The Proceedings of the 48th Japanese Joint Conference for the Technology of Plasticity
November 12 ~ 14, 1997, Yamaguchi

Copywrite by The Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity
Special thanks to Nissei Eblo Co. for the offer of data


101 The Use of Heat Generation in Multistage Cold Forging K. Osakada, T. Yamada and S. Hanami 102 Predictions for Microstructures of Microalloyed Steels in Hot Forging T. Li, A. Kono, N. Yukawa and T. Ishikawa 103 Properties of Copper-Zins Alloy Superior in Hot Working R. Matsubara, N. Ashie, K. Nakamura, K. Itoh and K. Hagiwara 104 Recrystallization of Cold Forged Motorcar Parts K. Hatsukano, K. Shinozaki, H. Sawabe and K. Kiribayashi 105 The Trial for Forming of a Spur Gear made from The Drawing Cup Y. Uchida, M. Hoshino and T. Yamakawa 106 Multi-Pass Incremental Forging Process for Preforming of Turbine Blades H. Chikubu, M. Shiraishi, Y. Goto and R. Hino 107 Development of New Hobbing Process Using Austorming H. Yoshida and S. Isogawa 108 Forging of Spur Gear with Driven Container on Hydraulic Multi-Axes Press S. Hanami, K. Osakada and K. Inoue 109 Deformation Property of SUS 100 in Multiblow Upsetting K. Ohara, M. Ishikawa, T. Yamada, K. Katsuno and K. Takaishi 110 Experiment on Warm Forging of Titanium Alloys N. Shirakawa and R. Wadabayashi 111 Process Modelling of Ni-based Super Alloys(Part 1 Grainsize Prediction in Upsetting of Inconel M. Kawano and S. Isogawa 112 Process Modelling of Ni-based Super Alloys(Part 1 Grainsize Prediction in Die Forging of Inconel) M. Kawano and S. Isogawa 113 Development of Quick Motion Suitable Forging Apparatus Utilizing Divided Flow Method K. Ohga, F. Murakoshi, H. Ando, K. Miyoshi and K. Kondo 114 Testing Method for Evaluating Tool Life in Cold Forging K. Yoshikawa 115 Decrease Phenomenon in Working Load by Vibrating Forging M. Kakiuchi, T. Kawabe and T. Wada 116 Fundamental Study on Casting/Forging Process of Aluminum Alloys for Casting(2nd Report) J. Natsume, M. Ono, S. Ichikawa and S. Araki 117 Defect on Sheared Edge Characteristics in Continuous Multistage Forging M. Fukazawa, K. Yoshida, I. Kuboki, T. Kusano and K. Hirasawa 118 Shaping of Stainless Steel Wires to Watch Case Parts by Continuous Multistage Forging and Form Rolling Processes I. Kuboki, T. Kusano, K. Sekine and K. Yoshida 119 Experimental and Numerical Simulations of Upsetting with Internal Defects A. Segawa, T. Kawanami, T. Sunazaki, Y. Futase, K. Ido and O. Kada 120 Effect of Pressing Condition on Behavior of Artificial Center Void in Free Forging K. Osaki, M. Yano, M. Nakasaki, T. Hamano and T. Yoshida 121 The Defect Diagnosing System for Forging Processes S. Fujikawa 122 Development of 2D Rigid-Plastic FEM Code with Automatiged Remeshing Function and Its Application to Forging J. Zhu, M. Gotoh and J. Shang 123 Development of an Algorithm for Automatiged Hexahedral Mesh Re-generation in 3D-FEM and Its Application J. Zhu and M. Gotoh 124 Evaluation of Parallel Processing for Three Dimensional Rigid Plastic FEM D. Isobe and T. Kawabe 125 Numerical Analysis of Free Forging Process by 3-D Rigid-plastic Finite Element Method K. Tamura, J. Tajima and M. Yamashita 126 A New Kinematically Admissible Velocity Field Element for Axisymmetric Problem UBET T. Shimizu 127 Three-Dimensional Analysis of Forging Process by UBET M. Kiuchi, N. Kanamaru and T. Choda 128 Analysis of Extrusion Forging of Flange Parts Y. Ohsawa, T. Murakami, K. Nishimura and K. Ikeda 129 Finite Slab Analysis of Axisymmetric Extrusion Forging N. Yanagisawa, T. Murakami, K. Nishimura and K. Ikeda 130 canceled 131 Consideration of 2-D Modelling Method in Forging Simuration -Application of CAPD VI H. Yano, T. Akashi and N. Matsuoka 132 Expert System for Cold Forging Process Designing Using G-rep Model M. Namigata, S. Imamura, T. Shimizu, T. Sano and M. Hirohashi


133 Mechanical Resin Removal from KARAMATSU(Japanese Larch) Lumber by Large Comperssion Technique A. Hidaka, K. Kitazawa, K. Uchiyama and M. Usui 134 In-Phase Collapse Phenomena of Cells in Sapwood of SUGI(Japanese Cedar) Lumber Under Large Compression K. Kitazawa 135 Improvement of Die-Filling Phenomena of SUGI(Japanese Cedar) Lumber to Cylindrical Die by Pre-Cutting Operation K. Uchiyama and K. Kitazawa 136 Die Filling Phenomena of Wood Lumber from SUGI(Japanese Cedar) to Paper Die A. Hidaka, K. Kitazawa and M. Takahama 137 A Simulation of Rolling Pressuer Distribution Using the Results of Transverse Comperssion of a SUGI Lumber H. Shiozaki, T. Tawase and T. Murota 138 Behavior of Friction in Compressive Defomation of Wood K. Kanayama, M. Kohara and Y. Hirai 139 Large Compression and Permanent Shape Fixation of Air-Dried Wooden Specimens K. Kitazawa and A. Hidaka 140 Conical Nosing of Bamboo M. Takahama and K. Kitazawa 141 Forging of Enokitake Mushroom(Flammulina Velutipes) Cultrual Waste Glued with Rice Bran M. Usui and K. Kitazawa


