The Proceedings of the 49th Japanese Joint Conference for the Technology of Plasticity
November 21 ~ 23, 1998, Hachioji

Copywrite by The Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity


101 Regression Analysis of Temperature of Bar and Wire Rolling-Thermal Analysis of Hot Rolling 8- M. Kiuchi, J. Yanagimoto and E. Wakamatsu 102 Microstructure Analysis for Grain Coarsening in Hot Bar Rolling J. Yanagimoto and J. Liu 103 Production of H‐Shaped Bar by the Elongation‐Controlled Rolling Y. Saito, H. Utsunomiya, M. Shinkawa and M. Ueyama 104 A Study of 2‐Roll Straightener‐Roll Profile Evaluation by Elasto-Plastical Simulation- Y. Nishikori and M. Asakawa 105 Control of Material Properties by Means of Elongation‐Controlled Rolling Y. Saito, H. Utsunomiya, M. Shinkawa and T. Sakai 106 Production of Wire Reinforced Aluminium Sheets by Indentation of a Piano Wire K. Yamaguchi, N. Takakura and Y. Hirose 107 Measurement of Contact Pressure between Rolls with Different Diameters by Pressure MeasuringFilm Y. Komatsu and S. Shida 108 Elastic‐Plastic FEM Simulation for Finite Deformation in Flat Rolling Using Corotational Formulation J. Yanagimoto, M. Kiuchi, F. Wang and M. Nakano 109 Numerical Study of Texture Evolution During Metal Forming E. Jang, J. Park and Y. Kim 110 A Study in Refining of Ferritic Grain under the Condition of Heavy Deformation Using Hot Deformation Simulater M. Fujioka, Y. Abe and Y. Hagiwara 111 Deformation Analysis of Edge and Corner Part of Slab in V‐H Multi‐Pass Hot Rolling T. Iguchi, M. Kitahama and I. Yarita 112 Characteristics of Head and Tail Shape Control in Universal Rolling Y. Miura and S. Hayashi 113 Tension Control in Flying Gage Change at a Cold Tandem Mill Y. Washikita and Y. Mori 114 Analysis of Chatter in Tandem Cold Rolling Y. Kimura, Y. Sodani and N. Nishiura 115 Occurrence of Heat‐Streak of SUS430 Strip in Cold Rolling K. Kenmochi, O. Sonobe and I. Yarita 116K The Memories for Peculiar Shape of Cold Thin Strip‐Namely Herring Bone T. Kawanami 117T Factors and Shapes of Herringbone during Rolling of Aluminum S. Shido, H. Sugii, K. Sawa and T. Kawanami 118T Experimant and Analysis of Herring‐Bone Phenomena K. Komori 119T Critical Review of Various Theoretical Models for Determining the Residual Stress in Flat Rolling H. Matsumoto 120T Rolling Condition of Cross Buckle Occurrence in Thin Strip Rolling K. Yasuda and K. Narita 121T Elastic‐Plastic FE Analysis of Tension‐Levelling Process and Its Application to the Process Design F. Yoshida and M. Urabe 122T Effects of Numerical Expression of Stress Strain Curve on Plate Curvature of Roller Leveling Process T. Higo, S. Hamauzu and H. Matsumoto 123T Analysis of Strip Crown by Rigid‐Plastic FEM in Cold Cross Rolling H. Furumoto, K. Morimoto, K. Hayashi and K. Osakada 124T Experimental Analysis of Controlling Edge Drop by Tapered Crown Work Roll Shifting and Crossing in Cold Strip Rolling J. Tateno, K. Kenmochi, I. Yarita, T. Kaneko and Y. Yamada 125T Development of Technology for Controlling Edge‐Drop in Cold Tandem Mill A. Aizawa, K. Hara and K. Nakamoto 126T Edge Drop Control of Cold Strips by One‐Side Tapered Crown Roll Sifting in Multi‐stands A. Ishiwatari, T. Hiruta, M. Kitahama, A. Uemura, T. Nakanishi and N. Mizushima 127T On‐Line Calculation Model for Strip Profile in Hot Strip Mills T. Saitou, M. Nihei, K. Narita and S. Kage 128T A Simulation of the Work Roll Lateral Bending Effect on the Strip Shape by Rigid‐Plastic FEM F. Fujita, K. Ito, J. Yanagimoto and T. Iwasaki


