The Proceedings of the 50th Japanese Joint Conference for the Technology of Plasticity
October 6 ~ 8, 1999, Fukuoka

Copywrite by The Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity

Incremental Forming

101 Shape-Modification Algorithm for Intelligent Incremental Sheet Metal Forming K. Kitazawa and E. Morikuni 102 CNC Incremental Stretching of Sheet Metals Having Dents K. Kitazawa and T. Fujiwara 103 CNC Incremental Stretching of Sheet Metals Having scratches K. Kitazawa, H. Fujino, T. Fujiwara and K. Ukai 104 Effect of Forming Conditions to Forming Surface Properties in Incremental Sheet Metal Bulging Using Tool Bar T. Yoshikawa, K. Nakamura, K. Ueno and A. Shima 105 Research on the Process of Incremental Forming, 5th Report S. Tanaka, T. Nakamura and K. Hayakawa

Sheet Metal Forming

106 Incremental Deep Drawing of a Quadrilateral Shell by Using Simplified Dies K. Yoshikawa 107 C-U-O Bending of Thick Plate K. Okasaka, H. Koyama, M. Nakamura and O. Haga 108 An Experiment on Burring (Hole Flanging of Metal Sheet) T. Mizuno, K. Kitamura and A. Kasai 109 A Study of Formability in the Hole Flanging with Ironing on Thick Metal Plate R. Imaseki, Y. Uchida and M. Hoshino 110 Basic Forming Properties of Inequality Strength Tailored Blanks -- Formability of Inequality Strength Tailored Blanks -1 -- K. Hashimoto and Y. Kuriyama 111 FEM Simulation of Square Cup Drawing and an Actual Autobody Part Press Test --- Formability of Inequality Strength Tailored Blanks -- 2 K. Hashimoto and Y. Kuriyama 112 Forming Process of Truck and Bus Wheel Discs from Circular Steel Pipe M. Abe, T. Kimura, K. Izumida, K. Yoshi and O. Ebihara 113 FEM Simulation of Forming Process of Truck and Bus Wheel Discs from Circular Steel Pipe O. Ebihara, K. Mori, K. Yoshii and N. Hiramatsu 114 Study the Drawability of Sheet Metal by Using Elastic/Crystalline Viscoplastic FE Analysis E. Nakamachi, C. Xie and M. Harimoto 115 A New System Concept of Adaptive Controlled Stamping System with Intelligent Infrastructure H. Koyama, K. Manabe S. Yoshihara and K. Katoh 116 Digital Process Simulation of Adaptive Controlled Stamping System with Intelligent Infrastructure H. Koyama, K. Manabe, K. Ichimura, S. Yoshihara and K. Katoh 117 Effect of Variable Blank Holder Force Control in Cup-Drawing of Magnesium Alloy Sheet S. Yoshihara, N. Kubota, K. Manabe and H. Nishimura 118 Restoration Behaviour of Sheet Metals Subjected to Punch Stretching M. A. H. Mohammed, K. Yamaguchi and N. Takakura 119 Development of Localized Necking Under Non-Uniform Strain in Thin Sheets W. Huang and K. Ito 120 Bifurcation Analysis of Sheet Metal Subjected to In-plane Biaxial Loading L. Liu and Y. Yokouchi 121 A Numerical Study on Plasticity of Metal-Fiber Metal Composite Sheets--Research on Digital Design of Metal-Metal Composites for Metal Forming Processes, 4th Report M. Gotoh 122 Deep Drawing Process of Nb for Superconducting Cavities K. Ohara, T. Yamada, J. Kusano, N. Ohuchi, H. Inoue, T. Ota and K. Takarshi 123 Deep Drawability of Garvannealing Steel Sheets with High R-Value E. Iizuka, T. Hira, O. Furukimi, T. Kuwabara and S. Yamada 124 Formability of Titanium Sheet by Deep Drawing with Cylindrical Punch (Study on Deep Drawing of Titanium Sheet Ⅱ) M. Ataka and H. Tanaka 125 Characteristics of AZ31 Magnesium Alloy Sheet in Warm Deep Drawing H. Somekawa, M. Kohzu and K. Higashi 126 Effect of R-Value on Smooth Die Neck Formability of Aluminum Beverage Cans Y. Kikuta 127 Deep Drawing with Use of Ceramics Tool S. Kataoka, T. Nakada, K. Kato and T. Sasaki 128 Effects of Drawing Conditions on Ear Height of Deep Drawn Cylindrical Cups K. Isobe 129 Deep Drawing Processing Used a Bored Punch for Oil Pressure T. Morishita 130 Mechanical Joining of Seams at Wall of Cup Produced by Using Developed Blank T. Yamaguchi, N. Takakura and K. Yamaguchi 131 Impact Energy Characteristics of GFRTP Deep Drawn Product T. Hasebe, Y. Ichishita, Y. Nakamura, T. Katayama and Y. Imaida 132 Tensile Strength of Filament Wound FRTP Drawn Cups K. Yoshimatsu, T. Machida and K. Ichimura 133 Restoration Behaviour of Sheet Metals Subjected to Biaxial Stretching K. Yamaguchi, H. Saegusa and N. Takakura

