque and thickness recovery in the rolling of SUGI (Japanese ceder) lumber H. Shiozaki, M. Ikeda and M. Mikami 226 Permanent shape fixability and bending strength of large compressed SUGI (Japanese cedar) lumber produced by convenient self-steam pressing M. Terazawa and K. Kitazawa 227 Closed die forging of circular panel made from SUGI (Japanese cedar) lumber T. Hoshino and K. Kitazawa 228 Die filling phenomena of wood lumber from SUGI (Japanese cedar) to W-edged die T. Matsuki and K. Kitazawa 229 Folding phenomena of annual ring in SUGI lumber during large compression process K. Murakami and K. Kitazawa 230 Permanent shape fixability and bending strength of large compressed KARAMATSU (Larix leptolepis gord) lumber produced by convenient self-steam pressing T. Chiba and K. Kitazawa 231 Closed die forging of straight cross section panel made from KARAMATSU (Larix leptolepis gord) lumber A. Hidaka and K. Kitazawa 232 Closed die forging of panels made from enokitake mushroom (Flammulina velutipes) cultural waste glued with rice bran M. Kojima and K. Kitazawa

Plasticity of Materials

301 Ductile/brittle behavior of the carbon steel in the austenite temperature range C. Nagasaki and J. Kihara 302 Influence of stress states on deformation-induced martensitic transformation in austenitic stainless steel M. Sanga, K. Hosono, N. Yukawa, M. Kataoka, T. Ishikawa and S. Sugiyama 303 Identidfication of material parameters in a constitutive model based on cyclic bending tests M. Urabe, T. Kajiwara, T. Okada, V. V. Toropov and F. Yoshida 304 Deformation behavior of FCC metals under non-proportional loadings ―3rd Report: On strain rate effects― K. Shibahara, T. Hasebe and Y. Imaida 305 Effect of pre-torsion on flow stress under dynamic compression H. Nakamoto, T. Hasebe and Y. Imaida 306 Elastic-plastic deformation behavior of sheet metal subjected to bi-axial tensile stresses (3rd report: Identification of yield surface and normality rule of sheet aluminum alloy) T. Kuwabara, I. Susuki and S. Ikeda

Rolling of Sheets, Plates and Strips

307 Effect of strip crown and tension on width change during hot strip rolling M. Kitahara, Y. Hoshi, Y. Fujii, H. Yoneda, H. Shiomi and M. Okada 308 Application of automatic width control system using tension between former stands of hot strip finishing mill Y. Hoshi, M. Kitahama, Y. Fujii, H. Yoneda, H. Shiomi and M. Okada 309 Development of measuring equipment for width deformation behavior in rougher rolling of hot strip mill M. Sano, M. Tsugeno, H. Imanari and K. Yamahashi 310 Warping of top-end and non-symmetrical deformation in hot rolling (Ⅰ) (Experimental model rolling and deformation analysis of warping) K. Nakajima, Y. Tokuda, S. Hamauzu and Y. Higashida 311 Analysis of forward slip ratio in Hot-strip-mill K. Murai, M. Miyatake and K. Nagahiro 312 Finite element simulation for controlling positions of rolls in plate coiling process using coilbox G. Yang, N. Oketani, K. Mori and K. Osakada 313 Numerical simulation of texture development during rolling Y. Maeda, S. Tighe and S. Hattori 314 Formation of surface texture by shear deformation during hot rolling of Al-Mg alloy sheet S. Hamada, Y. Saito and T. Sakai 315 Thermal Analysis in Hot Rolling (2nd report) M. Kiuchi, J. Yanagimoto and E. Wakamatsu 316 Characteristics of hot rolling lubrication and anti-seizure on organic and inorganic powder T. Inoue, H. Yamamoto, K. Watanabe, S. Hamauzu, K. Nishida and T. Sugiura 317 Estimate of additive effects for lubricity by simulation testing machine in hot working K. Aoki, T. Sato and A. Azushima 318 Investigation of rolling lubrication state at tandem cold Mill E. Orihashi, K. Nagahiro, Y. Morikawa, Y. Shia, K. Wakamatsu, H. Yamamoto and K. Doi 319 Effects of sliding conditions on outflow behavior of lubricant trapped in small pits H. Toyoshima, Z. Wang, N. Yokoi, Y. Haruyama and K. Dohda 320 Effect of cold rolling on mechanical properties of metal/metal composites T. Takeuchi, N. Kanetake and T. Choh 321 Flatness defects on strip coiling M. Uchida and Y. Kaseda 322 Development of a new type X cross mill M. Kuchi, M. Mikami, N. Tazoe, H. Matsumura and T. Tsutsui 323 Advanced edge drop control of cold strip by the one-side tapered-crown roll shifting A. Ishiwatari, T. Hiruta, M. Kitahama, I. Akagi, T. Nakanishi and N. Mizushima 324 Characteristics of edge drop control in tandem mill A. Aizawa, K. Hara, K. Nakamoto, M. Otsuka, J. Hayakawa and T. Miki 325 Characteristics of edge drop control in tandem mill A. Aizawa, K. Hara, K. Nakamoto, M. Otsuka, J. Hayakawa and T. Miki 326 Kinetics of width variation in tandem cold mill R. Hamada, T. Yasu, S. Iyama and K. Sakamoto 327 Pseudo-3-dimensional analysis of shape and crown in flat rolling by the rigid-plastic model H. Matsumoto and S. Hamauzu 328 Comparison between 3-dimensional FEM and generalized 2-dimensional theory for pseudo-3-dimensional analysis of flat rolling H. Matsumoto and K. Yamada