129 Effect of Additives of Polymers on Characteristics of Seizure and Adhesivity of Mica Suspension under the Hot Rolling Frictional Condition T. Inoue, S. Uchida, H. Yamamoto, S. Hamauzu, K. Nishida and T. Sugiura 130 The Additive Effects of Ca Base Compounds for Lubricant of Hot Rolling K. Aoki, T. Satou and A. Azushima 131 Lubricating Behavior of Dispersed Phase Type Coolants in Hot Rolling of Aluminum sheet (Part 1 Effect of Emulsion Particle Size) M. Ikeda, K. Matsui and T. Ichimoto 132 Lubricating Behavior of Lubricants in Cold Rolling of Aluminum (Part1 Evaluation by Roller‐Chip Type Friction Tester) S. Murao, K. Matsui and M. Ikeda 133 Direct Observation of Interface of Aluminium Strip Rolling (3rd Report) H. Ike, K. Tsuji and M. Takase 134 Effects of Lubricants on the Strip Surface Formed by Roll Roughness M. Ataka and T. Furusho 135 Mechanism of Characteristic of Coeffcient of Friction in Sliding Test A. Azushima and K. Nagashiro 136 A Realistic Tribo‐Test Method for Coating Type Lubricants in Cold Forging H. Saiki, G. Ngaile, L. Ruan and Y. Marumo 137 Lubrication Conditions in Ball Penetration Test K. Honda, K. Kitamura and T. Mizuno 138 Friction Behavior of Aluminum Alloy 3004 Sheets in Ironing Process Z. Wang, K. Dohda, H. Sumitomo and Y. Kikuta


201 Post‐Buckling Behavior in Pure Bending of Thin Strips with an Arc Cross Section H. Iseki, K. Hayashida and T. Sasaki 202 Curing Process of Resin by U. V. Ray in Stereolithography, (IV Heat Generation and FEM Analysis) S. Kuriyama, Y. Xu and T. Nakagawa 203 Strain Rate Dependency of Bauschinger Effect under Impact Loading S. Kumai, T. Hasebe and Y. Imaida 204 Effect of Reversed Loading on Serrated Flow and Fracture Ductility of Al‐Mg Alloy M. Itoh, M. Sekine and T. Majima 205 New Recrystallization Model Based on the Generalized Deformation Energy M. Yoshino, S. Sawada and T. Shirakashi 206 Extended Mesoplasticity FEM Based on Dislocation Behavior under Thermal Effects T. Shiina, M. Yoshino and T. Shirakashi 207 Dislocation and Plastic Deformation K. Momose 208 Stability Analysis of Reaction‐Diffusion Equation for Dislocation Patterning Y. Matsumoto, T. Hsebe and Y. Imaida 209 Modeling of Back Stress in Crystalline Plasticity and FE Simulation on Tension/Compression T. Hasebe, K. Koshida and Y. Imaida 210 Gauge Filed Theoritical Formulation of Dislocations and Non‐Riemannian Plasticity T. Hasebe and Y. Imaida 211 Study the Meso‐Deformation Mechanism of Aluminum Sheet Metal by Using Elastic/Crystalline Viscoplastic Finite Element Analysis and Experiment H. Morimoto, K. Hiraiwa and E. Nakamachi 212 Infuluence of Chemical Composition on Deformation‐Induced Martensitic Transformation in Austenitic Stainless Steel M. Sanga, N. Yukawa and T. Ishikawa 213 Influence of Addition of Rare‐Earth Elements on the Microstructure and Mechanical Property of Mg‐Ni‐Y Amorphous Alloys Prepared by Melt Quenching K. Matsuzaki, M. Takahashi, M. Terasaki, S. Sudo, Y. Murakoshi and T. Sano 214 Physical Property Variations of Metals due to Severe Straining M. Yamasita, M. Gotoh and H. Miyauchi 215 Mechanical Property of Thermo‐Mechanical Treated Microalloyed Steel H. Yoshida and S. Isogawa

Material Strength

216 Impact Energy Characteristics of FRTP Deep Drawn Structures T. Hasebe, Y. Nakamura, H. Sagawa, Y. Imaida and T. Katayama 217 Effect of Cross‐Sectional Shape on Strength of Aluminum and Steel Shape A. Fujisawa and H. Nishimura 218 Tensile Strength of Aluminum Sheet Specimen with Flange up Hole A. Endo and H. Nishimura 219 Effect of Processing Temperature in Warm Shot Peening of Spring Steel Y. Harada, Y. Fukuoka, K. Mori and S. Maki