Intelligent Technology

134 Constructing of an Expert System for Progressive Die Design Part3 On the Dividing Method of Press Working Shape S. Tubouchi and T. Amano 135 Cutting with Minimal Quantities of Cutting Fluid H. Yokota and N. Aota 136 Measurement and Characterization of Friction by Acoustic Emission Sensor M. Yang, S. Wakayama and T. Kido


201 The Effect of Specimen Shape on Elongation Measured by Tensile Test H. Takechi, M. Usuda, Y. Sakuma and M. Mori 202 Elongation-to-Failure of Al-4.5Mg Sheet at Elevated Temperature R. Kariya, H. Iwasaki, T. Mori, T. Tagata and K. Higashi 203 Relation Between Deep Drawability and Deformation Property by Uniaxial Tension of Plastics Sheets S. Nagata and M. Yamauchi 204 Perfect Polefigure Measurement with Reflection Geometry by a New Diffractometer K. Omote, R. Matsuo, R. Yokoyama and K. Oguiso 205 Evaluation of Texture of Thin Sheets Using Rayleigh Wave A. Shimadate, K. Ito, S. Kobayashi, K. Shibata and Y. Izawa 206 Microscopic Observation of Plastic Deformation of Single Crystal Pure Aluminum Sheet and Elastic/Crystalline Viscoplastic Finite Element Analysis H. Morimoto, M. Harimoto and E. Nakamachi 207 On Limiting Drawing Ratio of 5083 Aluminium Alloy Sheet with Consideration of Its Yield Surface T. Naka, R. Hino, F. Yoshida 208 Use of Abrupt Strain Path Change for Determining Subsequent Yield Locus of Sheet Metals T. Kuwabara and K. Nomura 209 Crystal Plasticity Analysis of Yield Locus of Sheet Metals and Experimental Validation T. Kuwabara and A. V. Bael

Sheet Metal Bending

210 Effect of Thickness Ratio of Composed Materials on Springback of Sheet Metal Laminates T. Yamamoto, Y. Goto and R. Hino 211 Effect of Flexible Chuck in Forming of Double Curved Surface A. Yoguchi, H. Koyama, M. Nakamura and O. Haga 212 Effect of Surface Coating on Thin Metal Sheets in Laser Bending Process T. Hatayama, T. Okubo and M. Osawa 213 V-bending of Stainless Steel / Aluminum Sheet Laminate T. Matsumura, Y. Goto and R. Hino 214 Approximate Analysis of Draw Bead Force M. Yonemura, Y. Utida, M. Hoshino and Y. Nagai

Plastic Theory

215 Multiscale Modeling based on Differential Geometrical Field Theory T. Hasebe and Y. Imaida 216 Derivation of Ginzburg-Landau Free Energy Functional for Many-Dislocation System base on Quantum Field Theoretical Approach M. Yamasita, M. Gotoh and H. Miyauchi 217 Simulation of Dislocation Pattern Formation Based on Continuously-Distributed and Discrete Dislocation Models Y. Matsumoto, T. Hasebe and Y. Imaida 218 Modeling of Temperature Effect and Recovery Process in Crystal Plasticity T. Hasebe, T. Ohba and Y. Imaida


219 Deformation Behavior and Strain History Effect of BCC Metals Under Impact Loading M. Oka, T. Hasebe and Y. Imaida 220 Testing Method for Impact Compression - Tension of FCC Metals Based on Momentum Trap Technique K. Saito, T. Hasebe and Y. Imaida 221 Dynamic Explicit Finite Element Simulation on Impact Test Based on Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar Method K. Shirai, T. Hasebe and Y. Imaida 222 A Dynamic Interaction of Solute Atom and Strain-Induced Vacancy Clusters in Metal K. Shouwaki 223 Role of Strain-Induced Vacancy Clusters for Precipitation Hardening K. Shouwaki 224 Yielding Behaviour and Effect of Carbon Content on the Stress at Low Strain for Carbon Steels in the Austenite Temperature Range C. Nagasaki and J. Kihara 225 Preparation of Mg-Transition Metals-Y Amorphous Alloys and Their Mechanical Properties K. Matsuzaki, M. Takahashi, M. Terasaki, Y. Murakoshi, S. Sudo and T. Sano 226 Traditional Steelmaking Process of Japan and High Quality Steel K. Kobatake, A. Kita, H. Sekiguchi and S. Esumi