Rolling of Wires, Rods and Pipes

329 Technology for suppressing the rotary forging effect in rotary piercing T. Yamakawa, K. Simoda and T. Nakanisi 330 Simplified 3-D finite element simulation of rotary tube piercing using generalised plane-strain model H. Yoshimura, K. Osakada, K. Mori and K. Shimoda 331 Effect of rolling condition on wear of universal roll Y. Miura, S. Hayashi and T. Nishino 332 Simulation of deformation and temperature in multipass H shape rolling K. Komori, K. Komura and M. Ono 333 Production of U-shaped or H-shaped profiled copper wire by means of Satellite-mill rolling T. Kawamoto, Y. Saito, K. Oka and H. Utsunomiya 334 A method to predict the rolled surface dimensions of product rolled by a three-roll-type wire mill K. Ono, M. Akiyama, M. Asakawa and M. Fujita 335 A method to predict the free surface dimensions of product rolled by a three-roll-type wire mill M. Akiyama, K. Ono, M. Asakawa and M. Fujita 336 Effects of rolling and sintering conditions on the critical current density of Ag-sheathed Bi-2223 superconducting tape M. Shinkawa, Y. Saito, T. Sakai and H. Utsunomiya


337 The effects of inclusions on ductility of Fe-42 pct Ni alloy in shear test N. Yuki, G. Krauss and R. P. Foley 338 The effects of inclusions on fracture of Fe-42 pct Ni alloy in punching process M. Mori and N. Yuki 339 Blanking of intermetallic compound Ni戌Al sheet by boron addition M. Takahashi, S. Sutou, T. Sano and S. Fuchisawa 340 Workability in blanking of lead frame material (Ⅲ) H. Yamada, T. Ishikawa, K. Sugiura and T. Jinma 341 Research on blanking of plastics sheets by opposed dies shearing process K. Kondo and K. Hirota 342 Development of desktop size micropress usable for producing three-dimesional micro-components H. Ueno, T. Takahashi and I. Aoki 343 Fundamental experiments on shearing wire for producing three-dimensional micro-components I. Aoki and T. Takahashi 344 Deformation behavior in punching micro holes of ceramic green sheet H. Tanaka, K. Takahashi, M. Takasaki and R. Iwamura 345 Punchless punching by ultra high pressure gas for amorphous alloy foiles M. Murata and S. Masuda 346 Examination of working limitation for change of sectional shape in dieless shearing of section H. Kida, N. Takatsuji, M. Tokizawa, K. Murotani and K. Matsuki 347 Dynamic accuracy of die affected by eccentric load F. Sekine and N. Enomoto 348 Analysis of shearing by visioplasticity method without grid pattern (2nd report) T. Takahashi, K. shinoda and I. Aoki 349 Analysis of shearing by rigid plastic FEM Ⅰ N. Yukawa, Y. Inukai, Y. Yoshida, T. Ishikawa and T. Jimma

