vol. 56 no. 656 September 2015


Mini Special Issue on State of Die Manufacturing and Metal Forming in Foreign Countries


Globalization of Manufacturing and Research for Metal Forming Processes
……Shinichiro FUJIKAWA  1(741)


Overseas Expansion of Japanese Manufacturing Companies and Challenges to New Ocean Industry ―Overseas Deployment of Business Development and Ocean Business from Sophisticated Headquarters in Japan―
……Takuma HORI  3(743)
Diversity of Die and Mold Industry in China ―Case Study on Die and Mold for Passenger Vehicle―
……Tomoya KANEMURA  9(749)
Die and Mold Industry in India ―Process of Development, Present Situation and Possibility―
……Toshiyuki BABA 14(754)
Consideration of Die and Mold Industry in Brazi
……Etsujiro YOKOTA 20(760)
Planning and Execution of International Conference on Technology of Plasticity 2014(11th ICTP)
……Takashi ISHIKAWA 25(765)
Practical Education and International Exchange in University Die and Mold Grand Prix
……Minoru YAMASHITA and Makoto NIKAWA 30(770)

Voices of Female Engineers and Female Researchers

Performance of Women Researchers and Engineers
……Miki YAMAZAKI 35(775)


Implementation Report on 7th JSTP International Seminar on Precision Forging(7th ISPF)
……Yasuharu YOSHIKAWA and Motoki TERANO 38(778)
Implementation Report on Japan-Korea International Symposium on Die and Mold
……Shoichiro YOSHIHARA 40(780)
Report on 2015 Spring Conference for Technology of Plasticity
……Kazuyuki SHIZAWA 42(782)
Report on Second Division of Student Research Meeting of JSTP Young Research Members in  Tokyo-Minami Kanto Branch“Tour of Keihin Industrial District Night View; Spring Night Cruise”
……Akira YANAGIDA 44(784)
Report on 5th Technical Forum in Tokyo-Minami Kanto Branch of JSTP……Tsuyoshi FURUSHIMA 45(785)


Equalization of Material Flow in Multipass Synchronous Spinning of Square Cup
……Hirohiko ARAI 47(787)
Characteristics of Surface Profile of Cemented Tungsten Carbide Dies after Shot Peening and  Their Lubrication Performance in Cold Ring Compression
……Ryo MATSUMOTO, Nobuhiro KAI, Yuto TOMITA, Akira KAJIOKA, Shoji MORI and Hiroshi UTSUNOMIYA 53(793)
Influence of Prehole Punching Condition on Formability in Hole Expansion Utilizing Simplified Opposed-Dies Shearing Process
……Kohzoh KATOH, Kazuyoshi KONDO, Satoru NAKAMURA, Tohru KAKITA and Tokiyasu YOGOH 58(798)
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