201 Ductile Fracture Criterion Using Micro Model K. Komori 202 A Study of Wier Vibration Phnomenon in Drawing Process (3rdReport) J. Sugiyama, S.Nagasawa, Y. Fukuzawa, Y. Miyata and F. Karasawa 203 Numerical Study for Drawion of Optical Fiberin Steady State (Effects of Drawing Speed and Wall Temperature Distribution on Neck-Down Shape and Drawing Tension K. Fukutani and S. Toyoshima 204 Plug Drawing of Ti-Ni Shape-Memory Alloy Tubes M. Watanabe, T. Hosoya, K. Yoshida and H. Ishikawa 205 Study on Drawing of Brass Shape Tube(Hexagon) M. Sato, E. Komori and Y. Wi 206 Effects of Shape of Drawing Die and Plug on Various Precisions of Fabricated Pipe P. Kaewtatip, M. Jin and M. Murakawa 207 Effects of Ultrasonically Vibrated Die and Plug on Precision Improvement for Drawn Pipe M. Jin, P. Kaewtatip, T. Takanishi and M. Murakawa

Roll Forming

208 Numerical Analysis of Roll Forming Proress of Square/Rectangular Pipe (4) M. Kiuchi, I. Nakata, F. Wang, T. Nakano and A. Okamoto 209 Numerical Analysis of Roll Forming Prees of Square/Rectangular Pipe (5) M. Kiuchi, I. Nakata, F. Wang, T. Nakano and A. Okamoto 210 Study on Reshaping Process of Tube/Pipe (Report 1) Numerical Analysis of Deformation of Mother Tube/Pipe M. Kiuchi, K. Shintani and M. Hassan 211 A Study on Mechanical Nature of Corner Radius of Square Steel Pipe in Cold Roll-Forming Process(Third Report) T. Kitawaki, K. Higuchi, M. Takeda and R. Kuromatu 212 Effects of Forming Conditions on Cross-Sectional Shapes of Corner Zones of Hexagonal Steel Pipes Formed by Extroll-Rorming Mill with Expanding Inner Idler Rolls T. Nagamachi, Y. Onoda, S. Kimura and T. Kitawaki

High Verocity Deformation Analysis for Forming Vehicles Parts and those Materials

213K Simulation Analysis on Vehicle Body Structure at Frontal Collision M. Watanabe 214K Dynamic Explicit Elastic Plastic Finite Element Analysis of Autobody Panel Crash Problem E. Nakamachi and S. Wang 215T Effects of Strain Rate and Deformation Conditionon Tensile Testing Properties of Sheet Steels for Automobile N. Kojima and N. Mizui 216T The Collapsing Characteristics of the Walled Curved Deam M. Watanabe, A. Oda, K. Sato, H. Suganuma, H. Tomizawa, A. Norioka and H. Mikami 217T Analysis of High Speed Deformation Behavior of Steel Sheets by FEN T. Hira, K. Miura, K. Sakata, O. Furukimi and S. Tanimura 218T Analysis of the Crashworthiness of Automotive Parts K. Sato, A. Yoshitake and H. Mikami 219T The Estimation of Impact Collapse Properties of High Strength Steel Sheets K. Watanabe, J. Iwaya and Y. Okano 220T Effect of Material Properties on Crash Behavior of High Strength Steel Square Tubes A. Uenishi, Y. Kuriyama and M. Usuda 221T Crashing Performance of Thin-Walled Columns Made of 590Mpa-Class Steel and Extruded Aluminum Alloys E. Nakanishi, H. Tateno and K. Shibata 222T Energy Absorbing Characteristics of Aluminum Alloy Extrusions H. Mizukoshi and H. Okada 223T F.E.M. Analysis of Foamed Aluminum Subjected to High Velocity Compression T. Hashimura and M. Ito 224T Deformation Modes and Forming Paths in High Strain Rate Deep Drawing by Hydro-Spark Forming Method T. Hasebe, Y. Mido and Y. Imaida


225 Elastic-Plastic FE Analysis of Tension-Levelling Process of Clad Sheet Metal M. Urabe and F. Yoshida 226 Elasto-Plastic Finite Element Analysis of Work Curvature of Strip in a Roller Leveler H. Kano, K. Kenmochi and I. Yarita 227 Analysis of Damped Cyclic Bending and Residual Stress M. Kohzu and T. Enomoto

