The Proceedings of the 1997 Japanese Spring Conference for the Technology of Plasticity
May 23 ~ 25, 1997, Tokyo

Copywrite by The Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity
Special thanks to Nissei Eblo Co. for the offer of data

Incremental Forming

101 Research on Control ofIncremental Forming Process S. Tanaka, T. Nakamura and M. Matsubara 102 CNC Incremental Forming of Trapezoidal-Shaped Troidal Shells T. Nishibayashi and K. Kitazawa 103 CNC Incremental Stretch-Expanding of Pre-Drawn Shells K. Kitazawa and T. Nishibayashi 104 Incremental Stretch Forming of Character Pattern by Using B-Spline Curve K. Yoshikawa 105 Local Shape Control by Giving Shape Index Point in Incremental Forming K. Yoshikawa 106 Incremental Stretch Forming of Thin Plate by Mid Map Method K. Yoshikawa

Incremental Forming for Practical Use

107T TIncremental Forming of Metal Sheets by a Series of Compressions on NC Machine Tool S. Matsubara 108T Incremental Forming of Metal Sheets by a Series of Movements of Forming Tool along Open Contours on NC Machine Tool S. Matsubara 109T Optimization of Forming Process in Incremental Hammering A. Suzuki, T. Hasebe, S. Shima and Y. Imaida 110T Development of New Testing Apparatus and Forming Experiments in Incremental Hammering T. Yamazaki, T. Hasebe, S. Shima and Y. Imaida 111T The Strain Distribution of Incremental Sheet Metal Bulging Usinga Water Jet H. Iseki, M. Araki and K. Kato 112T Control of Incremental Forming of Sheet Metals Using CCD Camera and Pattern Recognition M. Otsu, N. Fujiwara, K. Mori and K. Osakada 113T Flexible Spinning of Truncated Conical Shells without Mandrel K. Kawai, L. Yang and H. Kudo


114 Effects of Tool Geometries on 90°V-Bending Behavior of Various Metal Sheets K. Ishihara, Y. Tateishi, A. Takahashi and T. Machida 115 Deformation Behavior of Sheet Metal under Continuous Stretch-Bending T. Nagata, M. Gotoh and M. Yamashita 116 Study on Bending of Circular Arc Profiles by Peen Forming (1st Report) K. Kondo, E. Maeno and S. Senda 117 Study on Enlargement of Round Bar Diameter S. Nagata, Y. Fujioka, T. Iura and S. Kanaura 118 Deformation of Aluminum Alloy Shapes by Press Bending(Investigation of Strain Distribution along the Cross-Section) O. Hasegawa and H. Nishimura 119 Working Limit and Deformation of Shape for Square at Anti symmetrical Axis of Bending Direction M. Murata, T. Mochizuki and Y. Aoki 120 Concave Bead Forming by Spinning M. Murata and K. Kamimura 121 Deformation of Shape and Joint Strength for Hemming of Sheet Metal M. Murata and T. Nada 122 Development of a Simulation Databese and Its Application to Real-Time Control of Intelligent V-Bending Process S. Yamazaki, M. Yang, K. Manabe, N. Aikawa and H. Ogawa 123 Forming to Double Curved Surface by Computer Aided Bending Machine H. Koyam, E. X. Zhang and O. Haga 124 Effect of Constraint on Forming to Double-Curved Surface by Computer Aided Bending Machine E. X. Zhang, H. Koyama, O. Haga and Y. Iwase

Roll Forming

125 Effects of Forming Conditions on Cross-Sectional Shapes of Corner Zones of Square Steel Pipes Formed through Extroll-Forming Mill with Expanding Inner Idler Rolls F. Liu, Y. Onoda, T. Nagamachi, S. Kimura and T. Kitawaki 126 Pushing Load Acting on Ram and Forming Load Acting on Forming Rolls in Extroll-Forming Mill with Expanding Inner Idler Rolls for Reshaping Round Welded Steel Pipes into Square Shapes T. Nagamachi, Y. Onoda, F. Liu, S. Kimura and T. Kitawaki 127 Rotary Punching Method Using Uretane Rolls H. Watari and H. Ona 128 Thin Stainless Steel Pipe Formed by Cold Roll H. Ona 129 Numerical Analysis of Roll Forming Process of Square/Rectangular Pipe M. Kiuchi, I. Nakata, F. Wang, T. Nakano and A. Okamoto 130 Numerical Analysis of Roll Forming Process of Square/Rectangular Pipe M. Kiuchi, I. Nakata, F. Wang, T. Nakano and A. Okamoto 131 Finite Element Analysis of Mechanism of Occurrence of Rib Waves Occurring in Forming a Trapezoidal Channel Section with Side Flanges through a Single Stand Rolling Mill Y. Onoda, T. Nagamachi, T. Tahara and M. Kono 132 A Study on Mechanical Nature of Corner Radius of Square Steel Pipe in Cold Roll-Forming Process(Second Report) T. Kitawaki, K. Higuchi, M. Takeda and R. Kuromatu