227 Void Nucleation and Growth Model for FEM Analysis of Shearing Process Y. Yoshida, Y. Murase, N. Yukawa and T. Ishikawa 228 Analysis of Bending Phenomenon of a Thin-Long Punch of Blanking Process M. Murakawa, P. Kaewtatip, M. Jin and N. Koga 229 Analysis of 3 Dimensional Blanking Shape by Means of FEM M. Murakawa, P. Kaewtatip and M. Jin 230 Measuring of Friction Between Scrap and Inner Surface of Die Y. Endo, K. Kishino, N. Hasegawa, R.Suzuki 231 Effects of Edge Clearance on Cutting Load Characteristic of Paperboard Diecutting D. Yamaguchi, S. Nagasawa, Y. Fukuzawa, I. Katayama, A. Yoshizawa and T. Furumi 232 Relationship between Blade Profile and Occurrence of Thread Dross on Paperboard Diecutting D. Yamaguchi, S. Nagasawa, Y. Fukuzawa, I. Katayama, A. Yoshizawa and T. Furumi 233 Edge Crack of Sheared Al Alloy Sheets During Cold Rolling and Improvement of Its Formability T. Yano, N. Asano, T. Yokote and R. Onodera 234 Effect of Punching Speed in High Density Hole Punching into Ceramic Green Sheet H. Tanaka, M. Takasaki, K. Nakamura, K. Ueno, R. Iwamura and I. Aoki 235 Dieless Punching of Steel Pipes N. Koga and T. Aoki 236 Effects of Shear Angle on Sheared Edge of Square Steel Pipe Y. Kasuga, T. Machida and N. Kato

Powder Forming

301 Effect of Crosserat Constant β for Magnetic Powder during Compaction in Applied Magnetic Field H. Kotera, H. Kitahara and S. Sima 302 Structure Anisotropy of Magnetic Compact during Compaction under Magnetic Field H. Kitahara, H. Kotera and S. Shima 303 Influence of Deformation Mode on the Densification Behavior of Powders I H. Takahashi and S. Mizunuma 304 FEM simulation of Rubber Isostatic Pressing Process Y. Sakamoto, S. Shima and H. Kotera 305 Simulation of Powder Compaction and Fracture of Green Compact Y. Yamamoto, S. Shima and H. Kotera 306 Finite Element Analysis of Sintering Process of Functionally Graded Materials Compared with Experiment K. Shinagawa and Y. Hirashima 307 Simultaneous Synthesis and Forming of Ti-AI Intermetallic Compound with Compressive Torsion Forming for Powder Metal R. Suzuki, T. Choh and N. Kanetake 308 Fabrication of TiAl Matrix Composite by Reactive Forming Process H. Mutou, M. Kobashi, N. Kanetake and T. Choh 309 Formation of Amorphous Phase in Al-Ni-Zr Alloy by Mechanical Alloying and its Structure R. Tsuzuki and E. Yuasa 310 Fabrication of High-Strength A12 03 and Wires by the Controlledfracture Forming W. B. Du, K. Tatsuzawa, T. Aizawa and J. Kihara 311 Improve Mechanical Properties Ag-Cu-Ni Alloys Sheath for High Temperature Superconducting Wire Z. Mori, I. Fukuda and R. Miyamoto 312 Effect of Molding Conditions and Mixture Composition on Distortion at De-Waxing Stage in Ceramic Injection Molding K. Kato, M. Adachi, and K. Nakamura 313 Transcription Mechanism of Minute Pattern in Injection Molding by Using Direct Current Heating Mold T. Yasuhara, T. Ishihara, K. Kato and N. Otake