Plasticity Theory, Numerical Simulation

301 Introduction of Scaling Factor for Internal Stress Field Evaluation in Crystalline Plasticity Model T. Hasebe, K. Koshida and Y. Imaida 302 Interaction Fields in Higher-Order Space Based on Non-Riemannian Plasticity T. Hasebe and Y. Imaida 303 A Role of Strain-Induced Vacancy on Fractre During Hydrogen Transport K. Showaki 304 A Study of Strain Softening From Behavior of Lattice Defects for Metals K. Showaki 305 Introduction of Reduced Integration With Stabilization Matrix into 3-D Rigid-Plastic Finite Element Method Using Diagonal Matrix H. Yoshimura, K. Mori and K. Osakada 306 An Application of Method of Arbitrary Lines to Elasto-Plastic Analysis K. Kaminishi 307 Analysis of Stress and Residual Stress in Subsurface Layer of Two Contact Rotating Cylinders in Consideration of Combined Hardening H. Yamamoto, S. Araya, M. Hashimoto and S. Hamauzu 308 Three Dimensional Analysis of Rolling by Dynamic Explicit Elasto-Plastic Finite Element Method T. Iguchi, D. R. J. Owen and G. Q. Liu 309 A Simplified FEM-Model of Plastic Fiber-Composites for Estimation of Elastic-Plastic Properties M. Gotoh and A. B. M. Idris 310 Curing Process of Resin by U.V.Ray in Stereolithography, (II Constitutive Equation of Curing Resin and Fem Analysis) S. Kuriyama, Y. Xu and T. Nakagawa 311 Constitutive Model of Thermo-Mechanically Coupled Deformation Behavior of Glassy Polymer and Its Application to Prediction of Instability Propagation Y. Tomita and S. Tanaka 312 Optinum Condition for Cold-Rolling on Overlaied Journal of 12G Rotor Shaft T. Ochiai, S. Yoshida and S. Ono 313 Evaluation of Laying Process of Wire-Rope by Measuring Residual Stress T. Murakami, S. Kurashige, G. Wang, T. Aizawa and J. Kihara 314 Development of Three Dimensional Finite Element Method Adaptive to Design and Forming of Wire-Rope of Multistrand G. Wang, T. Aizawa, J. Kihara, T. Murakami and S. Kurashige 315 Acoustic Spectro-Microscopy of Tin Coated Stainless Steel Subjected to External Stress S. Nagashige, Y. Xu, T. Aizawa and J. Kihara


316 Model Experiment for Rotary Piercing With Driven Plug H. Yoshimura, K. Osakada and K. Mori 317 Three-Dimensional Analysis of Rotary Elongating Rolling for Pipe Using Rigid-Plastic Finite Element Method Y. Wada, K. Yamada, S. Hamauzu and S. Uchida 318 Estimation of Herical Rolling Pressure by Upper Bound Method K. Shinozaki, K. Hatsukano and M. Youkai 319 Wear Prediction Method of Universal Horizontal Roll Y. Miura, S. Hayashi and T. Inoue 320 Characteristics of H-Shape Rolling Force in Universal Rolling Y. Takashima, T. Udagawa, M. Yoshida and J. Yanagimoto 321 Development of Mill Stretch Model in Universal Rolling of H-Beam R. Kojo, M. Kitahama, H. Yoshida, T. Imae and H. Hayashi 322 Tensile Properties of Silver-Copper Alloys Sheath Materials for High Tc Super-Conducting Wire I. Fukuda 323 Development of Machine for Bending and Torsion Combined Forming of Superconductor N. Hatada, M. Tatemura, K. Ueno, M. Ueda, S. Watanabe, S. Imagawa, S. Masuzaki, N. Yanagi, S. Yamaguchi, T. Satou and O. Motojima 324 Rolling Characteristics in the Satellite-Mill Rolling of U- and H-Shaped Profiled Wires T. Kawamoto, Y. Saito, H. Utsunomiya and H. Matsuzawa 325 Rolling Characteristics of the Elongation-Controlled Rolling of Flat Wires and Strips of Various Metals M. Shinkawa, Y. Saito, H. Utsunomiya and F. Shimaya 326 Microstructure Change in Bar and Wire Rolling Processes J. Yanagimoto and T. Ito 327 Thermal Analysis in Bar and Wire Rolling(Thermal Analysis in Hot Rolling/4) M. Kiuchi, J. Yanagimoto and E. Wakamatsu 328 Development of Finisher Delivery and Coiling Temperature Control in Hot Strip Mill N. Nakata, T. Hashimoto and I. Maeda 329 Development of On-Line Buckling Prediction System of TMCP Steel Plate T. Tani, K. Ohe, T. Ueda, T. Tada and Y. Tutumi 330 Concave Circular Spinning With Disk Tools M. Murata, K. Kamimura and R. Muta 331 Difference Effects of Concave Circular Spinning With Using Different Tools M. Murata, K. Kamimura and R. Muta 332 An Effect of Blank Rim Chamfern on Formability in NC Spinning M. Ishikawa, K. Takaishi and T. Yamada 333 Flexible Spinning of Truncated Conical Shells of Annealed Aluminum Without Mandrel L. Yang, K. Kawai and H. Kudo 334 Model Analysis of Pipe Spining Without Mandrel Z. Rong, N. Akkus and M. Kawahara 335 Evaluation of Thickness Distribute and Material Flow in Spinning Deformation of Aluminum Cylinder to Pressure Vessel Dome Part T. Okamoto, S. Igi and M. Kawahara 336 Spinability of Aluminium Alloys for Automobile Wheel Rims E. Sato, M. Ishikawa, T. Yamada and N. Hagisawa 337 Optimum Design of Outer Tools Using Spline Rolling Simulation Model R. Matsunaga, T. Ozaki, T. Takemasu, R. Kamashita and H. Tsukamoto 338 Three-Dimensional Rigid-Plastic Finite Element Simulationin Ring Rolling of Plain Ring N. Guo, H. Saiki and Z. Luo 339 Helical Rolling of Tube 4th Report : Hot Rolling of Ni-base Alloy Tube H. Takizawa and T. Kimura