Education and Training for Production Engineers

133T Comments and Teaching Materials for Education of Plasticity for Mechanical Engineers K. Yoshida 134T Education and Curriculum Seen from a Professor Changed from Private Company M. Asakawa 135T Education and Research System for Technology of Plasticity in Foreign Countries T. Nakamura 136T Approach to Deformation Mechanics Beginning with Physics T. Sawada 137T A Trial toward Attractive Lecture of Metal Forming K. Yamaguchi 138T Visual tool for plastic deformation M. Kimura 139T Desirable Framework of Education at Graduate School M. Kiuchi 140T Good Experience in Doctoral Program of Open School for Enterprise Engineer K. Ozaki 141T Graduate School Education in the Eyes of Students F. Abe 142T Education for Engineer in Company T. Anzai 143T On the Technical Report of the Company Y. Nagai 144T On the Reeducation for Vocational Trainig Instructor T. Amano and S. Mori 145T Education Training of High Technology in Polytechnic Center H. Ogawa and T. Onishi 146T Educational Effect of Expert System for Conceptual Die Design S. Tubouchi and T. Amano 147T Technical Service for Small Sized Enterprises K. Tamura 148T How Education and Evaluation of Engineers Should be for Future Y. Murata 149T Technology Transfer Experience in Asian Countries S. Sato 150T Things What I Learned from the Experience When I Spent the Time at Manufacturing Site M. Toyama 151T Cooperative Research between University and Small and Medium Size Company K. Osakada 152T Joint Researches between Technical College and Enterprises K. Kobatake 153T Co-Development between Industries, Public Laboratories and Academie for Motivating Regional Industry M. Kobayashi