220 Improvement of Properties of Mg Alloys by Powder Metallurgy. (No. 5) Extrusion Processing of Mg/15% SiCp Composite Produced by Mechanical Milled Powders M. Takahashi, E. Masamura, K. Matsuzaki, Y. Murakoshi, T. Sano and H. Takeishi 221 Forming of Zirconia/Stainless Steel Three Layer Pipe by Multi‐Billet Extrusion S. Imamura, K. Nishimura, T. Murakami and K. Ikeda 222 Effect of Consolidation Process on the Density of Al‐20Si P/M Alloy Added SiC Particle N. Hayashi 223 Pressurized Reaction Sintering of Intermetallic Compound TiAl Using Resistance Heat S. Maki, Y. Harada and K. Mori 224 Finite Analysis for Forming of Flat Plane in Laser Rapid Prototyping A. Umeda, K. Osakada, F. Abe, K. Uematsu and M. Matsumoto 225 A New Orientation Forming Process for Fabricating the High Performance Magnets by Use of UV Resin K. Okimoto, K. Izumi, S. Toyota and S. Hosokawa 226 A Study of Fracture Behaviour of Powder Compacts K. Nishimura, S. Shima and H. Kotera 227 A Study of Effect of Cosserat Parameter on Powder Behaviour H. Kotera and S. Shima 228 Stress Analysis in Functionally Graded Materials during Sintering by Finite Element Method K. Shinagawa and Y. Hirashima 229 Shock Synthesis of Titanium Silicides J. Lee, K. Hokamoto and M. Fujita


230 Stamping of Fine Pitch Leadframe for Semiconductor Package 2 M. Higa, F. Takahashi and T. Nishimura 231 Study on the Diecutting Load Characteristics of Paperboard (2nd Report) A. Hine, S. Nagasawa, Y. Fukuzawa, I. Katayama, A. Yoshizawa and T. Furumi 232 Bar Cropping with Additional Twisting Y. Asada, K. Osakada and S. Hanami 233 Research on Push‐back Blanking Method Utilizing Wide Negative Clearance Condition (4th Report) K. Hirota and K. Kondo 234 Improvement of Blank‐Through Type Hydraulic Inertia Damper for Reduction of Blanking Noise Y. Wakatsuki, J. Mo, N. Koga and M. Murakawa 235 Finding the Optimum Blanking Parameters in FB Process by means of FEM M. Murakawa, P. Kaewtatip, N. Kaga and M. Jin 236 Finite Element Analisys for Blanking Process using Void Nucleation and Growth Theory Y. Yoshida, N. Yukawa and T. Ishikawa


237 Synthetic Precision of Press and Die-Comparison of Single Precision- F. Sekine and L. F. KONG 238 Die Design and Deformation Analysis in Redrawing of Biaxial Symmetric Convex Curved Cups K. Isobe 239 Bending Fracture Strength and Toughness of WC‐Co Alloys Machined by Wire Electric Discharge K. Nakazawa, S. Uchida, S. Masuda, S. Sawa, K. Sugimoto and M. Kobayashi


301 Geometrical Models and Numerical Simulation on Shave Joining Process for Ring/Pipe Y. Egami, Z. Li and T. Machida 302 Effects of Reduction and Temperature on the Joining Strength of Partial Composite Joined by Compression H. Okada, T. Choh and N. Kanetake 303 Joining of Metallic Sheets Based on Blanking‐Streching S. M. Jyo, K. Ichinose, M. Kobayashi, N. Niwa, K. Kokubo and Y. Kasuga 304 Study of Numerical Analysis of Spot Welding Process by Finite Element Method K. Kamiya, M. Goya, T. Sueyoshi, K. Miyagi and Y. Tanke


305 Stress‐Strain Characteristics of R‐type Specimen in Superplastic Tension Test (2nd Report). H. Takahashi, S. Mizunuma, T. Minaki, Y. Takayama and N. Furushiro 306 Effect of Thermo‐Mechanical Treatment on Superplasticitic Property of High Strength P/M Al‐Zn‐Mg‐Cu alloys T. Aida, K. Matsuki, N. Takatsuji, K. Osamura, J. Kusui and K. Yokoe 307 High Strain Superplasticity of Nitrified Fiber and 6061 Aluminium Alloy Composite S. Kojima, T. Imai and M. Ono


308 Exprecite Three Dimensional FEM for Thermoplastic Sheet Forming Process S. Kihara, S. Yoshida, H. Ishida, Y. Ashibe and K. Asano 309 Deep Drawing of Polypropylene Sheets using Urethane Ring T. Nakayama 310 Fiber Orientation and Mechanical Properties of Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics by Ram Extrusion Y. Sanomura