The Frontier of Simulation System for Sheet Metal Forming

401T Elastic/Crystalline Viscoplastic Finite Element Analysis of Deep Drawing With Consideration of Texture Structure H. Morimoto and E. Nakamachi 402T Application of Constitutive Law Incorporating Stress Increment Dependence to Sheet Forming Simulation System T. Yoshida, K. Ito, T. Sueyoshi, Y. Kuriyama and M. Usuda 403T Prediction of Forming Limit in Sheet Metal Forming Using Some Criteria for Ductile Fracture H. Takuda, K. Mori, Y. Tanaka and N. Hatta 404T Elastic-Plastic Springback Analysis of Sheet Metal Subjected to Stretch-Bending-Unbending Considering Bauschinger Effect and Changes in Deformation Mode N. Seki, T. Kuwabara and S. Takahashi 405T Deal With Curvature of the Tool Surface on the Static-Explicit FEM H. Sunaga, M. Takamura, K. Hamasaki and A. Makinouchi 406T A New Approach to the Draw Bead Modeling Using Static Explicit FEM Code Itas 3D M. Kawka, A. Makinouchi and H. Sunaga 407T Development of a Heuristic Algorithm for the Nesting of Irregular Shaped Blank on the Strip of Limited Width B. K. Son and Y. S. Kim 408T Parallel Computation of Finite Element Analysis for Sheet Forming T. Fujimoto, A. Makinouchi and G. P. Nikishkov 409T Development of FEM/Discrete Optimigation Method System for Sheet Forming Problem E. Nakamachi, T. Honda, K. Takeda, Y. Nakamura, T. Ohata and T. Katayama 410T The Study About Optimum Process Design System for Sheet Forming by Using Sweeping Simplex Method N. Omori, T. Katayama, E. Nakamachi, Y. Nakamura and T. Ohata 411T Analysis of Surface Deflection of Sheet Metal Forming T. Sawada and L. Liu 412T The Deep Drawing of Optimum and Maximum Blank Shape by Inverse Finite-Element Procedure H. Iseki and R. Sowerby 413T Measurement of Contours of Equal Plastic Work for Cold Rolled Steel Sheet Under Linear Bi-Axial Tensile Loading Paths S. Ikeda, T. Kuwabara and K. Kuroda 414T Experimental Determination of Localized Necking Strain and Flow Limit Strain in Sheet Metals H. Tani, K. Ito, Y. Nagai and T. Yoshida 415T Measurement of a Plastic Plain Strain Tensor With a Laser Speckle Correlation Method Y. Izawa, K. Itou and N. Takatsu Interfacial Phenomena and Tribology Technology for Plastic Working 416K Various Tribological Phenomena and Technologies at Interface Between Contact Metals Deformed Plastically T. Nakamura 417T Characteristics of Slide Adhesion of Aluminum S. Maki and Y. Harada 418T Mechanism of Planetary Conical Rolling T. Mori 419T Fabrication of Nano-Crystal Alloys by the Bulk Mechanical Alloying T. Aizawa 420T Sinting Analysis With Consideration of Intergranular Creep Mechanism in the Multi Level Modeling F. Tsumori and T. Aizawa 421T Powder Particle Bonding and Interfacial Strength by Compressive Torsion Forming E. Maeda, N. Kanetake and T. Choh 422T Analysis on Interfacial Behaviour of Particle Reinforced Aluminium Matrix Composite Subjected to Plastic Deformation T. Yamanaka, N. Kanetake and T. Chou 423T Fracture Process and Strength Reliability of SiC/Al Composites With Different Inter-Facial Strength Y. Lu and M. Hirohashi 424T Aluminum Matrix Composite With AlN Synthesized by Nitridation of Aluminum Alloy Powders F. Nonoyama and Y. Shimizu 425T Direct Observation of Interface of Aluminum Strip Rolling H. Ike, K. Tsuji and M. Takase 426T Effect of Rolling Conditions on Oil Film on Strip Surface by Means of Fluoresient Microscopic Measurement Method With Image Processor A. Azushima and S. Inagaki 427T Measurement of Charged Particles Emitted From Virgin Surface of Rolled Strip A. Azushima, K. Nakayama, K. Aoki and S. Inagaki 428T Effect of Compression Speed on Lubricant Behavior at the Interfail between Tool and Cglidor Upsetting A. Azushima and T. Yamaguchi 429T The Effect of Lubricants on Zinc Coatings Frictional Characteristics H. Mulki, Y. Nakayama and T. Mizuno 430T Lubricity of Phosphate Type Extreme Pressure Additives in SUS 100 Sheet Ironing K. Miwa, K. Dohda, Z. Wang and S. Kashiwaya 431T Evaluation Method of Friction Characteristics in Combined Forward Conical Can-Backward Straight Can Extrusion T. Nakamura, Z. Zhang and M. Itoh 432T Evaluation of Various Lubricants for Cold Forging Processes of Different Aluminum Alloys Based on Combined Forward Conical Can-Backward Straight Can Extrusion T. Nakamura, Z. Zhang, M. Itoh and H. Kimura 433T Tribo-Charactaristics of Surface Coatings of Steel-Rod for Cold Forging H. Saiki, G. Ngaile, L. Ruan, Y. Marumo and M. Okura 434T Effet of Coatings on Tool Libe in Hot Die Forging H. Saiki 435T Tribological Properties and Formation Mechanism of Black Oxide Film of Work Rolls for Hot Strip Mill S. Araya, T. Inoue, S. Uchida, S. Hamauzu, H. Yamamoto, V. Lanteri and C. Thomas 436T Development of Anti-Seizure Lubulication Method for Hot Rolling M. Izawa, Y. Kusaba, K. Tsubouchi, T. Hibi and J. Ikeda 437T Development of Plug With Carbide-Reinforced Layer for Plug-Mill Rolling of Ti Alloy M. Tsumura, K. Tsubouchi and K. Sato

Material Testing

438 Effect of Stress State on Mechanical Properties of Al-Mg Alloy M. Itoh and M. Hirota 439 Influence of Strain Rate and Initial Martensite of Deformation-Induced Martensitic Transformation in Austenitic Stainless Steel M. Sanga, N. Yukawa and T. Ishikawa 440 Study of Mechanical Properties of Thin Film H. Kotera, S. Shima and T. Hirasawa 441 Effect of Strainon the Crystallization of La-Based Amorphous Alloy Y. Saotome, K. Kasajima, T. Chan and A. Inoue 442 Effect of Carbon Content on the Deformation Resistance of Carbon Steels in the Austenite Temperature Range C. Nagasaki and J. Kihara 443 Growth of Surface Roughness and Deformation of Grains During Uniaxial Tension of Iron T. Okuda, I. Shimizu, T. Abe and H. Tani 444 Changes in Surface Roughening of Polycrystalline Metal During Uniaxial Cyclic Plastic Deformation K. Sato, I. Shimizu, T. Abe, T. Nosho and T. Ishii 445 Inhomogeneous Deformation Behavior of Internal Contact Surface During Rolling of Aluminium Y. Z. Tai, T. Abe and I. Shimizu