Sheet Metal Forming

201 Fundamental Consideration on Necking T. Mori 202 Locarizationin Bi-Axial Tension T. Mori 203 Relationship between the Forming Limit swith Simple Deforming Path and Mechanical Properties of Sheet Metals K. Tanaka, L. Gu, K. Nakajima, T. Inoue and T. Suzuki 204 Experimental Verification of a Yield Locus of Cold Rolled Steel Sheet Based on Biaxial Tensile Tests Using Cruciform Specimens T. Kuwabara, I. Suzuki, K. Kuroda and S. Ikeda 205 Deformation of the Corner Region and Forming Limit in Square Cup Drawing T. Mizuno, D. Er and C. Fukui 206 Forming Limit Prediction of Deep-Drawn Square Shells and Experimental Verification W. H. Si and T. Kuwabara 207 Study on Control Technique of Buckling Behavior in Press Forming Using Local Pressing J. Iwaya, Y. Okano and K. Sano 208 Texture and Formability of Magnesium Alloy Sheets J. Kaneko, M. Sugamata, M. Ohkubo, M. Numa and Y. Nishikawa 209 Effect of Plastic Strain and Strain Ratio on Young's Modulus K. Yamaguchi, H. Adachi, N. Shirakawa and N. Takakura 210 Optimum Design of Crystal Texture Basedon FEM / Discrete Optimization Method Y. Hamada and E. Nakamachi 211 Elast・ Crystalline Viscoplastic FE Analysis Using Voronoi Polycrystal Model K. Hiraiwa and E. Nakamachi 212 Elastic・ Plastic Springback Analysis of Sheet Metal Subjected to Stretch・ Bending・ Unbending Considering Combined Hardening N. Seki, T. Kuwabara and S. Takahashi 213 canceled 214 Development of Non Contact Measuring System of Strain Distribution T. Nakamura, S. Tanaka and S. Wakatsuki 215 Measurement of Mark Printedonthe Specimenby Fourier-Phase Correlation Method M. Sakamoto and T. Sawada 216 Grooving of Aluminium sheet by Indentation of Piano Wires with Rolls N. Takakura, N. Shirakawa, Y. Noda and K. Yamaguchi 217 Evaluation of the Zinc Coated Steel Sheets by a New Tribo-Testing Machine H. Mulki, Y. Nakayama and T. Mizuno 218 Deep Drawing with Use of Volatile Lubricant (No.1) S. Kataoka and N. Takahasi 219 Deep Drawing with Use of Volatile Lubricant (No.2) S. Kataoka and N. Takahasi 220 Development of New Tribo-Simulator for Sheet Metal Forming A. Azushima and T. Inoue 221 Mechanism of Twist of Press-Formed Stepped Channel Members S. Ito, N. Seki, S. Takahashi and T. Kuwabara 222 Effect of Sheet Thickness on Crashworthiness of High Strength Steel Square Tubes A. Uenishi, Y. Kuriyama, M. Usuda and M. Suehiro 223 Analysis of High Speed Deformation Behavior for Steel Sheet by FEM T. Hira, K. Miura, O. Furukimi, T. Obara and S. Tanimura 224 Evaluation of Lubrication in Circular Cup Deep-Drawing Process with Variable Blank Holder Force Fuzzy Adaptive Control System S. Yoshihara and K. Manabe 225 Frost Lubricated Deep Drawing Y. Tanahashi and K. Nakamura 226 Influence of Punch Profile on Dome-Forming of Thick Sheet K. Katoh and K. Kondo 227 Forming of Metal Diaphragm by Hydraulic Bulging and Evaluation of Its Sensor Property T. Nakamura, M. Gotoh and M. Yamashita 228 Analysis of press formability for laser-welded blank(Ⅰ) H. D. Ha and Y, S. Kim 229 Accuracy and Formability of Reverse-Type Flanging in Sheet Metals L. Gu, K. Nakajima, M. Ono and Y, Hosoi 230 Warm Forming of Aluminum Alloy Sheets in Auto Body Panels Y. Abe, K. Hashimoto, K. Ishida and K. Amano 231 Effects of Necking Ratio and Clearance on the Die Smooth-Neck Performance H. Utsunomiya and H. Nishimura 232 Effects of Thermal Removing of Residual Stresses and Blank Shapes on the Shape Accuracy of Deep-Drawn Cylindrical Shells H. Goto, T. Kuwabara, T. Shintani and I. Komatsu 233 Deep Drawing of Aluminum Sheets by Use of Hard Carbon Thin Film Coating Tools N. Koga, M. Murakawa and T. Kumagai 234 Analysis of Surface Detects of Sheet Metal in Embossing T. Sawada, L. Liu and M. Sakamoto

Intelligent Manufacturing Technology

235 Interview Tool for Knowledge Acquisition in Metal Forming Field M. Kiuchi and T. Sudo 236 Structuring of Expert System for Design of Two Dimensional Progressive Blanking Die S. Tubouchi, T. Amano and H. Nakasugi 237 The Study about Optimum Process Design System for Sheet Forming by Using Sweeping Simplex Method N. Omori, T. Katayama, E. Nakamachi, Y. Nakamura and T. Ohata 238 Optimum Design of Two Stage Sheet Forming Process Using Finite Element Method and Discretized Optimization Method T. Honda and E. Nakamachi


301 Fabrication of Precision Aluminum Tube by Extrusion and Drawing Method Using Ultrasonically Vibrated Tools M. Murakawa, P. Kaewtatip and M. Jin 302 Ultrasonic Tube Drawing with Radially Vibrating Die K. Yamada, A. Nakagiri, M. Inoue and E. Shimabayashi 303 A Study of Wire Vibration Phenomenon in Drawing Process (2nd Report) J. Sugiyama, S. Nagasawa, Y. Fukuzawa, Y. Miyata and F. Karasawa 304 Mechanical Alloying of Brass-Nickel Plating in Drawing Process S. Hachisuka 305 Metallographic Study of Adhesion in Drawing I. Abe, K. Ikeda, K. Nishimura and T. Murakami 306 Numerical Study for Drawing for Drawing of Optical Fiberin Steady State K. Fukutani, S. Toyoshima, S. Hiruma and T. Akita

Spinning, Bulge, Forming

307 A Study of Relationship between Gripping Force and Formed Shape S. Shima, H. Kotera, N. Nakamura and A. Inoue 308 An Analysis of Relation between Drawing Ratio and Blank Cutting Surface Roughness, Temperature Increase M. Ishikawa, K. Takaishi and T. Yamada 309 Helical Rolling of Tube 3rd Report : Effect of Roll Profile H. Takizawa and T. Kimura 310 Deformation of Square Tubes in Hydraulic Free Bulge Forming through Application of Internal Pressure and Axial Compression A. Shirayori, S. Fuchizawa, M. Narazaki and S. Ueno