High Energy Rate Forming

314 Impulse Magnetic Pressure Welding of Aluminium and Steel Thin Pieces T. Aizawa, K. Okagawa and N. Henmi 315 Simulation of Swaging Al Square Tube by Electromagnetic Forming S. Zhang and H. Negishi 316 On Punching of Metal Plates by the Use of Shock Pressure (Ⅰ) -Deformation Mechanism and Strain Energy in the Process- M. Mochihara, A. Kira, K. Hokamoto, Y. Nakiyama and M. Fujita 317 On Punching of Metal Plates by the Use of Shock Pressure (Ⅱ) -Effects of Mechanical Properties on Edge Shape- M. Mochihara, A. Kira, J. Ueno, M. Fujita, Y. Nakiyama and K. Hokamoto 318 Bending of Aluminum Sheet Metal by Electromagnetic Forming Y. Murakoshi, M. Takahashi and T. Sano 319 Effect of Temperature on Dynamic Compacted Powders N. Nakayama, M. Mayuzumi, K. Hanada, T. Sano and H. Takeishi 320 Application of Underwater Convergence Shock Wave to Plastic-Working Process X. Hu and K. Kani 321 Basical Study of Ablation Forming by Excimer Laser T. Hasebe, Y. Nakade, Y. Imaida and K. Yukimura 322 Effect of Surface Temperature of Substrate in Explosion Spraying Y. Tanioka, T. Hasebe and Y. Imada 323 Manufacturing of Functionally Graded Materials by Spark Plasma Sintering S. Mekaru, T. Hirai and M. Omori 324 Experiment on Square-Cup Drawing in Closed-type Hydro-Spark Forming H. Fujita, T. Hasebe and Y. Imaida 325 High-Temperature Shock Consolidation of Diamond and Related Material Powders K. Hokamoto, M. Ayabe, S. Nakano and M. Fujita

Prediction of Structure and Property

326 Recrystallization Model Including Effect of Deformation History M. Yoshino, S. Sawada and T. Shirakashi 327 Numerical Simulation of Stress Relief Annealing Using Material Property Prediction System M. Yoshino, T. Shiraishi and T. Shirakashi 328 Thermo-Elasto-Plastic Analysis Incorporating Phase Transformation for Laser Quenching of Surface of Drawn Steel Wire A. Sakuma, T. Matsumoto and Y. Tokunaga 329 Constitutive Model of Cyclic Plasticity Taking Account of Yield-Point Phenomena F. Yoshida, T. Okada, M. Itoh and M. Nakaguchi 330 Prediction of Shear Band Formation of Fcc Crystals S. Kanno, J. Nitta, K. Ito, Y. Kamata, T. Sagawa 331 Analysis of Shear Band Formation Using Rate Dependent Single Crystal Model J. Nitta, K. Ito, Y. Kamata, S. Kanno and T. Sagawa


332 Dynamic Buckling Behavior of A Thin Cylinder with Non-Regular Polygonal Cross-Sections Under Axial Compression M. Gotoh, M. Yamashita and Y. Sawairi 333 Collapse Behavior of Aluminum Excluded Sections H. Naoi, H. Hisida, H. Kumai, H. Kimura and R. Maekawa 334 A Study on Local Enlargement of Metal Pipe and Rod Diameter T. Iura, K. Yamamoto, K. Mori, K. Kurita and S. Nagata


401 Basic Property of Al Clad Metal as a Heater Material H. Yoshida, Y. Suzuki, S. Isogawa, H. Yamada 402 Fabrication of SUS316L Stainless Steel/Fe-47Ni Permalloy Composite by Sinter Joining K. Okimoto, K. Izumi, S. Toyota, S. Hosokawa and Y. Kato 403 Joining of Ceramic Green Bodies and Its Sintering Characteristics T. Besshi, T. Sato and T. Tanaka 404 Pressure Welding of Dissimilar Tubes by PCR T. Mori, K. Hirota, T. Adachi and S. Senda 405 Partial Lining of Metal Foils Using Shot Peening Process Y. Harada, M. Hara, K. Mori and S. Maki 406 Resistance Sintering of Mixture of Copper and Graphite Powders S. Maki, Y. Kyoso, Y. Harada K. Mori

Utilization Technology of Ultrasonic Vibration

407T Study on a Wire Drawing Process for Non-Circular Cross-Sectional Wires Using the New Ultrasonic Die Divided into 2 Parts P. Kaewtatip, M. Jin, M. Hayashi, H. Noguchi and M. Murakawa 408T Study on a Wire Drawing Process for Circular Cross-Sectional Wires Using the New Ultrasonic Die Divided into 2 Parts M. Jin, P. Kaewtatip, M. Hayashi, H. Noguchi and M. Murakawa 409T Butted Tube Drawing with Ultrasonically Vibrating Die and Plug M. Inoue, A. Nakagiri, E. Simabayashi 410T Effect of Lubricants on Tube Drawing with Ultrasonic Vibration H. Takamura, K. Nakagiri, M. Inoue, T. Yamano and E. Shimabayashi 411T Surface Finish of Aluminium Pipe by Ironing with Ultrasonic Vibration T. Ozaki, T. Takemasu, S. Yamasaki, R. Matsunaga, M. Sakaguchi and K. Tomita 412T Effect of Ultrasonic Vibration on Tribology K. Kato, S. Kataoka, T. Nakada and T. Sasaki 413T Ultrasonic Butt Welding of Aluminum and Stainless Steel Plate Specimens J. Tsujino, T. Ueoka T. Kashino, F. Sugahara 414T Reduction of Residual Stress at Weld Beat by Additional Ultrasonic Vibration T. Hiroi, T. Nishimura, S. Aoki and S. Hirai