Incremental Forming

501 A Method for Producing Aluminum Cylindrical Shell Having Uniform Wall-Thickness by CNC Incremental Forming Process K. Kitazawa and A. Nakajima 502 Forming Limits for CNC Cylindrical Incremental-Stretch-Forming of Sheet Metals K. Kitazawa and A. Nakajima 503 Hemi-Ellipsoidal Stretch-Forming of Sheet Metals by CNC Incremental Forming Process With Two Path Method K. Kitazawa and M. Nakane 504 Development of A CNC Incremental Stretch-Forming Machine Having the Function of Origami Process E. Morikuni, K. Kitazawa and H. Okaku 505 Large-Deflection Removal From Root Side of Shells of Revolution by CNC Incremental-Reverse-Striking Method T. Nishibayashi and K. Kitazawa 506 Large-Deflection Removal From Root Side of Shells of Arbitrary Shape by CNC Incremental-Reverse-Striking Method M. Yamada, K. Kitazawa and E. Morikuni 507 Depression of Sheet Metals by CNC Incremental Stretching With a Single Tool-Path N. Kobayashi and K. Kitazawa 508 Development of an Intelligent Incremental Forming Machine with Laser Measuring System E. Morikuni, K. Kitazawa, T. Nishibayashi, M. Yamada and N. Kobayashi 509 The Deformation Model of Incremental Sheet Metal Bulging Using a Water Jet H. Iseki 510 On Flexible Forming System for Incremental Hammering T. Hasebe, A. Suzuki, N. Yamazaki and Y. Imaida 511 Incremental Forming of Curved Surfaces Using a Small Number of Elastic Tool Indentations S. Tanaka, T. Nakamura, M. Matsubara and S. Otsubo 512 Incremental Stretch-Expansion Forming of Rectangular Shell K. Yoshikawa

Sheet Metal Forming

513 Development of Intelligent Monitoring System for Circular Cup Deep Drawing Y. Kitagawa, M. Yang and K. Manabe 514 The Influence of B.H.F and Lubrication on Characteristic of Deep Drawing 1 M. Ataka and K. Tani 515 Analysis of Sheet Metal Forming for Product Design H. Yano, T. Akashi and H. Ishikura 516 Study of Fluctuation of Sheet Forming Performance in Mass Production E. Iizuka, Y. Itoh, K. Tamada and T. Hira 517 Analysis of Development of Plastic Anisotropy Using Finite Element Polycrystalline Model T. Sueyoshi, M. Goya, K. Miyagi and R. Kondoh 518 Modelling of Plastic Anisotropy Based on Texture and Dislocation Structure (Plastic Anisotropy of Sheet Metal under Strain-Path Changes:1) S. Hiwatashi, A. V. Bael, P. V. Houtte and C. Teodosiu 519 Application of Texture- and Microstructure-Based Constitutive Model to Forming Limit Prediction (Plastic Anisotropy of Sheet Metal under Strain-Path Changes:2) S. Hiwatashi, A. V. Bael, P. V. Houtte and C. Teodosiu 520 Analysis of Shear Bands for FCC Crystals by Finite Element Polycrystal Model S. Kanno, H. Takahashi, K. Ito and T. Sagawa 521 FEM Simulation of Deep Drawing Process of Textured Al Sheet J. G. Hu, T. Ishikawa and N. Yukawa 522 Effect of Pressurized Liquid Lubrication Method in Cylindrical Deep-Drawing Y. Yamasaki and M. Yoshida 523 Effect of Arrangement Supplying Pressurized Liquid in Cylindrical Deep-drawing with Presurized Liquid Lubrication Method Y. Yamasaki and M. Yoshida 524 Oil-Less Deep Drawing Assisted by Water Pressure K. Nakamura 525 Friction Assisted Deep Drawing of Sheet Metals N. Takakura, K. Hino and K. Yamaguchi 526 AnAnalysis Method for Predicting the Punch Fracture Limit of Deep-Drawn Rectangular Shells W. H. Si and T. Kuwabara 527 Slip-Line Field Analysis of Optimum Blank Shapes for Biaxial Symmetric Convex Curved Cups K. Isobe 528 Production of Deep Cups Using Developed-Shape Blanks K. Yamaguchi, M. Niihara, N. Takakura and N. Shirakawa 529 Metal Flow of Tailored Blank in Square Cup Drawing H. Hayashi, S. Pak and M. Usuda 530 Effect of Bead Applied to Blank Holding Surfaceat Intermediate Stage of Punch-Stroke on Formability of Sheet Metal T. Tatenami, S. Ogawa and W. Matuo 531 Press Formability of Titanium and Stainless Steel Sheet Using Wheat Flour Lubricant H. Yoshimura, T. Hayashi, J. Katayama and H. Fuwa 532 Deep Drawability of Aluminum Coated Steel Sheet T. Tati, T. Horita, M. Horie and S. Fukuda 533 Improvement on Formability of Galvannealed Steel Sheet with Ni-Base Inorganic Lubricant Film M. Sakurai, Y. Yamasaki, S. Hashimoto, A. Hiraya, T. Urakawa, J. Inagaki and M. Sagiyama 534 Experimental and Theoretical Analysis of Draw Bead Force G. Kurokawa, Y. Uchida, M. Hoshino and Y. Nagai 535 An Evaluation Method for Falling During Press Forming of Sheet Steel C. Fujinaga, E. Iizuka, T. Hira and O. Furukimi 536 Deformation Analysis of Hole Flanging with Ironing of Thick Sheet Metal T. Kumagai and H. Saiki