Sheet Metal Forming

401 Development of punch stroke-punch load simulator for deep-drawing irregularly shaped shells with arbitrarily shaped flanges W. H. Si, M. Shuuno and T. Kuwabara 402 Development of two dimensional sheet metal press stamping simulator (2nd report): Springback analysis and experimental verification S. Murakami, S. Takahashi, N. Tsutsui and T. Kuwabara 403 Springback analysis of sheet metal subjected to stretch-bending under bi-axial stretching forces T. Kuwabara, N. Seki and S. Takahashi 501 Accuracy of flanging in sheet metal forming (Ⅰ) (Influence of flange deformation on warping of web) L. Gu, K. Nakajima, M. Ono and Y. Tozawa 502 Accuracy of flanging in sheet metal forming (Ⅱ) (Spring back and shear deformation of flanging) L. Gu, K. Nakajima, M. Ono and Y. Tozawa 503 Shrink flange bending of sheet metal M. Murata and F. Arakawa 404 Optimum process design for sheet forming by using finite element method and sweeping simplex method T. Ohata, Y. Nakamura, T. Katayama, E. Nakamachi and K. Nakano 405 Optimum process design for sheet forming by using FEM and simulated anneling method T. Honda and E. Nakamachi 406 The dynamic/explicit finite element simulation of sheet forming processes with dynamic relaxation method S. P. Wang and E. Nakamachi 504 Computer-aided stamping sequence design of aluminum frame by using 'Feature elimination' Y. Saeki, T. Ohashi, M. Motomura and Y. Oki 505 A modeling of conceptual design for press progressive die H. Nakasugi, T. Amano, S. Tubouchi and M. Ohkawa 506 Fractal analysis of roughening of metal free surface under uniaxial tension Y. Kurosaki, M. Matsui, K. Kitoh and T. Takayama 507 Forming limit of flexible and incremental sheet metal bulging using water jet H. Iseki, T. Sato and K. Kato 407 3D-FEM analysis of sheet metal forming ― Quasi-shell finite element method S. Hayashi and M. Gotoh 408 Analysis of hydrostatic bulging test using concentrated bending stiffness element Y. Yokouchi and M. Isoda 409 Development of the rigid-plastic FEM program for sheet metal forming T. Okada, R. Hino, F. Yoshida and Y. Okazaki 410 Rigid-plastic FEM analysis of multistage drawing process of motor frame T. Okada, R. Hino, F. Yoshida, Y. Okazaki, S. Nagai and S. Fukazu 411 Simplified determination of optimum blank shape for prismatic cups by inverse finite-element procedure H. Iseki and R. Sowerby 412 Finite element simulation of redrawing process using ductile fracture criterion H. Takuda, K. Mori, A. Jinno and N. Hatta 413 Effect of plastic-anisotropy on strain state in hemispherical punch stretch forming T. Yoshida, Y. Kuriyama, M. Usuda and K. Ito 414 Study on hot forming of head plate T. Ohta and M. Yamasaki 415 Manufacturing of deep drawn tapered products with uniform wall thickness P. Kaewtatip, K. Oikawa, N. Koga, M. Murakawa and H. Ogiwara 416 Experiment on rectangular cup drawing of sheet metal T. Mizuno and D. E 417 Influence of die radius on press-forming of aluminum-clad stainless steel sheet T. Niwa and T. Mori 418 Effect of forming speed on deep drawability of 5083 Al-Mg alloy sheet T. Naka and F. Yoshida 419 Formability of multi stage stretch draw forming (6th Report) K. Imazu and T. Kobayashi 420 Stretch formability of laser welded blank 3 H. Sakurai, T. Sugiyama and S. Takahashi 421 Slab-analysis of deep drawing of seet metals with metal punch and polyuretahane ring N. Takakura and K. Yamaguchi 422 Production of deep cups by deep drawing of a blank with less drawing component K. Yamaguchi and N. Takakura 423 Sheet metal deep drawing using high temperature liquid M. Murata, Y. Adachi and M. Tubakoroshoji 424 Variable distributed blank holding force control in square-cup deep-drawing process of aluminum alloy sheet A. Fujikawa, K. Manabe and M. Yang 425 Variable BHF control circular cup deep drawing using fuzzy model for aluminum alloy and brass sheets S. Yoshihara, K. Manabe and M. Yang 426 Development of high accuracy adaptive control deep-drawing system for cylindrical cups K. Manabe, H. Sakuma, S. Yoshihara and M. Yang 427 Fuzzy controlled variable BHF technique for circular-cup deep-drawing M. Amino, S. Yoshihara, K. Manabe and M. Yang 428 Analysis on variable BHF control of circular-cup deep-drawing of tailor-welded blanks K. Manabe and S. Yoshihara 429 Effect of die dimensions on hydraulic counter pressure deep drawing T. Maru and K. Nakamura 430 Effect of hydraulic counter pressure control on truncated conical shell deep drawability of A5182 sheet H. Obara and K. Nakamura 431 Fundamental experimental studies of stretch-drawing process M. Katoh, M. Gotoh and M. Yamashita 432 Micro forming of foil with single crystal tool A. Nakajima and K. Kitazawa 433 The effects of inclusions on formability of Fe-42 pct Ni alloy sheet N. Yuki, G. Krauss and R. P. Foley 434 Press forming of glass mat reinforced thermo plastic sheet Y. Nakamura, T. Ohata and Y. Kontani

