vol.54 no.632 September2013


Mini Special Issue on Design and Manufacturing with Industrial-Academic-Government-Financial Cooperation


Problems of Cooperation of Industry, Academia and Government in Manufacturing
……Hiroshi YANO  1(779)
New-Sokeizai Industry Vision and Best Practices of Effective Collaboration
……Takuma HORI  3(781)
Collaboration among Local Small and Medium Size Company, Academic Organization, Government and Bank, and Any Conflict of Interest
……Takafumi KOMATSU  9(787)
Development of Cold Forging Technology of Sheet Metal with Industrial-Academic-Government-Financial Cooperation in Local City
……Yasuo TERAKATA 14(792)
Engineer Training Course by Industry-University Cooperation Necessary to Manufacturing Companies ―Training Course for Engineer Being Carried out by University of Toyama―
……Kazuo YAMANA and Norio TAKATSUJI 19(797)
Industry/Academia/Government/Finance Cooperation in Education and Research Center for Science-Based Plastic Forming in the College of Engineering in Ibaraki University ―United Promotion of Education, Research, and Contribution to the Regional Community―
……Goroh ITOH, Yoshio FUJINUMA and Kazunori AKATU 24(802)
Introduction of Collaboration among Industry, Academia by Regional Financial Institution ~Example of The Tama Shinkin Bank~
……Shingo AIBA 29(807)


Nickel Alloys and Cobalt Alloys
……Akira MITSUHASHI 34(812)


JSTP Participated Metal Forming & Fabricating Fair, MF-Tokyo 2013
……Kazunari YOSHIDA 39(817)


Effects of Shearing Conditions on Stretch-Flange Formability
……Takashi MATSUNO, Jun NITTA, Koichi SATO, Masaaki MIZUMURA and Masayoshi SUEHIRO 41(819)
Reflection and Transmission Characteristics of Ultrasonic Waves in Flat Surface Die ―Visualization of Contact Conditions between Die and Workpiece During Stamping I―
……Naoto HAGINO, Junichi ENDOU, Shunji KATOH and Masao ISHIHAMA 48(826)
Microforming of Magnesium Alloy by Simultaneous Heating and Forming
……Takehiko MATSUDA and Kenji NAKANISHI 53(831)
Application of Ring Compression Test for Thin Sheet Metals ―Measurement Method for Flow Stress in Large Strain Range for Thin Sheet Metals(1st report)―
……Takamichi IWATA, Michiaki KAMIYAMA, Yasuhiro YOGO, Noritoshi IWATA, Takashi ISHIKAWA and Katsuyuki SUZUKI 58(836)
Flow Stress Measurement Considering Plastic Anisotropy of Steels ―Measurement Method for Flow Stress in Large Strain Range for Thin Sheet Metals(2nd report)―
……Takamichi IWATA, Yasuhiro YOGO, Noritoshi IWATA, Shinya KATO, Takashi ISHIKAWA and Katsuyuki SUZUKI 63(841)
Roll Forming Characteristics and Press Formability of Hexagonal Dimple Pattern Sheet
……Masao MATSUI, Hideo TSUTAMORI, Hisayoshi KATOH, Yoshinori SUZUKI and Takashi INOUE 68(846)
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