Roll Forming

415 Mechanism of Occurrence of Pocket Wave and Effect of Mechanical Properties of Steel Sheets on Pocket Wave in Cold-Roll-Forming of Wide Profiles T. Nakako, T. Nakahara and H. Asada 416 Simulation of Stretch Reducing of Tubes using Rigid Plastic FEM T. Nagahama, A. Yorifuji, T. Toyooka and H. Sato 417 Effects of Forming Conditions on Curvature Distributions along Cross-Sectional Profiles of Pipes Formed by No.1 Forming Rolls in Extroll-Forming Mill Y. Onoda, T. Nagamachi, S. Kimura and T. Kitawaki 418 A Study on Mechanical Nature of Corner Radius of Square Pipe in Cold Roll-Forming Process (Fifth Report) T. Kitawaki, M. Takeda, K. Higuti, Y. Kuromatsu and K. ka 419 Study on Reshaping Process of Tube/pipe (Report 6) - Numerical Analysis of Deformation of“Convex-Type”Pipes - M. Kiuchi, K. Shintani and H. M. Naeini 420 Study on Reshaping Process of Tube/Pipe (Report 7) - Numerical Analysis of Deformation of“Twin Dia-Type”Pipes - M. Kiuchi, K. Shintani and H. M. Naeini 421 Deformation Characteristics of Electric Welded Pipes (2) M. Kiuchi and K. Shintani


422 Effect of Wall Thickness in Circular Tube Spinning R. Muta, M. Murata and D. Kobayasi 423 Effect of Forming Direction on Tapered Spinning of Circular Tube R. Saito, M. Murata and S. Ishimaru 424 Deformation Mechanism of PCR T. Mori, K. Hirota and T. Adachi 425 Effect of Mandrel Shape on the Accuracy of Forming in NC Spinning M. Ishikawa, T. Yamada and K. Takaishi

Mashy State/Semi-Solid Metal Forming

426 Formation of Slurry-State Al-Ni Intermetallic Compound on Semi-Solid Condition and its Diecast K. Yamaguchi, C. Kawamura and E. Yuasa 427 Production of Aluminum Alloy Strip Using Twin Roll Caster T. Haga 428 Mashy Joining of Steel Bars or Columns with Cast Iron M. Kiuchi, J. Yanagimoto and S. Sugiyama 429 Finite Element Simulation of Mushy State Forming using Electric Resistance Heating M. Shiomi, H. Ohnishi and K. Osakada


430 Mechanical Characterization and Diagnosis of Ceramic Coatings T.Aizawa 431 Quantitative Non-destructive Evaluation on the Single-Layered Ceramic Coating Y.Xu and T.Aizawa 432 Quantitative Non-Destructive Diagnosis on the Ti-Al-N Coatings and Their Dependency on the Process Parameters Y.Xu and T.Aizawa