311 Closed Die Forging of Truncated Conical Shells Made from KARAMATSU(Larixleptolepis Gord) A. Hidaka and K. Kitazawa 312 Micro Die-Filling Phenomena of SUGI(Japanese Ceder) Lumber to Flat Die Having Small Groovesin Closed Die Forging Process K. Kitazawa, A. Hidaka and H. Nishiguchi 313 Generating Method of Artificial Slash-Swan Figure in SUGI(Japanese Cedar) Lumber with Forging Process K. Kitazawa, A. Hidaka and E. Nozaki 314 Experimental Study on the Fixation of a Rolled Lumber at the Delivery of a Rolling Mill H. Shiozaki, T. Kawase, M. Ikeda and M. Mikami 315 Influences of the Temperature and the Moisture of a Specimen and of the Strain Rate, on the Yield Stress and the Maximum Stress in the Transverse Compression of a SUGI Lumber H. Shiozaki, T. Kawase and T. Murota 316 Influences of the Temperature and the Moisture of a Specimen and ofthe Strain Rate, on the Recovery after the Transverse Compression of a SUGI Lumber T. Kawase, H. Shiozaki and T. Murota

Numerical Simulation

317 3-D Finite Element Modeling of Non-Isothemal Elastic-Plastic Forming of Sheet Metals H. L. Xing and A. Makinouchi 318 An Adaptive Mesh h-Refinement Algoririthm and Its Applicationin FEM of Superplastic Forming H. L. Xing and A. Makinouchi 319 Contact Search Algorithim in the Visco-plastic FEM Simulation for the Polymer Processing Process - Global Search Algorithm - S. Wang and A. Makinouchi 320 Contact Search Algorithm in the Visco-Plastic FEM Simulation for the Polymer Processing Process - Local Search Algorithm - S. Wang and A. Makinouchi 321 Elast-Plastic FE Simulation for Contact of Elasto-Plastic Bodies H. Takizawa, N. Mori and A. Makinouchi 322 Dynamic Explicit Finite Element Analysis of the Deep Drawing Processes of Automotive Panels S. P. Wang and E. Nakamachi 323 The Deep Drawing of Optimum Blank Shape by Inverse Finite-Element Procedure H. Iseki and R. Sowerby 324 Control Forming of Plastic Working by an Elastic Bar IV, Expansion of a Hole due to a Tool Composed of a Conical Punch Surfase S. Kuriyama 325 Elastoplastic Analysis Using Free Mesh Method Y. Ochiai and T. Kobayashi 326 Computer Aided Engineering for Design T. Aizawa, G. L. Wang, J. Kihara, T. Murakami and X. Kurasige 327 Analysis of Stranding Process of Wire Rope by Elasto-Plastic Finite Element Method G. L. Wang, T. Aizawa, J. Kihara, T. Murakami and X. Kurasige 328 Experimental Verification by Industrial Stranding Process of Wire Rope T. Kamimura, G. L. Wang, T. Aizawa, X. Kurasige and J. Kihara

Mushy State/ Semi-Solid Metal Forming

329 Influences of Various Factors on Granulation of Primary Phase of Semi-Solid Al-Si Alloy T. Haga 330 Production and Forming Factors of Al-Si Alloy Strips Cast by Melt Drag Process T. Haga 331 Production of Al Matrix Composite with Fine Oxide Particles by Means of Melt Stirring Oxidization Method T. Murakami, Y. Saito, N. Tsuji, S. Shibata and N. Hara 332 Texture Control of Al-Mg Alloy Strips by Melt Direct Rolling Method N. Tsuji, Y. Saito, Y. Nagai and T. Sakai 333 An Effect of Extrusion Conditions(Billet, Die, Working) on Mash State Extruded Bar's Surface Quality H. Morimoto and Y. Uetani 334 Mechanical Properties of Formed Parts by Laser Prototyping from Metal Powders K. Uematsu, F. Abe, K. Osakada and A. Yoshidome 335 Fundamental Study of Laser Cladding F. Abe, K. Osakada, A. Yoshidome and K. Uematsu 336 Three-Dimensional Distinct Element and Physical Simulation of Grain Alignment in Mushy-State Forgingof Magnets M. Otsu, K. Mori, K. Osakada and N. Arai