Tribology in Sheet Metal Forming

435K Tribology in sheet metal forming H. Hayashi 436T Effect of surface topology on pressure dependence of coefficient of friction in sheet metal forming J. Miyamoto and A. Azushima 437T Effect of material strength on pressure dependence of coefficient of friction in sheet metal forming T. Uchida and A. Azushima 438T Effect of dry lubricant composition on deep drawability of aluminum alloy sheet Y. Abe, M. Yoshida, C. Masago, M. Usuda, T. Yoshida and T. Kawanami 439T Sliding friction property of aluminum-alloy sheet coated with dry lubricant T. Yoshida, K. Hashimoto, M. Usuda, C. Masago, Y. Abe, M. Yoshida and T. Kawanami 440T Effects of lubricants on stamping formability of steel sheets for automotive bodies Ⅱ Y. Takeshima, T. Ohnishi and S. Terada 441T Warm deep drawing limit of SUS 304 sheet by use of Cl-less lubricating oil Y. Yamamoto, T. Tsushima, S. Akita and K. Nakamura 442T Lubrication property of frost in sheet metal forming K. Nakamura, Y. Tanahashi and T. Tamura 443T The relation of some parameters in deep drawing test T. Sugawara, Y. Matsuzaki, H. Yokota and S. Ogura 444T Effect of friction condition on drawability of stainless-steel/aluminum laminates R. Hino and F. Yoshida 445T Effects of mechanical properties and frictional behavior on stretch Formability Y. Ito, K. Tamada, S. Nakamura E. Iizuka and T. Hira 446T Development of cup-ironing system with supersonic vibration T. Takemasu, T. Ozaki, S. Yamasaki, R. Matsunaga, M. Sukimoto and M. Sakaguchi