501 Prediction of Thermal Softening in Matrix High Speed Tool Steel of Hot Forging Die with Nitrided Surface Layer A. Minami, Y. Marumo and H. Saiki 502 Prediction About the Surface Informations of Forging Die H. Yano, T. Akashi, Y. Atsumi and K. Nakanishi 503 Application of Damage Mechanics to Fatigue Life Estimation of Forging Dies K. Hayakawa, T. Nakamura and S. Tanaka 504 The Trial for Forming of Wrist Watch Parts in Multistage Forging K. Yoshida, T. Ishimasa and I. Kuboki 505 Microfabrication of Micro-Dies by UV-LIGA Process Y. Kurosawa, Y. Saotome and S. Kinuta 506 Development of Nanoindentation System and Strength Evaluation of Micro Dies in a Scanning Electron Microscopic Field of View T. Yanagisawa, T. Matsumoto, Y. Saotome and T. Ohashi 507 Metal Flow in Asymmetric Plane Strain Extrusion M. Matsui, Y. Kurosaki and H. Nishijima 508 Metal Flow in Rod-Can combined Backward Extrusion T. Suzuki, M. Ono, Y. Sawai 509 Effect of Tool Shape on Bending of Products in Spiral Incremental Forging with Control of Inclination angle of Tool for Production of Turbine Blades M. Shiraishi and D. Suzuki 510 Rigid-Plastic FE Analyses of Large-Scale Metal Forming Processes Using DDM -- Investigation of Convergency of CG Method, 2nd Report T. Okada and F. Yoshida 511 Application of Variable-Number-Nodes Element with Selective Reduced Integration Technique for Plastic Working Problem M. Ichishima and Y. Yokouchi 512 A Formulation of Rigid-Plastic Domain-Boundary Element Method Y. M. Guo and K. Nakanishi 513 FEM Analysis of Clad Gear Forming by Enclosed Die Forging N. Fujisawa, K. Nishimura, T. Murakami and K.Ikeda 514 The Rigid-Plastic Finite Element Method for the Forging Process M. Amari, Y. Tanase, M. Mamiya, C. Kuzuya, M. Morita, T. Okamura and N. Yukawa 515 Development of Evaluation System with CAE in Cold Forging Process T. Kasai, M. Nakasaki and I. Takasu 516 Analysis of Three-Dimensional Forging by UBET Part 5 M. Kiuchi and T. Choda 517 Effect of Ring Shape on Friction Coefficient in Ring Compression Test S. Kaguchi, S. Watanabe, K. Ohuchi and H. Takahashi 518 Lubrication Behaviour of Solid Lubricants in Upsetting T. Nakamura, S. Tanaka, K. Hayakawa, H. Imaizuni, Y. Hukai and Y. Sakakibara 519 A Realistic Tribo-Test Method in Consideration of Heat Generation in Cold Forging L. Ruan, Y. Marumo and H. Saiki 520 The Trial for Forming of a Spur Gear Made from the Drawn Cup Y. Uchida, M. Hoshino and R. Shiga 521 Low Pressure Precision Cold Die Forging of Complicated Gear Toothed Products K. Ohga, F. Murakoshi, H. Ando, K. Miyoshi and K. Kondo 522 Forging of Helical Gear with Driven Container on Hydraulic Multi Axes Press S. Hanami and K. Osakada 523 Working Load Reduction in Cold Forging with Cyclic Loading R. Iwato, M. Kakiuchi, T. Kawabe and T. Wada 524 Studies on Distribution of Martensitic Phase by TRIP and Stroke Sensing Output K. Sasaki, Y. Katou, M. Horiguchi, H. Uemura, J. Yamaga and M. Asakawa 525 Developments of Magnetic Scaling Rod with Stamping and Stroke Sensing System M. Horiguchi, H. Uemura, J. Yamaga and M. Asakawa 526 Influence of Chemical Composition on the High Strain Superplastic Behavior of Nickel Aluminides H. Akimoto, Y. Doi, K. Matsuki, T. Aida and S. Ohchiai 527 Microstructure Refining and High Temperature Compressive Property of YBa2Cu307-x Superconductors T. Hayakaze, K. Matsuki, K. Mori, T. Aida and N. Takatsuji 528 Effects of Hot Free Forging Conditions on Grain Size of SUSF304 Steels Y. Funakoshi, T. Shimada, T. Tsunezumi and H. Saiki 529 Microstructural Simulation in Hot Open Die Forging by using the Incremental Formulation (third report) J. Yanagimoto, S. Sugiyama and A. Yanagida 530 Prediction of Ferrite Grain Size in Hot Forging of Carbon Steels W. Zhe, Y. Yoshida, N. Yukawa and T. Ishikawa


601 Shape-controlled Extrusion of Square Pipes for Space Frame Production N. OTake, H. Takiguchi, T. Yasuhara and K. Kato 602 Extrusion of Circular Tube with Changing Thickness K. Hasegawa, M. Murata and T. Makiyama 603 Combined Forward-Backward Extrusion with Controlled Extrusion Speed T. Watanabe, K. Osakada and S. Hanami 604 Flexible Twisting Process in Extrusion M. Shiraishi and M. Nikawa 605 Metal Flow Control by Flow Guide and Numerical Simulation on Spreading Extrusion Y. Imamura, N. Takatsuji, K. Matsuki T. Aida, K. Murotani, H. Sasatani and H. Yasuda 606 Study on Quality of Extruded Rectangular Pipe by Porthole Die T. Inagaki, S. Murakami, N. Takatsuji, K. Matsuki, M. Isogai, K. Murotani and J. Syoubo 607 Measurement of Pressure Distribution on Die Surface in Hot Extrusion T. Mori, N. Takatsuji, K. Matsuki, T. Aida and K. Murotani 608 The Lubrication Conditions of Aluminum 5052AA in Forming Process S. Kamitani, K. Nakanishi and K. Harada 609 Friction Properties of Cluster Diamond Dispersed Al-Si Composite K. Hanada, K. Nakayama and T. Sano 610 Numerical Simulation based on Upper Bound Theorem for Conform Extrusion M. Hoshino 611 Shaping of Spur Gear by Two-Step Method using Cylindrically Layered Workpiece Ⅲ H. Yoshida, Y. Sawaki and T. Suzuki 612 Working Force and Internal Deformation in Three Way Combination Extrusion S. Watanabe, S. Kaguchi, K. Ohuchi and H. Takahashi 613 Improvement of Properties of Mg Allows by Powder Metallurgy. (No.6) High Temperature Characteristics M. Takahashi, E. Masamura, K. Matsuzaki, Y. Murakoshi, T. Sano and H. Takeishi 614 Improvement of Properties of Mg Alloys by Powder Metallurgy. (No.7) Mechanical properties of Low Cost Mg Powder M. Takahashi, E. Masamura, K. Matsuzaki, Y. Murakoshi, T. Sano and H. Takeishi 615 Fabrication of Nanogranular Co/Cu Alloys from Superparamagnetic Irregular Solid Solution on the Route of Bulk Mechanical Alloying C. Zhou and T. Aizawa 616 Fabrication of Zn4Sb3 Thermoelectric Material on the Route of Bulk Mechanical Alloying Y. Iwaisako, K. Fukagawa, K. Ichige and T. Aizawa