Injection Molding

311 Sintering Property and Residual Stress in Injection Molding of Ceramics K. Kato, K. Nakamura, R. Nawate and N. Otake 312 Influence of Mold and Stamper Deformation on Transcription Property in Injection Molding T. Kuwabata, T. Yasuhara, K. Kato and N. Otake 313 Study on Temperature of Material and Barrel in Plastic Process of Metal Injection Molding Analysis of Thermocouples Position H. Kinoshita

Sending Technology in Metal Forming

314K New Innovations in Nondestructive Sensing for Technology of Plasticity T. Aizawa 315T Evaluation System of Microformability of Superplastic Materials T. Hatori and Y. Saotome 316T Fabrication Process of Pressure Micro Sensor (A Study of Electromechnical Properties and Their Application) H. Kotera and S. Shima 317T Development of On‐Process Visual Cold Isostatic Pressing Instrument by Using Ultrasonic Sensors T. Watanabe and T. Aizawa 318T Measurement of the Dimensions of the Mold and the Solidification Behavior During the Injection Molding N. Nishiwaki, S. Hori and Y. Kotari 319T Location of Friction Source in Deep‐drawing of a Cylindrical Cup Using AE Sensors M. Miyazaki, K. Manabe and M. Yang 320T Automatic Detection of Deformed Scribed Mark by Active Contour Model (3rd. Report, Determination of Displacement and Strain Distributions by Image Potential Sensitive Element) S. Tanaka, T Nakamura and K. Hayakawa 321T High Accuracy Positioning of Sheet Metal Using Image Processing System T. Anzai, I. Egashira, T. Aoki, N. Shiochi and J. Endoh 322T Residual Stress Measurement in IC Lead Frame by ImageProcessing T. Nishimura 323T Application of Strain Measurement Technique to the Gear Spinning Dies T. Kawai, T. Shizawa, F. Nishimura, K. Ueno, and N. Katou 324T Optical On‐Line Measuring Techniques of Surface Properties for Steel Strips A. Torao and I. Yarita 325T Measurement of Charged Particles Emitted from Virgin Surface of Rolled Steel Sheet A. Azushima, S. Inagaki and K. Nakayama 326T In Situ Measurement of 3D Oil Film Thickness at the Interface between Tool and Workpiece A. Azushima and T. Ideue 327T Measurement of Plastic Strain by Laser Speckle R. Tanaka, K. Ito, Y. Izawa and N. Takatsu


328 Development of Spin Forming (A Study of Forming Forces) A. Inoue, S. Shima and H. Kotera 329 Numerical Spinning Simulation on the Draw Process (Part 1)‐Determination of Appropriate Numerical Method K. Terada, S. Takahashi, N. Taguchi and M. Ishikawa 330 Model Analysis of Mandrel‐less Spinning of Al Pipes to Form Pressure Vessel Dome Part M. Itagaki, N. Akkus and M. Kawahara 331 Effects of Axial Compression Force with Concave Spininng M. Murata, M. Muranaka, R. Muta, C. Wei and H. Negishi

Form Rolling

332 Finish Rolling Experiments of Sintered Fe‐Alloy T. Takemasu, T. Ozaki, R. Matsunaga, H. Miyamura, M. Yokoi and M. Inada 333 Hot Gear‐Form Rolling of Ductile Cast Iron T. Tanaka, M. Sawamura, Y. Tsuchiya, A. Danno, M. Ohnishi, Y. Fujiwara and I. Yamamoto 334 Relation Between Structure and Strength of Ductile Cast Iron Gear with Thermomechanical Treatment M. Onishi, Y. Fujiwara, I. Yamamoto, T. Tanaka and M. Sawamura

Roll Forming

335 A Study on Mechanical Nature of Corner Radius of Square Steel Pipe in Cold Roll‐Forming Process (Fourth Report) T. Kitawaki, K. Higuchi, M. Takeda and R. Kuromatu 336 Pushing Load Acting on Ram and Forming Load Acting on Idler Rolls for the Reshaping of Circular Steel Pipes into Hexagonal Shapes Using an Extroll‐Forming Mill with Expandable Inner Idler Rolls T. Nagamachi, Y. Onoda, S. Kimura and T. Kitawaki 337 Study on Reshaping Process of Tube/Pipe (Report 4)-Numerical Analysis of Deformation of Pipe with Concave Cross‐Sections- M. Kiuchi, K. Shintani and H. M. Naeini 338 On the Roll Common‐Use of ERW Pipe Forming (1) M. Kiuchi, F. Wang, I. Nakata, A. Okamoto and T. Nakano 339 Rolling of Pipes with Small Wall Thickness O. Ebihara, K. Yoshii, N. Matsuo and K. Mori