Incremental Forming

508 CNC incremental forming of automotive front fender panel A. Nakajima, K. Kitazawa and T. Tsunoda 509 Possibility of CNC incremental stretch-expanding of punched sheet metal by single-tool-pass process S. Hayashi and K. Kitazawa 510 CNC incremental forming of automotive trunk panel with ORIGAMI process H. Okaku and K. Kitazawa 511 Spherical deep stretch-expanding of sheet metal by CNC incremental forming process S. Yamazaki and K. Kitazawa 512 CNC incremental forming process of hand dram-shaped shell M. Takagi and K. Kitazawa 513 Incremental forming using automatic generation of tool-moving by personal computer K. Yoshikawa 514 Incremental forming by reversing method K. Yoshikawa 515 Incremental forming using simple and basic dies K. Yoshikawa 516 Increase in production rate for incremental forming of sheet metal on NC machine tool S. Matsubara 517 Incremental forming by hammering ―3rd Report: On formability and strain distribution control― K. Kasai, T. Hasebe, S. Shima and Y. Imaida

Mashy-State/ Semi-Solid Metal Forming

518 Observation of mashy alloys by high temperature microscope・3 M. Kiuchi, J. Yanagimoto, S. Sugiyama and A. Tanabe 519 Production of Al-Cu superplastic alloy strips by means of melt direct rolling N. Tsuji, Y. Saito and T. Nakamura 520 Three-dimensional simulation of grain alignment in mushy-state forging of magnets by distinct element method M. Otsu, K. Mori and K. Osakada

Polymer Forming

521 Deep drawing and recovering properties of polypropylene thin sheets with heat treatment A. Kuriyama and S. Masaki 522 Uniform thickness press forming method of thermoplastic sheet Y. Ashibe and T. Tanaka 523 Defects in transcription in injection molding of optical disk T. Yasuhara, K. Kato and N. Otake 524 On dynamic stress-Strain characteristics of polyvinyl chloride pipe determined by using a drop-hammer method Y. Sato, Y. Kono, T. Saga, W. Kikuchi, H. Takahashi and K. Awaya 525 FEM analysis of flexible shell forming of radiation curable polymers using pneumatic structures H. Iseki, R. Momose and K. Kato


526 Superplasticity of magnesium based composites made by a vortex method H. Eishima, T. Imura, T. Imai, Y. Nishida and S. W. Lim 527 Effect of volume fraction on superplasticity of AIN particulate reinforced aluminum composites S. Kojima, T. Imai and M. Ono 528 Development and study on the characteristics of superplastic micro extrusion Y. Saotome, H. Iwazaki and T. Matsuzaki

Surface and Tribology

529 Aconstic spectro-microscopy of TiN coated stainless steel subjected to external stress S. Nagashige, Y. Xu, T. Aizawa and J. Kihara 530 Evaluation of mechanical properties of gradient coating film S. Fukuda, T. Mori and T. Niitsu 531 Surface improvement of chromium-nickel sintered powders due to hot shot peening Y. Harada, M. Nakamura, S. Maki and M. Ohmori 532 Evaluation of slid surfaces by scanning laser microscope (SIM) and atomic force microscope (AFM) H. Ike 533 Surface asperity deformation in plane strain compression conditions Y. Kimura and T. H. C. Childs