537 Development of Highly Accurate Bending System by Predicting Springback Angle with Bend Angle Sensor K. Oda, T. Otani, T. Oenoki and M. Takada 538 High Accuracy V-Bending of Stainless and Aluminum Plate T. Anzai, K. Koyma, J. Endoh and H. Omata 539 Development of Flexible V-Bending Machine with Changing Die Span H. Koyama 540 Residual Curvature of Sheet Metal Laminate Subjected to Stretch Bending and Unbending R. Hino, Y. Goto, M. Shiraishi and M. Moriyoshi 541 Effect of Backpressure on Formability of Aluminum Alloy Extruded Shapes by Press Bending O. Hasegawa and H. Nishimura 542 Bending Property of Ni-Al Sheet in High Temperature S. Suto, M. Takahashi, T. Sano and S. Fuchizawa 543 Elastic-Plastic Analysis of Beam Bending Using Hinge Element H. Miki and Y. Yokouchi 544 Springback Analysis of Sheet Metal by Using Elasto-Plstic FEM Considering Bauschinger Effect T. Okada, T. Uemori and F. Yoshida


601 Tool Pressure Distribution in Shearing S. Yamasaki, T. Ozaki and T. Takemasu 602 Research on Push-Back Blanking Method Utilizing Wide Negative Clearance Condition (2nd Report) K. Hirota and K. Kondo 603 Mechanisums of Fracture of Fe-42% Ni Alloy Sheets in Small Hole Punching Process N. Yuki, H. Azuma, N. Koga and M. Murakawa 604 Effects of Radius of Tool Corner on Sheared Surface and Burrheight of Punched Fe-42% Ni Alloy Sheets H. Azuma, N. Yuki, N. Koga and M. Murakawa 605 Shearing of Thin Copper Pipes with Eccentrically Rotating Tools N. Koga, J. Mo, Y. Wakatsuki and M. Murakawa 606 Nano-Punching by Using Punch of SiC Fiber K. Nakashima and T. Mori 607 Frequency Characteristics Analysis of a Stepped Solid Horn of Ultrasonic Die Using FEM J. Tong, S. Kawano and K. Shinoda 608 Study on the Diecutting Load Characteristics of Paperboard K. Hamada, S. Nagasawa, I. Katayama, T. Furumi, A. Yoshizawa and Y. Fukuzawa 609 Development of a Control System for the Operation Timing of Hydraulic Inertia Damper Y. Wakatsuki, J. Mo, N. Koga and M. Murakawa 610 Comparison of Various Types of Hydraulic Inertia Damper in Terms of Noise Reduction J. Mo, Y. Wakatsuki, N. Koga and M. Murakawa 611 Development of Desk-Top Size Press for Fabricating Small-Size Elements (2nd Report) I. Aoki, T. Takahashi, H. Ueno and Y. Tanaka 612 Deburring of Blanked Products by Magnetic Abrasive Machining Utilizing Blasting Grit I. Aoki, T. Takahashi, T. Ishii, M. Ide and K. Suzuki


613 Measurement with the Linearly Arrayed Sensor On-Process Nondestructive Evaluation of Ceramic Greens in Extrusion Process T. Watanabe, T. Aizawa and J. Kihara 614 High Accuracy Stain Measurement by Fourier-Phase Correlation Method with Mark Printed on the Specimen M. Sakamoto and T. Sawada 615 Tracking Method for Scribed Grid Marks and Strains Using Active Contour Model S. Tanaka and T. Nakamura 616 Characterization of Friction Behavior in Metal Forming Process by Acoustic Emission T. Takagi, S. Wakayama and M. Yang

Tube Forming

617 Bulge Forming of Copper Tubes under Internal Pressure and Axial Compression Using Closed Die T. Uchikawa, S. Fuchizawa, A. Shirayori and M. Narazaki 618 Comparison Between the Tee Forming of Aluminum Alloy Tubes Using Elastomer Forming Technique and Hydraulic Forming Process T. Haga, S. Fuchizawa, A. Shirayoi and M. Narazaki 619 Influence of Stress State on Strain Hardening Behavior of Tube Materials T. Ohmizo, S. Fuchizawa, A. Shirayori and M. Narazaki 620 Deformation Twins and Deformation Behavior of Commercially Pure Titanium Tubes under Hydrostatic Bulge Forming M. Hayakawa, S. Fuchizawa, A. Shirayori and M. Narazaki 621 Prediction of Wall Thickness Distribuion in Tube Hydro-Forming by FEM Simulation M. Amino and K. Manabe


622 Superplasticity in 7475 Aluminum Alloy Processed by Ingot Metallurgy and Powder Metallurgy T. Mukai, T. Hirata, H. Watanabe and K. Higashi 623 High Strain Rate Superplasticity of TiC Whisker Reinforced Aluminum Composites and the Termomechanical Porcessing T. Imai, S. Kojima, M. Ono and T. Imura 624 Influence of Surface Defecton Breaking Elongation of Mg-Li Alloy Sheet T. Hiroi and H. Nishimura