401 Overshooting Can Extrusion by Tapered Die (Third Report) M. Ohkawa, T. Amano, M. Ishinabe and A. Kobayashi 402 Optimum Parameter Design Using the Taguchi Method for the Finite‐element Analysis of 3D Forging Simulation S. Fujikawa and T. Tada 403 Prediction of Forging Phenomena Using Fiber Flow H. Yano, T. Akashi, N. Matsuoka and K. Nakanishi 404 Study on Damage and Fracture of Forging Tools by Continuum Damage Mechanics K. Hayakawa, T. Nakamura and S. Tanaka 405 Microstructural Simulation in Hot Open Die Forging by Using the Incremental Formulation (Preliminary Report) J. Yanagimoto, M. Kiuchi, S. Sugiyama, A. Yanagida and O. Lopez 406 Predictions of Microstructures of Microalloyed Steels in Hot Forging Z. Wang, T. Ishikawa, N. Yukawa and A. Kono 407 Process Modelling of INCONEL Alloy 718 -Prediction of Grain Size Distribution in Triple Stage Upsetting- M. Kawano, T. Naito and S. Isogawa


408 Repeated Shear Deformation Process to Create High Strength Material A. Azushima, T. Inoue and Y. Kataoka 409 Deformation Mechanism in Equal Channel Angular Extrusion H. Mizufune and M. Ono 410 Flow Guide to Control Metal Flow in Spreading Extrusion Y. Imamura, N. Takatsuji, K. Matsuki, T. Aida, K. Murotani and H. Sasatani 411 Study on Circularity of a Rectangular Extruded Pipes by Porthole Die T. Inagaki, S. Murakami, N. Takatsuji, K. Matsuki, M. Isogai, K. Murotani and K. Togami 412 FEM Simulation of Solid Lubricants in Upsetting Processes T. Nakamura, S. Tanaka, K. Hayakawa, H. Imaizumi and Y. Fukai 413 Optimization of History of Back‐Pressure in Extrusion with Floating Die K. Inoue, K. Osakada, S. Hanami and H. Yoshimura 414 Spot Heating Micro Extrusion H. Yamagishi, H. Ikeda, S. Kawabe and R. Arai 415 Development of Flexible Extrusion System with Moving Dies M. Nikawa, M. Shiraishi, Y. Goto and R. Hino 416 Analysis of Tree‐Dimensional Forging by UBET・Part 3 M. Kiuchi, T. Choda and N. Kanamaru 417 Remeshing Algorithms for Intermediate FEA Results Realized in Object Oriented VC++Programming J. Zhu, M. Gotoh and J. Shang 418 Behavior of Billet Surface Layer on Semi‐Continuous Extrusion M. Nozue, N. Takatsuji, K. Matsuki, T. Aida, K. Murotani and T. Yasui 419 Temperature Control System in Aluminium Extrusion M. Takahashi, I. Hosino, H. Hayakawa and M. Yasuda 420 Numerical Simulation of Extrusion by the Use of Dynamic Explicit Finite Element Method M. Morita, M. Gotoh and M. Yamashita 421 Analysis of Backward Box Extrusion by Finite Slab Method T. Izawa, K. Nishimura, T. Murakami and K. Ikeda 422 Simulation of Wide Flat Bar by Spreading Extrusion Y. Imamura, N. Takatsuji, K. Matsuki, T. Aida, K. Murotani, H. Yasuda and H. Sasatani


423 Development of Low‐Isothermal Forging in Cu‐Zn alloy A. Yamauchi, K. Nakamura, T. Yosijima and H. Azuma 424 Torsion Test of Engineering Alloy Steel JIS SCM420 at Elevated Temperature T. Yoshida and M. Yano 425 Die Forging Utilizing Thickening of Drawn Cup Wall (1st Report, Feasibility of Wall Thickness Increase) K. Katoh, K. Kondo and N. Hayashi 426 Low Pressure Precision Cold Die Forging of Complicated Gear Toothed Products K. Ohga, F. Murakoshi, H. Ando, K. Miyoshi and K. Kondo


