vol.53 no.615 April 2012


Mini-Special Issue on Numerical Optimization in Metal Forming


CAE Simulation for Plastic Forming Process and Design Optimization Technology ―Issues and Future Trend―
Koetsu YAMAZAKI 1(289)


Concept of Optimization
―From Gradient Methods to Sequential Approximate Optimization―
Satoshi KITAYAMA 3(291)
Applications of Optimization Technique to Designing and Manufacturing Aluminum Beverage Containers
Jing HAN 9(297)
Optimization Technology Applied to Automotive Stamping Process Simulation
Takeshi MORIYA 14(302)
Numerical Optimization of Metal Forming Process, Mainly Sheet Metal Forming Problem 
Ryutaro HINO 19(307)
Metamodel-based Design Optimization and Its Industrial Application
Hiroshi HAMASAKI and Vassili V. TOROPOV 24(312)
Topology Optimization of Stamping Die
Tetsuya YAMAMOTO 29(317)
Optimization of Stamping Tools for Automobile by Using Press Forming Simulation 
Takayuki OGAWA 33(321)

Preface for a New Series

At Beginning of New Series “Knowledge of Materials for Technology of Plasticity”
Editorial Committee 38(326)


Microstructure and Properties of Plain Carbon Steels
Nobuhiro TSUJI 39(327)

Visit to Institutions―Municipal Research Institutes for Industrial Technologies

Gunma Industrial Technology Center―Partner of New Technology and New Product Development―
Yuji KOTANI 44(332)


Activity of JSTP Before and After Its Establishment
Yasuhisa TOZAWA 46(334)


Report of JSTP 50th Anniversary Project
Michihiko HOSHINO 51(339)


Effect of Torsion on Droop Height in Shearing of Bars and Wires―Shearing with Torsion of Bars and Wires Ⅰ―
Satoshi KAJINO, Tomoya TANAKA and Motoo ASAKAWA 53(341)

Development of Shearing with Torsion for Restricting Work Hardening by Torsion ―Shearing with Torsion of Bars and Wires Ⅱ―
Satoshi KAJINO, Tomoya TANAKA and Motoo ASAKAWA 58(346)

Effect of Hydrostatic Pressure on Onset of Localized Deformation
Setsuo MIURA, Hiroyuki SEKI, Junichi SHIBANO and Michiaki KOBAYASHI 63(351)

Mechanism of Deformation Process and Blank Shape of Stretch Flanging Fracture of high-Tensile-Strength Steel
Yuichiro KUROSAWA, Ushio IWASHITA, Mitsumoto ISHIKURA,Jiro IWAYA, Takayuki YAMANO, Takayuki KIMURA, and Motoo ASAKAWA 69(357)

Effects of Punch and Die Parameter on Spring-back at Bending Process of Thick Sheet A5083
Naranbaatar KHAMT, Makoto MURATA, Takashi KUBOKI, Takahiro SHIBATA and Yingjun JIN 74(362)

Reduction Method for Residual Stress in Welded Joint Using Vibrations with Different Frequencies ―Using Ultrasonic Vibration and Low Frequency Vibration―
Shigeru AOKI, Tadashi NISHIMURA,Tetsumaro HIROI, Katsumi KURITA, Seiji HIRAI and Shigeomi KOSHIMIZU 79(367)

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