High Energy Rate Forming

337 Some Problem on Explosive Die Forming Process M. Fujita, H. Iyama, H. Osaka, Y. Ishigori and M. Mochihara 338 Dynamic Behavior of Aluminum-Honeycomb under Impact Compression A. Kawakita, M. Gotoh and M. Yamashita 339 Impulse Magnetic Pressure Welding of Aluminium Thin Pieces T. Aizawa, M. Yoshizawa and K. Emura 340 A New Method of Simultaneous Punching and Soldering for a Flexible Printed Wiring Board T. Aizawa, K. Okagawa and T. Ikegami 341 Deformation Modes of Blank in Deep Drawing by Hydro-Spark Forming Method Y. Mido, T. Hasebe and Y. Imaida 342 Fundamental Mechanism for Hyper-Formability in Deep Drawing of Al-Mg Alloyby Hydro-Spark Forming Method T. Hirakawa, T. Hasebe and Y. Imaida 343 Pressure Wave Distribution Control in High Strain Rate Plastic Forming Using Under water Shock Wave Focusing Technique H. Kakimoto, T. Hasebe, Y. Imaida and Y. Takenaga 344 Comparison of Workability between two Engineering Ceramics under Exicima Laser Ablation M. Ishiyama, T. Hasebe, K. Yukimura, Y. Imaida and T. Sugimoto 345 Effect of Surface Hardness of Substrate on Coating Behaviorin Wire Explosion Spraying T. Nishimura, T. Hasebe and Y. Imaida

Polymer Forming

401 Bulge Formability of Polypropylene Sheets Using a Urethane Pad T. Nakayama 402 On Dynamic Stress-Strain Characteristics of Polymethyl Metha crylate Y. Sato, W. Kikuchi, R. Adachi and K. Fujii 403 Recovery-Induced Thermal Deformation of Extruded Thermo plastics Bars R. Hasumi, T. Okai and T. Machida 404 Transcription Behavior of Fine Surface Structure by Rapid Heating Stamper in Injection Molding T. Yasuhara, K. Kato, N. Fujisawa and N. Otake 405 Estimation of Viscosity and Wall Slip of Ceramic Mixture for Injection Molding K. Kato, Y. H. Chung and N. Otake


406 Superplastic Forming of Variable Thickness Sheet N. Suzuki 407 Blow Formings of Al Alloy Sheets by Gas Generants H. Ohsawa, T. Aoki and Y. Kawahara 408 Evaluation of Superplastic Behavior by R-Type Tensile Specimen M. Hirohashi, K. Matsuda and M. Nishizawa 409 High Strain Rate Superplasticity of TiC Particulate Reinforced Aluminum Alloy Composites T. Imai, S. Kojima, J. F. Mao and M. Ono

Recent Research on Bonding and Complex Material for High Quality Products

410T Application of Shave-Joining Method for Fabricating a Rotary-Joint with Ceramics/Metals K. Kanno, T. Sasaki, A. Hayashi and T. Machida 411T Torsional Strength of Shave-Joined Shaft with Cam Piece and Steel Pipe Y. Egami, Y. Nakamura and T. Machida 412T Fastening Characteristics By Emboss-Fitting of Different Metal Sheets K. Ichinose and N. Niwa 413T Stretch Joining of Sheets by Rolling Y. Kasuga 414T Joining of Pipes by PCR Process T. Mori 415T Structural Joining for Electric Products H. Murakami, E. Ohtsu and H. Kanamaru 416T Forming of Bi-Metalic Gear Parts by Fully Enclosed Die Forging K. Nishimura, T. Murakami, K. Ikeda and T. Sugiyama 417T Joining of Superplastic Titanium Alloy Used for Watch Case and Gold Alloy T. Ariga, K. Yoshida, Y. Miyazawa, Y. Miyamoto and I. Kuboki 418T Exploitation of Superplastic Forming in Titanium Alloy E. Yamazaki, Y. Watanabe and O. Sakai 419T Diffusion Bondings of Al Alloy Sheets and Evaluation of Bond Strength H. Ohsawa, K. Ishikawa and E. Inui 420T Fatigue Strength of Aluminium Alloy Pressure Welded Joint N. Tsuji, M. Nakamura, S. Maki and Y. Harada 421T Analyses of Joining Forces and Displacements which Occur During Sinter-Diffusion-Bonding of Assembled Green Compacts by FEM K. Asaka and N. Itoh 422T Consolidation Process of SiC/Al Powder Mixture by Using Compressive-Torsion Forming E. Maeda, N. Kanetake and T. Choh 423T Mashy-State Bonding of Al Alloys/Stainless Steel S. Sugiyama, M. Kiuchi and J. Yanagimoto 424T Sinter-Forming of Metal Matrix Composite Making Use of Direct Resistance Heating S. Maki and Y. Harada 425T Fracture Strength of Joint Interface with Plastic Deformation S. Shida and D. Ichikawa 426T Evaluation of Strength of Bonding Interface in Rolled Titanium Clad Steel Using Copper Sheetas Insert Material T. Kawanami, A. Yamamoto, A. Segawa and M. Mukai 427T Developing Manufacturing Methods of Ferromagnetic/Nonmagnetic Composite Material Making Use of Deformation-Induced Martensitic Transformation S. Takenouchi, S. Sugiyama, K. Takeshita, Y. Tanimura, T. Ishikawa, M. Sanga, K. Nakanishi and N. Iwata 428T Effect of Interfaces on High Temperature Damping Capacity of FRMs H. Asanuma, M. Hirohashi and S. Endo 429T Fabrication of an Actuator by Bonding CFRP and Metal H. Asanuma, O. Haga and K. Takemoto 430T Modern Jointing and Coating Technique for Electric Cable H. Shirai, H. Kato and H. Kuzusita