427 Shaping of Spur Gear by Two‐Step Method Using Cylindrically Layered Workpiece H. Yoshida, Y. Sawaki, T. Suzuki and A. Ooba 428 Extrusion of Alumina with Composite Billet T. Tanaka, T. Besshi, T. Sato, M. Matsui and I. Tsutsui 429 Lateral Extrusion of A5056 Aluminum Alloy with Al‐Si20% Powder Sintered Surface Layer T. Ohashi, K. Hanada and T. Sano 430 Hot Extrusion of Bi2Te3 Compounds and Its Properties S. Miura, K. Nishimura, T. Murakami, K. Ikeda, Y. Sato and K. Fukuda

High Energy Rate Forming

431 Swaging of Al Square Tube by Electro‐Magnetic Forming S. Zhang, H. Negishi, Y. Sakuraba and H. Suzuki 432 Deforming Behavior of Axially Compressed Square Tube M. Miyazaki and H. Negishi 433 Effect of Surface Temperarure of Substrate in Explosion Spraying Y. Tanioka, T. Hasebe and Y. Imaida 434 Bending of Aluminum Sheet Metal by Electromagnetic Forming Y. Murakoshi, M. Takahashi and T. Sano 435 Impulse Magnetic Pressure Seam‐Welding Method of Aluminum Thin Pieces T. Aizawa 436 Impuls Magnetic Pressure Welding of Al and Cu Thin Pieces T. Aizawa, K. Okagawa, N. Henmi and S. Tsukimura 437 On the Forming Process of Multi‐Conical Structure into Spherical Shell by Impulsive Method R. Zhang, H. Iyama, K. Hokamoto, M. Fujita and T. Zhang 438 Application of Converging Underwater Shock Pressure to Plasfic Working X. Hu and K. Kani

Intelligent Manufacturing Technology

501 Improvement of Accuracy of Flexible L‐Bending Process Using Intelligent Tool System M. Yamg, T. Miwata and K. Manabe 502 Intelligent Control System of V‐Bending Process Using Numercal Simulation Database and Adaptive Filter A. Katayama, M. Yang, K. Manabe and N. Aikawa 503 Reserch on the Database and Retriebal System of Forging and Joining Compound Processing Technology M. Motomura, R. Tamura, S. Han, K. Kuranaka, S. Satou and J. Matumoto 504 Expert System for Process Division of Two‐Dimensional Press Product S. Tubouchi and T. Amano

Mushy Statel/Semi‐Solid Metal Forming

505 Perforated Aluminum Alloy Strip Casting by Belt Melt Drag Caster T. Haga, Y. Katsuragawa and E. Sakade 506 Semi‐Solid Casthing of Al‐Si Alloy by Cooling Slope T. Haga and Y. Yamada 507 Mashy‐State Joining of Balls with Bulk Metals M. Kiuchi, J. Yanagimoto and S. Sugiyama

Incremental Forming

508 Forming Limit in CNC Incremental Conical Stretching of Steel Sheets T. Nishibayashi and K. Kitazawa 509 Shape‐Modification Algorithm for Intelligent Incremental Sheet Metal Forming E. Morikuni and K. Kitazawa 510 Development of Software for Modelling, Formability Check, and Tool Path Making in CNC Incremental Forming S. Matsubara 511 Development of Software for CNC Machine Tool Saving a Part of Hand Working of Metal Sheet S. Matsubara 512 FE Analysis for Incremental Forming of Sheet Metal T. Sawada, S. Matsubara, M. Sakamoto and G. Fukuhara 513 Incremental Forming of Large Size Automobile Panels F. Matsuda, K. Ueno, N. Kurita, T. Nagata, A. Murata and M. Matsui 514 Research on the Process of Incremental Forming (3rd Report, The Effect of Hummering Path on the Profile of Formed Product) S. Tanaka, T. Nakamura and K. Hayakawa 515 Micro Incremental Forming Using High Speed Micro Hammering (Localization of Deformation Region by Viscous Fluid Backup Tool) S. Tanaka, T. Nakamura and K. Hayakawa 516 On Curved Surface Formation by Incremental Harmmering T. Hasebe, Y. Okada and Y. Imaida