625 Biaxial Tension Test of Adhesively Bonded Cruciform Joint T. Watanabe, T. Sugibayashi, T. Anzai and H. Yamabe 626 Strength of CFRP Angel Produced by Lamination Bending T. Machida and T. Kanda and T. Okai 627 Behaviour of ACM Sheets in Water-Jet Piercing T. Machida, M. Hayashi and T. Nagai 628 Elimination of Inner Weld Bead of 304 Stainless Steel Pipe After U-O Press Forming(or Roll-Forming), TIG Arc-Welding and Sizing Processes Y. Kasuga 629 Preparation of In 203 and ITO Films by Enhanced Rolling Process N. Otake, H. Tsunoda, T. Yasuhara and K. Kato 630 Joining of Sheet Metals by Using Pipe-Rivet K. Kato, T. Yasuhara and M. Okamoto 631 Rivetting by Using Shave-Formed Screw T. Machida and T. Sasaki 632 X-Ray Residual Stress Measurements for Assurance of the Shave-Joined Camshaft Y. Egami, Y. Nakamura and T. Machida

Polymer Forming

633 Cup Forming of Thin Laminated Plastics Sheets by Ironing-Assisted Drawing Method T. Machida and K. Yoshimatsu 634 Estimation of Formability in Deep Drawing by Stress Whitening of Plastics T. Morishita 635 Hydrostatic Cup Drawing of Polypropylene Sheets T. Nakayama 636 Solidification and Transcription in Injection Molding by Using Direct Current Heating T. Yasuhara, K. Kato, N. Fujisawa and N. Otake 637 Ram Extrusion of Amorphous Plastics Y. Sanomura 638 Polycarbonate Bolt Formed by Thermal Recovery Deformation of Thermoplastics T. Okai and T. Machida

High Energy Rate Forming

639 Numerical Simulation of Performance of Drop-Hammer Tension Apparatus and High-Rate Tension Test M. Yamashita, M. Gotoh and E, Fujita 640 Static and Dynamic Axial Compression of Square Tube M. Miyazaski and H. Negishi 641 Evaluation on the Shock Induced Reaction Mechanism by Microstructure Observaion T. Aizawa and K. Ichige 642 Ring Expansion Test for Al-Mg Alloy Based on Hydro-Spark Forming Technique T. Hasebe, T. Hirakawa and Y. Imaida 643 Effect of Capacitance in Energy Storage Capacitors on Magnetic Punching K. Okagawa, T. Aizawa, K. Karino and Y. Oosawa 644 Punching of Metal Plates by the Use of Shock Pressure-Differences of Shearing Deformation between Various Materials M. Mochihara, M. ujita, K. Hokamoto, T. Kinoshita and Y. Nakiyama 645 Electrodeless Spot Welding Method Using One-Turn Flat Coil T. Aizawa 646 Bending of Aluminum Sheet Metal by Electromagnetic Forming Y. Murakoshi, M. Takahashi and T. Sano


701 Shaping of Eccentric Gear by Two-Step Method H. Yoshida, Y. Sawaki, D. Diao and A. Ooba 702 Shaping of Spur Gear by Two-Step Method Using Cylindrically Layered Workpiece H. Yoshida, Y. Sawaki, T. Suzuki and K. Ichihara 703 Improvement of the Accuracy in Sizeon Cold Forging of Bearing Steel Ring Y. Kawada, I. Katsuya, M. Nakada and H. Okamoto 704 Extrusion Against Back-Pressure with a Floating Die N. Arai, K. Osakada and S. Hanami 705 Effect of Cooling on Extrusion Speed of Aluminum Alloys T. Yamano, H. Rong and K. Inoue 706 Effect of Low Temperature Homoginizing Treatmenton Surfacial Quality of Extruded Al-Mg2Si Alloy T. Yamazaki, N. Takatsuji, T. Takai, K. Matsuki, M. Tokizawa, T. Aida and K. Murotani 707 Metal Flow in Non-Symmetric Channel Bar Extrusion H. Yamazaki, K. Nishimura, T. Murakami and K. Ikeda 708 Characteristics of Fluidity in Extrusion Process with Large Shear Deformation S. Nakamura, Y. Uchida and M. Hoshino 709 Sintering of Two-Layer Composite Pipes Formed by Multi-Billet Extrusion Method Z. Chen, K. Ikeda, T. Murakami and D. Mizuno 710 Improvement of Properties of Mg Alloys by Powder Metallurgy.(No.1) Mechanical Properties of AZ91 Magnesium Alloys by Cutting Chips M. Takahashi, E. Masamura, S. Sutou, K. Matsuzaki, Y. Murakoshi and T. Sano 711 Improvement of Properties of Mg Alloys by Powder Metallurgy.(No.2) Mechanical Properties of Magnesium Alloys Procesed from Pulverized Lathe Chips M. Takahashi, E. Masamura, S. Sutou, K. Matsuzaki, Y. Muakoshi and T. Sano 712 Improvement of Properties of MgAlloys by Powder Metallurgy.(No.3) Extrusion Procesing of Mg/SiCp Composite Produced by Mechanical Milled Powders M. Takahashi, E. Masamura, S. Sutou, K. Matsuzaki, Y. Murakoshi and T. Sano 713 Effect of Density Ratioon Elastic Properties of Powder Compact S. Shima, H. Kotera and J. Kojima 714 Relationship Between Inter-Particle Effection and Particle Behavior in Particle Simulation of Powder Compaction H. Kitahara, H. Kotera and S. Shima 715 Finite Element Analysis for Powder Compaction Based on Cosserat Theory H. Kotera, S. Shima and M. Sawada 716 Finite Element Analysis for Powder Compaction Based on Cosserat Theory H. Kotera, S. Shima and M. Sawada 717 Al-Li/SiCp Composites Produced by Mechanical Milled Powders 3rd Influence of Extrusion Ratio on the Mechanical Properties and Mictrostructures of Al-Li/SiCp Composite K. Hanada, Y. Murakoshi, H. Negishi and T. Sano 718 Fluid Resin Pressure Distribution and Board Thickness Distribution in Adhesion Process of Multilayer Printed-Circuit Boards M. Kyooi, T. Terabayashi and T. Narusawa 719 Study on Asymmetric Plane Strain Extrusion M. Matsui, Y. Kurosaki and Y・Song