431 Dynamic Accuracy of Die and Press affected by Eccentric Load -Ball Guide Die- F. Sekine 432 Workability in Blanking of Lead Frame Material(Ⅳ) H. Yamada, K. Sugiura, N. Tanishita and T. Ishikawa 433 Stamping of Fine Pitch Lead Frame for Semiconductor Package M. Higa, F. Takahashi and T. Nishimura 434 Influence of Blanking Radius on Sheared Edge Characteristics in Irregular Shape Blanking N. Yukawa, Y. Inukai, T. Yamada, T. Ishikawa, M. Satoh and M. Murase 435 Metal Flow Analysis in Shearing Process with Visioplasticity Method T. Takahashi, I. Aoki and K. Shinoda 436 Computer-Aided Blanking Sequence Design of Aluminum Frame by 'Feature Elimination' Using Idea of 'Ideal Process' Y. Saeki, T. Ohashi, M. Motomura and Y. Oki 437 Effect of Blanking Conditions on Cracking of Anodic Oxide Film on Blanked Aluminum Frame, and Its Strength Y. Saeki, K. Takeishi, L. Yao, T. Ohashi, M. Motomura and Y. Oki 438 Stack Forming of Punched Plate by Using of Hot Melt Adhesive Sheets I. Aoki, T. Takahashi, S. Hutamura and T. Murata 439 Theoretical Analysis on the Effects of Inertia Damping Mass on the Amount of Noise Reduction J. Mo, N. Koga and M. Murakawa 440 Examination of Most Suitable Working Limitation on Dieless Shearing of General Extruded Section H. Kida, N. Takatsuji, M. Tokizawa, K. Matsuki, K. Murotani and N. Doguchi 441 Development of Measurement System for Load Characteristics on Paperboard Diecutting K. Hamada, S. Nagasawa, I. Katayama, T. Furumi, A. Yoshizawa and Y. Fukuzawa 442 Research on Push-Back Blanking Method Utilizing Wide Negative Clearance Condition(lst Report) K. Hirota and K. Kondo

Forming Property

501 Effect of Reversed Pre-Torsion Strain on Flow Sress under Impact Compression T. Hasebe, Y. Imaida and H. Nakamoto 502 Effect of Second Phases on Mechanical Properties of Iron-Base Alloys M. Itoh, H. Murata and T. Majima 503 Development of a Nanoindentation System Installed in a Scanning Electron Microscopy E. Takenaka, Y. Saotome and T. Matsuzaki