Tube Forming

517T Influence of Circumferential Initial Thickness Deviation on Tube Deformation in Hydraulic Free Bulging A. Shirayori, S. Fuchizawa, H. Saitou and M. Narazaki 518T Influence of Bent Curvature on Deformation Process in Tubular Hydroforming K. Manabe and S. Nakamura 519T Investigation on Forming Conditions of Hydrostatic Forming for Large Bellows T. Teramae, K. Nakamura, K. Ueno, O. Takahashi and S. Shirata 520T New Forming Method of Bellows by using Glass Fiber Reinforced Rings M. Fukushima, S. Igi and M. Kawahara 521T Bulge Forming of Aluminum Square Tubes under Internal Pressure and Axial Compression Using Closed Die M. Numasawa, S. Fuchizawa, A. Shirayori and M. Narazaki 522T Influence of Plastic Anisotoropy on Tubular Hydroformed Component K. Manabe and M. Amino 523T The Incremental Twist Bending for Box Sectional Pipe Y. Kadoma, M. Takeuchi, I. Nihashi and T. Furuhata 524T Orbital Rotary Flanging of Welded Stainless Steel Tubes K. Kitazawa 525T Finite Element Simulation for Press Bending of Aluminum Extruded Shapes with Reinforcing Rib M. Takahashi, Y. Uchida and M. Hoshino 526T Springback of Extruded Aluminum Alloy Square Tube by Press Bending O. Hasegawa and H. Nishimura 527T Measures Against Undesirable Phenomena on the Draw Bending Process for Extruded Sections N. Utsumi and S. Sakaki 528T Deformation Property of Steel Square Tube in the Draw‐Bending Process H. Arai, S. Sakaki and T. Katayama 529T Forming Limit and Accuracy of Square Tube by Using MOS Bending Method M. Murata and T. Mochizuki 530T Deformation of Aluminum Alloy Tubes under Elastomer Forming of Cross‐Fitting S. Fuchizawa, J. Hasegawa, A. Shirayori and M. Narazaki 531T Deformation State of T‐hydroforming and the Influence of Material Properties on Formability T. Yoshida and Y. Kuriyama 532T Tee Fitting Hydraulic Formability of Aluminum Alloy Tubes H. Mizukoshi, H. Okada and H. Wakabayashi


533 Drawing of Thin Strips with a Curvilinear Cross Section Using Curvilinear Slit Die H. Iseki, Y. Takahashi and K. Kato 534 Effect of Ultrasonic Vibration Dies on Skin‐pass Drawing of Stainless Steel M. Jin, P. Kaewtatip and M. Murakawa 535 Experimental Analysis of Tension Characteristics on Multistage Wire Drawing System T. Moriyama 536 Development of Titanium LM Rail for High Corrosion and High Strength by Drawing K. Yoshida, M. Matsuzawa, Y. Taki and J. Shinbe 537 Drawing of Ni‐Ti Shape‐Memory Alloy Tubes for Medical Instrument K. Yoshida, M. Watanabe and K. Yamauti


538 Thermodynamic Consideration of Permanent Shape‐Fixation Behavior of Largely Compressed Lumber from Oven‐Dried SUGI (Japanese Cedar) K. Kitazawa 539 Waste‐Flow Behavior in Closed Die Forging of Cups Made from Enokitake (Flammulina Veutipes) Mushroom Cultural Waste K. Kitazawa 540 A Study of Bending and Buckling Properties of Paperboard A. Watanabe, S. Nagasawa, A. Yosizawa and I. Katayama