617 Effect of Simple Permanent Shape Fixation on the Properties of Largely Compressed Lumbers (Air-Dried Japanese Larch, Japanese Cypress and White Birch) K. Kitazawa, Y. Takamura, T. Otagaki, Y. Sato and T. Hamamoto 618 Large Compression of Pine Wilt Woods Infected by the Pine Wood Nematode Part 1 - Strengthen and Permanent Shape Fixation - K. Kitazawa and Y. Shibuya 619 Experimental Comparison Between Load of Uniform Transverse Compression and Partial Compression with the Dies of Cylindrical Shape of Wood K. Yamaguchi, H. Shiozaki, T. Kawase and T. Murota 620 Compressive Shaping of Lumber by Hydrostatic Pressure Pressing Method H. Nishimura and K. Wada 621 Shaping Process of Compression Wood by High Pressure High Temperature Vapor Method with High Efficiency and Saving Energy H. Nishimura and M. Asabe 622 Manufacture of Sawdust Panels by using Large Compression Method with Oil-Steam Treatment K. Kitazawa and Y. Sato 623 Bioprestress Joining of Largely Compressed KARAMATSU (Japanese Larch) Tiles and Piles K. Kitazawa, Y. Shibuya and T. Ootagaki

Tube Forming

624 FEM of Square Tube in the Rotary Draw Bending Process N. Utsumi and S. Sakaki 625 An Effect of Distortion Control with Inner Plate on Press-bending of Aluminium Extruded Sections T. Kontani, Y. Uchida and M. Hoshino 626 Bending Process of Pipe Having Ununiform Distribution of Temperature-1 Assumption of Geometrical Bending and Theoretical Analysis- S. Kuriyama and T. Aida 627 Using Statistical Quality Control for Pipe Bending Simulation H.Yano, T.Akashi, H.IShikura and Y.Yoshida 628 Effect of Axial Feeding on Deformation Behavior of Aluminum Alloy Tube in Hydraulic Bulging with Square Die S. Fuchizawa, M. Kawamura, A. Shirayori and M. Narazaki 629 Evaluation of Hydroforming Characteristics of Metal Tubes by Means of Bulging Test using an Irregular Cross-Sectional Die K. Manabe, S. Kunibe and S. Nakamura 630 Deformation State of T-Hydroforming and the Influence of Material Properties on Formability T. Yoshida and Y. Kuriyama 631 Analysis of Deformation on Simple Expansion of Hydroforming Y. Itami and Y. Kuriyama 632 Prediction of Optimum Loading Path in Hydroforming Processes K. Ikeda, K. Ito, K. Shibata and T. Osuga 633 Effect of a Loading Path on Material Properties and Forming Limits in Hydroforming Processes T. Osuga, K. Ito, K. Shibata, K. Ikeda, K. Sato and I. Hiroshige 634 Expansion Hydraulic Formability of Aluminum Alloy Tubes H. Mizukoshi, H. Okada and H. Wakabayashi 635 Effects of Localized Forming on Ferrules K. Suzuki, T. Yoshizaki, K. Ueno and T. Teramae 636 Inclined Flanging of Tube-End by Orbital Rotary Forming K. Kitazawa and M. Nishida

