vol.53 no.616 May 2012


Mini-Special Issue on Current State and View of Monozukuri Education in Schools and Companies


How to Develop Human Resources for Manufacturing in Next-generation
Tamotsu NAKAMURA 1(395)


Project for Student Formula
Kazuhiko KITAMURA  3(397)
Consciousness Research and Implementation of New Course of Study for Manufacturing Education in Shibuya-ku's Shoto Junior High School
Tomiju SUZUKI  6(400)
Manufacturing Education at Teacher Training University and Technology Education Course
Noah UTSUMI 10(404)
MONOZUKURI Education of Tokyo Metropolitan College of Industrial Technology in Jonan-Area
Keiichi ASAHINA, Tetsumaro HIROI, Mitsuhiro UEJIMA, Toru INOUE and Toshiyuki HIRANO 14(408)
Manufacturing Education and Training Judging from Viewpoint of Company
Yuuji YAMAGUCHI 19(413)
What Should We Learn from Educational Advanced Nations?
Ming YANG 24(418)


Pressformability of Sheet Metals and Related Mechanical Properties
―Metallurgical Basis of Sheet Steels for Automotive Application―
Naomitsu MIZUI 27(421)

Visit to Institutions―Municipal Research Institutes for Industrial Technologies

Technical Support Center KIT(Kagoshima Prefectural Institute of Industrial Technology)…Yuji MURE 33(427)


Boss Forming Technology by Bottom Compression Drawing
Zhigang WANG, Keiichi MORISHITA and Toru ANDO 35(429)

Boss Forming Limit by Bottom Compression Drawing
Zhigang WANG, Masanao KARASAWA and Wataru KATOH 40(434)

Form Rolling of Helical Gears with Small Number of Teeth and Large Helix Angle―Capability of Form Rolling―
Eiri NAGATA, Kazuhisa IINUMA, Morimasa NAKAMURA and Ichiro MORIWAKI 45(439)

Finite Element Analysis for Rolling of Asymmetric Product in Three-roll-type and Two-roll-type Ring Rolling Process―Comparison of Rolling Characteristics in Ring Rolling Process Ⅲ―
Toshifusa NAKAMIZO, Morihiko NAKASAKI and Hiroshi UTSUNOMIYA 51(445)

Characteristics of Skinpass Rolling with Dull-Finished Work Roll of Sheet Gauge Cold Rolled Steel Strip
Toshiyuki SHIRAISHI, Tooru AKASHI, Yoshiki TAKAHAMA and Shigeru OGAWA 56(450)

Effects of Ellipse Preforming on Cross-Sectional Shapes of Square Steel Pipe Formed by Roll Forming
Takuo NAGAMACHI, Takeo KITAWAKI and Kazuhiro MATSUMURA 63(457)

Influence of Inductance on Circuit of Magnetic Pulse Welding
Keigo OKAGAWA, Masaki ISHIBASHI and Tomokatsu AIZAWA 68(462)

Characteristics of Austenite Grain Refinement by High-Speed Large-Reduction Forging―Production Technology for Fine Grained Steel by Large Deformation Forging Ⅲ―
Masaru MIYAKE and Yasuhiro SODANI 73(467)

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