Powder Forming

504 Finite Element Simulation of Electric Current, Temperature and Plastic Deformation in Electric Heated Powder Compact Ion K. Maeda, K. Mori and K. Osakada 505 Finite Element Method for Simulating Microscopic Behavior in Powder Compaction R. Kujime, K. Mori and K. Osakada 506 Particle Simulation of Powder Compaction with Non-Spherical Particles with Inter-Particle Friction H. Kitahara, H. Kotera and S. Shima 507 Fabrication of Ni-Sheathid Ni3Al Wires from MA-Precarsor T. Aizawa, T. Kosaka and J. Kihara 508 A Near Net-Shape Forming of Chopped Fiber Reinforced Ceramic Composites M. Matsui, T. Besshi and T. Sato 509 A Constitutive Model for the Sintering of Ceramic Granules Compacted at Various CIPing Pressure K. Shinagawa and Y. Hirashima 510 Powder Sintering with Chemical Reaction under High Pressure Between Copperand Aluminium Powders T. Nakamura, S. Tanaka, H. Imaizumi, M. Hirano and M. Nishimura


511 Thermo-Mechanical Analysis of Deformation Behavior of Billet S. Isogawa, T. Miyamatsu, M. Ono and Y. Tozawa 512 An Analysis of Plane Strain Forging by the Rigid-Plastic Finite-Boundary Element Method Y. Guo and K. Nakanishi 513 Method of Treatment of Velocity Boundary Conditions and Friction in 3-D Finite Element Simulation Using Diagonal Matrix H. Yoshimura, K. Mori and K. Osakada 514 Development of Forging Design System for Rib-Web Type Parts Ⅱ N. Kanamaru and A. Fukuda 515 Effect of Specimen Height and Flow Restriction on Defects in Forward-Backward Combined Extrusion of Al-Alloy M. Ono, S. Takada, M. Isaji and Y. Sawai 516 Forming of Flange Parts by Extrusion Forging S. Imamura, K. Nishimura, T. Murakami and K. Ikeda 517 Development of an Inclinable Single-Action Biaxial Compression Apparutus, and Biaxial Lateral Compression Test of Hollow Cylinders S. Kaneuchi, M. Gotoh, C. Yoo and M. Yamashita 518 CAE and Plasticine Simulation of Forging for Bearing Race Blank M. Nakasaki, T. Hamano, M. Yano, K. Osaki and T. Yoshida 519 Measurement of Friction Coefficients between Platens and Plasticine with Some Kinds of Lubricant for Forging Simulation and Analysis of Heading by S. H. P. S. S. M. Yano, K. Osaki and T. Yoshida 520 AFM Study of Lubrication between Conical Workpiece and Flat Tool H. Ike 521 Formation Mechanism of Surface Microprojections in Coining Process H. Ike and M. Plancak 522 Precision Cold Die Forging of an Internal Helical Gear by Divided Flow Method(4th Report) K. Kondo, Y. Tatsumi and S. Kamio 523 Precision Forging of Helical Gear with Driven Container X. Wang, K. Osakada, S. Hanami and K. Inoue 524 Sequence Design Including Direct-Indirect Extrusion by Expert System for Axis-Symmetric Cold Forgings Using UBET T. Ohashi, T. Hisatomi and M. Motomura 525 Expert System for Forging Sequence Design of Gear Blanks by Feature Elimination Method Y. Kamiya, T. Ohashi and M. Motomura


526 Development of Mathematical Model for 3-Dimensional Extrusion with Shear Strain・3 M. Hoshino 527 Densityof Al-2OSi P/M Aluminum Alloy Consolidated by Extrusion Method N. Hayashi 528 Measurement with the Improved Sensor Attachment on On-Process Quantitative Evaluation of Ceramic Greens in Extrusion Process T. Watanabe, T. Aizawa and J. Kihara 529 Shear Behavior of Plastics Extruded in Solid State Y. Sanomura, T. Okai and T. Machida 530 Transformational Property of Zr-Base Bulk Amorphous Alloy under Compressive Stress in the Supercooled Liquid State S. Hata, N. Yamada, Y. Saotome and A. Inoue 531 Effect of Heat Treatment of Billets on Surfacial Quality of Extruded Al-Mg2Si Alloys T. Yamazaki, N. Takatsuji, T. Takai, M. Tokizawa, K. Matsuki and K. Murotani 532 Overshooting Can Extrusion by Tapered Die(First report) T. Amano, M. Ohkawa, A. Kobayashi and M. Isinabe 533 Simulation of Rectanglar Cylinder Extruded by Porthole Ⅱ S. Murakami, M. Isogai, T. Inagaki, N. Takatuji and M. Tokizawa 534 Extrusion of Thermoelectric Material T. Daizo, K. Nishimura, T. Murakami and K. Ikeda 535 Effect of Temperature on Surface Quality of Aluminum Alloys T. Yamano, H. Rong and K. Inoue 536 Metal Flow on Spreading Extrusion of Wide Shape Products Y. Imamura, N. Takatsuji, M. Tokizawa, K. Matsuki, K. Murotani and H. Maruyama 537 Extrusion for Tapered Rectangular Crosssection M. Murata and H. Kanafusa 538 Shaping of Spur Gear by Two-Step Method Ⅱ H. Takemura, Y. Sawaki, H. Yoshida and D. F. Diao 539 Prediction of Fracture during Sintering of Powder Composite Plate K. Mori, T. Wada and K. Osakada