Mushy State/Semi-Solid Metal Forming

720 Metal Flow Control by Partial Cooling of Die in Mashy-State Extrusion H. Morimoto and Y. Uetani 721 Development of Texture by Deformation under Semi-Molten State T. Shirota, T. Dendo and H. B. Suck 722 Mashy-State Bonding of Wire Pins and Sheet Fins with Bulk Metals M. Kiuchi, J. Yagimoto and S. Sugiyama 723 Mashy-State Bonding of Ceramics Particles and Metal Balls with Bulk Metals M. Kiuchi, J. Yanagimoto and S. Sugiyama 724 Laser-Enhanced Powder Spraying Process by Using Particle-Beam N. Otake, K. Hashimoto, H. Araki and K. Kato 725 Laser Prototype Forming of Microstructure Using Metal Powder K. Yoshikawa 726 Forming of 3D Model by Laser Prototyping from Metal Powers F. Abe, K. Osakada and K. Uematsu 727 Three-Dimensional Distinct Element Simulation of Distribution of Solid and Liquid Phases in Mushy-State Forming M. Otsu, K. Mori and K. Osakada


728 Planar Anisotropy of Fractals in Free Surface of Metal Sheets under UniaxialTension K. Kuroki, Y. Kurosaki and M. Matsui 729 Adjustment of Forming Conditions to Improve Shape-Fixability T. Suzuki, Y. Sakuma and S. Hiwatashi 730 A Trial for Forming of Piston Made from Metal Plate Y. Uchida, M. Hoshino and T. Murata 731 Erichsen Testing of Copper Alloy and Steel Sheets at High Temperatures H. Watarai, M. Sugamata, J. Kaneko and M. Ohkubo

Can Forming

732 Neck Formability of Aluminum D & I Cans. During SDN or SFN Y. Kikuta, S. Tsuchida and J. E. Prichard 733 Flange Formability of the Necked Cans by SDN or SFN Y. Kikuta, S. Tsuchida and J. E. Prichard 734 Development of Die Necking Technique for Thinner Wall H. Utsunomiya and H. Nishimura 735 The Effect of Deformaion Conditions on the Occurrence of Fluting at 3-Pieces Can Body Making M. Aratani, A. Tosaka, O. Hurukimi and H. Kuguminato

Powder Metallurgy Processing

736 Prediction of Crack Induced by Elastic Recoveries of Punches in Multi-Level Powder Compaction Using Finite Element Simulation K. Mori, Y. Sato and Osakada 737 Shrinkage Behavior of Metal and Ceramic Powder Mixtures in Sintering of Functionally Graded Materials K. Shinagawa and Y. Hirashima 738 Long Thin Cylinder Forming from Alumina Granule by the Single Action Tooling on Flow Compaction S. Takahashi and T. Nakagawa 739 Propagation of Ultra-Fine-Grained Al-Fe Alloy by Mechanical Alloying E. Yuasa, C. Kawamura and T. Kawasaki

Powder Rolling

740 2-D Numerical Analysis Combined Electrical and Thermal Fieldin Electically-Heated Powder Rolling K. Fujita, A. Kimatsuka, A. Hirata and C. Mochizuki 741 Analysis of Compacting Behavior of Metal Powder by Differential Speed Rolling S. Mitamura, S. Masaki and T. Hirohata 742 Fabrication of Al-Al2O3 Particle Reinforced Metal Matrix Composite by Sheath Rolling of Powder Mixture S. H. Lee, Y. Saito and T. Sakai 743 Control of Texture by Shear Deformation During Single-Roll Drive Rolling of Al-Mg Alloy Sheet S. Hamada, Y. Saito and T. Sakai


801 Analysis of Walking Characteristics in Thin Strip Rolling M. Yoshikawa, T. Kajihara, A. Sako and T. Takeguchi 802 Mechanical Properties of Work Roll Shift in Hot Strip Rolling T. Sasaki 803 Experimental Isothermal Rolling of Aluminum Alloy M. Horihata and Y. Torisaka 804 Mechanism of Controlling Edge-Drop by Tapered Work Roll Shifting and Work Roll Crossing in Cold Rolling J. Tateno, K. Kenmochi, I. Yarita, T. Kaneko and Y. Yamada 805 Investigation for Head-End Mark Defectson Strip Coiling M. Uchida and Y. Kaseda 806 Effect of Emulsifying Agenton Friction Pick Up of Emulsion Oilin Cold Rolling A. Azushima andK・Tanaka 807 Anti-Seizure Property of High-Chromium Roll with Controlled Carbide Morphology in Cold Tandem Mill Y. Jimbo, S. Setoguchi, K. Wakamatsu and A. Azushima 808 Effect of Roll Materials on Luburicity in Cold Rolling of Stainless Steel Strip O. Sonobe, H. Kano, K. Kenmochi and I. Yarita 809 Effect of Chromium Plated Roll on Lubricating Behavior in Cold Rolling of Aluminum Sheet(Part2 Effect of Rolling Conditions on Lubricating Behavior in Chromium Plated Roll) M. Ikeda, K. Matsui and J. Shibata 810 Effect of Lubricating Condition on Surface Characteristics of Copper Foilin Copper Foil Rolling S. Shido, K. Sawa, H. Sugii and T. Kawanami 811 A Mechanism for Generating Aluminum Debris During Cold Rolling A. Morita and S. Hattori 812 Estimate of Lubricant Added Ca Compounds by Simulation Testing Machine in Hot Working K. Aoki, T. Sato and A. Azushima 813 Observations of Surface Characteristics Behavior of Various Roll Materials in Hot Rotating Friction K. Nakajima, J. Ikeda, S. Araya, T. Hibi, S. Hamauzu and S. Semoto