Sheet Metal Forming

601 Study of Mechanical Property of Aluminium (A1050) under Biaxial Loading Condition M. Chinen, M. Goya, T. Sueyoshi and K. Miyagi 602 Measurement and Analysis of Contours of Equal Plastic Work for 6000‐Type Sheet Aluminum Alloy Using Cruciform Specimens T. Kuwabara and K. Kurita 603 Fractal Analysis of Surface Profile of Metal Sheets under Biaxial Tension K. Ohashi, Y. Kurosaki and M. Matsui 604 Evaluation of Superplastic Characteristic by Tensile Test Used R‐type Specimen M. Hirohashi, M. Nishizawa and T. Sakai 605 Numerical Analysis on Anisotropy of Yield Stress of Perforated Plate S. Tanaka and T. Miyawaki 606 Numerical Simulation of Localized Necking Deformation Process S. Takahashi, K. Ito and K. Ikeda 607 Study of Plastic Instability in Nonuniform Plane Stress State Y. Kamiya, M. Goya, T. Sueyoshi and K. Miyagi 608 FE Analysis of the Die Neck Forming of DI Cans (1st Report) K. Hashimoto, M. Kameda, A. Uenishi, H. Utsunomiya and K. Konishi 609 Surface Finish of Aluminium Pipe by Ironing with Ultrasonic Vibration R. Matsunaga, T. Ozaki, T. Takemasu, S. Yamasaki, H. Miyahara, M. Sakaguchi and K. Tomita 610 Can Forming of Ti‐Sheets by Stretch‐Drawing Process, and Adaptability of Spray‐Coated Dies J. Satoh, M. Gotoh and Y. Maeda 611 A Research on Double Stretch‐Drawing Process Y. S. Kim, M. Gotoh and M. Yamashita 612 Process Parameter Determination with Rigid‐Plastic FEM in Sheet Metal Stamping Processes S. H. Kim, C. H. Lee, H. Huh and A. Tezuka 613 Evaluation of Prediction Accuracy of Developed Blank by One Step FEM H. Yano, T. Akashi and H. Ishikura 614 Method for Determing Initial Blank Shape of Sheet Forming Products H. Wen and K. Ito 615 Effect of Shapes of Blank on Characteristics of Deep Drawing (Chracteristics of Deep Drawing of Clad Steel Sheet with Plastics) M. Ataka and K. Tani 616 A Study about the Formed Shapes by the Hole Flanging with Ironinig R. Imaseki, Y. Uchida and M. Hoshino 617 Prediction of Forming Limit Diagrams Using Ductile Fracture Criterion H. Takuda, K. Mori, Norio Takakura and K. Yamaguchi 618 Experimental and Theoretical Analysis of Draw Bead Force Y. Kitakaze, Y. Uchida, M. Hosino and Y. Nagai 619 Effect of Sheet Thickness on the Relation between Breaking Elongation and Surface Defect Depth T. Hiroi and H. Nishimura 620 Effect of Strain Rate Dependency on Bland Deformation in Hydro‐Spark Sheet Metal Forming H. Fujita, T. Hasebe and Y. Imaida 621 Effect of Forming Speed and Temperature on Deep Drawability at Elevated Temperature of 5083 Al‐Mg Alloy Sheet T. Naka and F. Yoshida 622 Warm Forming of Aluminum Alloy Sheet into Automotive Oil Pan Y. Abe, T. Kawanami and M. Yoshida 623 Tensile Properties and Formability of a Mg‐Li Alloy Sheet H. Takuda, T. Enami, T. Tsukada and K. Kubota 624 Mechanical Joining of Seams at Wall of Cup Produced by Using Developed Blank K. Yamaguchi, N. Takakura, N. Shirakawa and T. Yamaguchi 625 Comparison between Direct and Reverse Redrawing of Aluminium‐Stainless Laminated Sheet K. Yamaguchi, N. Takakura and S. Shibata 626 Improvement in the Deep‐Drawability of Cylindrical Foil Cups Y. Marumo, H. Saiki, A. Onoue and T. Sonoi 627 Effect of Material Properties on Forming Limit of Circular‐cup Deep‐Drawing Using Variable Blank Holder Force Technique S. Yoshihara, K. Manabe, M. Yang and H. Nishimura 628 The Effect of Strain Path on Forming Limit of Metal Sheets M. Takihara and K. Ito 629 Application of the High Pressure Requid Lubrication Method on Rectangular Cylindrical Drawing (Development of the High Pressure Requid Lubrication Method 3) Y. Yamasaki and M. Yoshida 630 Evaluation of H. P. L. L Method in Car's Draw Die (Development of H. P. L. L Method Sheets No. 4) Y. Uchiyama, A. Sato, Y. Yamasaki and M. Yoshida 631 Square‐cup Deep Drawing of Vibration Damping Sheet by Multi‐axial Loading Y. Yaguchi, S. Fuchizawa, A. Shirayori, T. Shimizu and T. Sano 632 Shape‐Fixability of High Strength Steel Sheets in Hat Bending Tests T. Katayama and Y. Taniguchi 633 FEM Simulation of Bending Process of Perforation Sheet Metal H. Ogawa and A. Makinouchi 634 A Study of Laser Beam Bending for Metal Sheet M. Fujii, M. Otsu and K. Osakada 635 Examination of Shrink Flange for Hemming M. Murata and T. Nada 636 Prediction of Wrinkling Limit on Sheet Metal Forming Y. Son, H. Son and Y. Kim 637 Effects of Sheet and Stamping Process Varialeles on Side Wall Curl K. C. Park and S. S. Han 638 Interaction between Growth and Deformation in Juvenile Lagenaria Siceraia, and Its Application to Deep‐Vessel Forming K. Kitazawa