Plasticity Theory

601 A Study of Cosserat Shear Factor for Magnetic Powders in Compaction in Magnitic Field S. Shima, H. Kotera and K. Nishimura 602 Analysis of Strain Hardening and Dislocation Structure in Metal with Change in Deformation Mode K. Showaki 603 A Model for Hydrogen Transport by Mobile Dislocation in Matrix with Strain-Induced Vacancy Clusters K. Showaki 604 Effects of Pre-Deformation on a Recrystallization Process of Pure Aluminum M. Yoshino, T. Shirakashi and J. Eto 605 Study on Non-Riemannian Plasticity and Its Applications - Basic Concepts and Hardening and Damage Evolution - T. Hasebe, H. Sagawa and Y. Imaida 606 Unified Hardening Evolution Modeling and Analyses in Crystalline Plasticity K. Koshida, T. Hasebe, Y. Imaida and K. Shibahara 607 Finite Element Analysis on Strain History Effect based on the Crystalline Plasticity M. Sano, T. Hasebe and Y. Imaida 608 Theoretical Verification of Elasto-plastic Analysis by Dislocation-Based Crystallographic Plastic Model J. Kihara, T. Kiyosada, T. Aizawa and O. Watanabe


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623 Elimination of Flatness Defects by Plastic Deformation, in a Leveler with or without Tension J. Bourgon and O. Gullard 624 Elastic-plastic FE Analysis of Tension-Levelling Process M. Urabe, F. Yoshida and K. Tanita


625 Adaptive and Automatic Meshing Scheme for FE Analysis of Shape Rolling Processes (Research on Advanced FE Simulation System for Shape Rolling Processes 1) H. Kubota and J. Yanagimoto 626 Graphical User Interface for the FE Simulation System of Shape Rolling Processes (Research on Advanced FE Simulation System for Shape Rolling Processes 2) H. Kubota and J. Yanagimoto 627 Simulation of Deformation, Temperature and Residual Stress in Multipass H-Shape Rolling K. Komori 628 Numerical Analysis for Tandem Rolling of Hot Rolling on Rod and Bar Using Rigid-Plastic Finite Element Method T. Kuboki, K. Kuroda and E. Honda 629 Influence of Mechanical Backlash of Universal Rougher on Dimensional Accuracy of H-Beam R. Kojo, M. Kitahama, H. Yoshida, H. Hayashi and K. Marukawa 630 On Pass Schedule in Satellite-Mill Rolling of U-Shaped and H-Shaped Wires H. Matsuzawa, Y. Saito, T. Kawamoto and H. Utsunomiya 631 Return Mapping Algorithm in Elastic-Plastic Finite Element Analysis of Wire Flattening Process H. Utsunomiya, P. Hartley and I. Pillinger 632 Deformation Analysis of Wire Flattening Process by Elastic-Plastic Finite Element Method H. Utsunomiya, P. Hartley and I. Pillinger 633 Rolling Characteristics of PSW Billet Mill T. Yoshida, M. Yano and K. Osaki 634 Developement of Machine for Bending and Torsion Combined Forming of Rectangular Cross-Section Bar N. Hatada, M. Tatemura, K. Ueno, M. Ueda, S. Watanabe, S. Imagawa, S. Masuzaki, N. Yanagi, S. Yamaguchi, T. Satou and O, Motojima 635 Effect of Accumulated Plastic Strain on the Grain Coarsening Phenomenon in Bar Sizing Block Mill Y. Neishi, K. Kuroda, M. Akiyama, Y. Katayama and K. Kawakami 636 Effect of Coarse Carbide in the Tool for Hot Metal Working K. Tsubouchi, M. Tsumura and M. Izawa 637 Development of Lubicantfor Guide Shoes in Piercing High Co Stainless Steel Billets A. Yorifuji, T. Toyooka, T. Kanayama, N. Morioka, H. Oka and I. Mori