Forming of Ceramics and Powders

534 Fundamanetal study of three-dimensional compaction of iron powders S. Shima, H. Kotera, C. Hong and M. Hunato 535 The effect of hydrostatic stress on the ductility of aluminum alloy and iron-base alloys M. Itoh, Y. Itoh and T. Majima 536 Uniforming of pressure distribution in press adhesion of ceramic green sheet M. Kyooi, R. Iwamura, H. Tanaka and K. Takahashi 537 Development of pressure micro sensor of thin film diamond H. Kotera, N. Hase, H. Tanaka, M. Deguchi and S. Shima 538 Sintering analysis by elasto-creep finite element model with homogenization approach F. Tsumori, T. Aizawa and J. Kihara 539 Nonlinear flowability of ceramic mutual powder-binder compound in PIM process T. Iwai, T. Aizawa and J. Kihara 540 A constitutive model for the sintering of ceramics powder compacts K. Shinagawa and Y. Hirashima 541 Finite element simulation of sintering of composite powder bar T. Wada, K. Mori, M. Siomi and K. Osakada 542 Laser prototyping of metal powders with preparatory densification F. Abe, K. Osakada and A. Yoshidome 543 A powder forming method using absorbing dewax and extrusion T. Sato and T. Besshi 544 Consolidation of copper powder by using compressive-torsion forming E. Maeda, N. Kanetake and T. Choh 545 Effect of ultrasonic frequency on on-process quantitative evaluation of ceramic greens in extrusion process T. Watanabe, T. Aizawa and J. Kihara 546 Mechanical alloying in Mo-Si system and its characterization B. K. Yen, T. Aizawa and J. Kihara 547 Fabrication of nano-granular Cu-Co alloy by high-speed bulk mechanical alloying T. Aizawa, O. Kobayashi and J. Kihara 548 TiAl intermetallic compound made from mechanically alloyed powder H. Suzuoki, T. Ishikawa, N. Yukawa, M. Kataoka and R. Ohashi 549 Consolidation of nitrogen gas atomized aluminum powder by sheath rolling S. H. Lee, Y. Saito, T. Sakai and T. Murakami 550 Effects of consolidation conditions on mechanical property and microstructure of SUS304 powder compacts E. Q. Wang, Y. Saito, T. Sakai and Y. Hayashi 551 Analysis of rolling characteristics of metal powder by upper bound method (Compacting behavior of metal powder by differential speed rolling) Y. Kitanohara, T. Hirohata, S. Masaki and T. Tanaka

Drawing and Extrusion

601 Study on sinking of hexagonal phosphorus deoxidized copper tubes (t/d=0.06, α=6degrees, 13degrees and 20degrees) M. Sato, K. Inoue and E. Komori 602 Analysis of overshooting can extrusion by FEM H. Yoshioka, T. Amano, A. Kobayashi and T. Nakawaki 603 Shaping of spur gear by two-step method H. Takemura, Y. Sawaki, H. Yoshida and D. Diao 604 Different shape of cross section on extrusion M. Murata, C. Ishino and H. Knafusa 605 Flow bahavior on axisymmetric extrusion of powder-viscous material mixture K. Nishimura, K. Ikeda, T. Murakami and T. Roppongi 606 Extrusion forming of composite pipe of zirconia and stainless steel Z. Chen, Y. Tsuchiya, T. Murakami and K. Ikeda

Flow Control Technologies in Extrusion Processes

607T Forward-backward extrusion with axially driven tapered container X. Wang, S. Hanami and K. Osakada 608T Experimental investigation on metal flow control in hot extrusion of aluminum alloys by proceeding some physical simulations H. Kinoshita, K. Nakanishi and S. Kamitani 609T Metal flow on channel bar extrusion H. Ukaji, K. Ikeda, T. Murakami and K. Nishimura 610T The compaction behavior of powders in extrusion with shear strains in two directions・3 M. Hoshino, S. Kohara and Y. Hirata 611T Development of mathematical model for 3-dimensional extrusion with shear strain・2 M. Hoshino 612T Finite element analysis of velocity distribution in bearing section during extrusion of rectangular, angle and channel sections (Combination of numerical analysis and die design-3) M. Kiuchi, Y. Yanagimoto and V. Mendoza 613T Finite element analysis of velocity distribution in bearing section during extrusion of "T" and "L" sections (Combination of numerical analysis and die design-4) M. Kiuchi, Y. Yanagimoto and V. Mendoza 614T Dimension accuracy of rectanglar cylinder extruded by porthole die Ⅱ S. Murakami, N. Takatsuji, M. Tokizawa, K. Matsuki, K. Murotani and S. Nagao 615T Simulation of rectanglar cylinder extruded by porthole S. Murakami, M. Isogai, T. Inagaki, N. Takatsuji and M. Tokizawa