Recent Research and Development towards Die-Free Technology of Plasticity

701T Review on the Recent R&D for the Die-Free Technology of Plasticity T. Aizawa 702K New Development of Computer-Aided Engineering Toward Proto-Typing Technology N. Kikuchi 703T Laser Forming of Sheet Metal Using On-line Shape Measurement and Database M. Otsu, M. Fujii and K. Osakada 704T Dimensional Accuracy of 3-D Products Made by Laser Prototyping M. Matsumoto, F. Abe, M. Shiomi, K. Osakada and S. Ma 705T Rapid Prototyping by the Free Sintering Method H. Nakazawa, T. Fukuyama and S. Ohashi 706T Formability and Physical Property of Metallic Powders in Rapid Prototyping F. Abe, K. Osakada and M. Shiomi 707T Possibility of Plastic Working for Magnesium Alloy by Spinning Machine Y. Takada, T. Utida and S. Murata 708T Development of the New Spinning Technology of Tube K. Kato and T. Irie 709T Recent Advance in Incremental Hammering T. Hasebe and Y. Imaida 710T On Structural Strength of Products Made by Incremental Hammering S. Nakagawa, T. Hasebe and Y. Imaida 711T Material Flow under Loading in Incremental Hammering Y. Okada, T. Hasebe and Y. Imaida 712T Ring Rolling Machine -Examples by Ring Rolling Process with Monitoring System H. Ishii, R. Nakano, Y. Nakamura and M. Mitani 713T An Approximate deformation Analysis for Incremental Bulging of Sheet Metal Using Spherical Roller H. Iseki


714 Prediction of Temperature in Hot Rolling M. Kiuchi, J. Yanagimoto and E. Wakamatu 715 On plastic Compression and Skin Pass Rolling of Thin Plate Without Spread K. Osakada 716 Problems in Estimating Friction Coefficients in Cold Rolling of Thin Sheet Metals T. Mizuno, K. Kitamura, C. Ishikawa and T. Murakami 717 Wrong Points in Elasto-Hydrodynamic Analysis and Pressure Peak by Proposed FE Analysis T. Sawada and N. Owada 718 Fracture Mechanics on the Alligatoring During Rolling T. Okui, R. Onodera, T. Yokote and M. Asamaki 719 Rolling Characteristics of Dull Sialon Rolls Finished with Shot Blast K. Yasuda, O. Shitamura and T. Kawahigashi 720 A Basic Study on Rolling Process For Flattening Are-Shaped FGM Manufactured by Centrifugal Method N. Yamanaka and Y. Fukui 721 Simulation of Wall Thickness Control in 3-Roll Stretch Reducing Mill M. Yoshida and F. Fujita 722 Prediction of Microstructure Evolution in Hot Rolling J. Yanagimoto and J. Liu 723 Grain Refinement of Cu by Low Temperature Rolling K. Funami, M. Kobayashi and K. Han 724 Effect of Back Up Roll on Lubricity in Aluminum Cold Rolling S. Shido, H. Sugii, K. Sawa and T. Kawanami 725 Mechanisms of Wear Debris Formation During Cold Rolling of Aluminium K. Iwasaki, S. Hattori, A. Morita, K. Saiki and T. Yamamoto 726 Evaluation of Roll Pass Design in Profiled Rolling by Thermal-Mechanical FEM Simulation M. Kawano, S. Isogawa and K. Kawanishi


727 Sinking of Bulge Formed Aluminum Alloy Tube S. Fuchizawa, M. Saji, A. Shirayori and M. Narazaki 728 Evaluate Drawability of Water-Soluble Lubricants in Stainless Steel Wire Drawing K. Yoshida, H. Furuya and K. Kanmuri 729 On the Effect of Slit Die and Mechanical Property on Draw-Bend Forming of Shin Strips with a Curvilinear Cross H. Iseki T. Kawahara and K. Kato 730 Direct Cold Drawing of Small Size CC Rod M. Asakawa 731 Analysis and Experiment of Inner Fracture Defect m Drawing K. Komori 732 Heat Generation and Residual Stresses in the Drawing Simulation T. Sasaki, K. Kanda, A. Nakagiri and T. Yamano

Form Rolling/Leveling

733 Finish Rolling of Sintered Fe-alloy Gear by Screw-Shaped Tool (1st Report:Rolling Experiments with Standard Tooth Profile Tool) T. Takemasu, T. Ozaki, H. Miyahara, M. Yokoi and H. Inada 734 Net Shape Processing for Precision Stem with Threaded and Stepped Parts by Flat Dies Form-Rolling I. Kuboki, T. Kusano, K. Sekine and M. Katti 735 Optimum Condition in Roller Leveling (Study on Mechanism of Roller Leveling Ⅱ) M. Ataka and M. Ishibashi 736 Optimization of Tension Leveling Process by Genetic Algorithm M. Ikeda, T. Okada, R. Hino and F. Yoshida