Roll Forming

616 Effect of pre-forming method for corner-bending on cross-sectional shape of square steel pipe formed by extroll-forming T. Nagamachi, Y. Onoda, S. Kimura and T. Kitawaki 617 On cold roll forming of hat-channel sections with holes by use of urethan rolls H. Watari and H. Ona 618 Numerical analysis of roll forming process of square-rectangular Pipe (Ⅰ) M. Kiuchi, F. Wang, I. Nakata and H. Kashimura 619 Numerical analysis of deformation of metal sheet at breakdown forming stage (3) M. Kiuchi, F. Wang, I. Nakata, H. Kashimura and L. Yu 620 Analysis of roll-forming of V-type heavy gauge sections Ⅲ ―Comparis on between analysis and experiment― M. Kiuchi and K. Nakagoshi 621 Estimation of number of stands in cold roll forming using neural networks A. Sasaki, T. Ishikawa, N. Yukawa and T. Jinma

Spinning and Rotary Forming

622 Clarification of screw thread forming mechanism by PCR K. Nakashima and T. Mori 623 Study on the improvement of die life in thread rolling A. Kobayashi, T. Shinbutsu, T. Kuwabara and S. Ito 624 Suppression of springback of products in spline rolling of deep drawn cups R. Matsunaga, T. Ozaki, T. Takemasu, R. Kamashita and H. Tukamoto 625 Deep drawing by flexible spinning S. Shima, H. Kotera, N. Nakamura and Y. Murakami 626 An analysis of relation between temperature increase and plastic strain in spinning process M. Ishikawa, K. Takaishi and T. Yamada 627 Measuring force for contraction tube on spinning M. Murata, X. Cai and K. Kamiula 628 Improvement of spinning manufacturing process of edge portion of pipe materials T. Iijima, N. Koga and M. Murakawa


629 Improved formulation of pure bending finite element Y. Yokouchi 630 Elastoplastic FEM stress of analysis under U-O process S. Sugiyama, T. Yasuda, S Ezaka and N. Morikawa 631 Research on method of providing desired bent shape K. Masuoka, K. Kondou, S. Senda and Y. Sagisaka 632 Research on peen forming of saddle-shaped component K. Masuoka, K. Kondou and S. Senda 633 Springback analysis for V-bending of stainless sheet steel SUS304 considering stress-relaxation and experimental verification Y. Morita and T. Kuwabara 634 Learning of intelligent V-bending process control for accuracy improvement M. Yang, K. Manabe and H. Nishimura 635 Design of adaptive filter for intelligent V-bending process control system S. Yamazaki, M. Yang, K. Manabe and H. Ogawa 636 Development of flexible L-bending process system with intelligent tools Y. Kitagawa, M. Yang and K. Manabe 637 Trial analysis by finite difference method for spring-back of sheet Metal N. Masuda 638 Development of flexible bending system using in-process bending angle detector T. Oenoki, T. Otani and M. Takada 639 Bending work using multiple-press-forming method for outside plate of ship M. Ohtsuka 640 Relationship deformation of cross-section and restraint factors on compression bending of aluminum shapes S. Mori and H. Nagano 641 Square tube bending at outside axis of symmetry using MOS bending M. Murata, Y. Aoki and M. Ito 642 Press bending of aluminum shape with the die-set of variable span O. Hasegawa, H. Nishimura and A. Endo 643 Research on draw-bending of a hemi-circular pipe K. Kondo and S. Senda


644 Calculation of deformation on plate leveling process Y. Itami 645 Residual stress in thin strip after levelling process S. Yanagi, Y. Ooike, Y. Maeda, T. Kadoyama and S. Hattori 646 Prevention of crossbow in horizontal type electro-galvanizing line T. Matoba, T. Fujiwara, M. Ataka and I. Aoki