vol. 58 no. 673 February 2017

Mini Special Issue on Automotive High Strength Sheet Steel and Its Forming Technologies



Deformation Characteristics and Material Modeling of High Strength Steel Sheets
……Toshihiko KUWABARA  1(97)


Current Status and Future of High Strength Steel Sheets in Autobody Manufacturing
―Survey on High Strength Steel by the Japan Sheet Metal Forming Research Group―

……Hisashi HAYASHI  3(99)
Current Status and Future Prospects of High-Strength Steel Sheets for Automobiles
……Manabu TAKAHASHI  9(105)
Forming Defects and Its Countermeasures in High Strength Steel Sheets
……Eiji IIZUKA 14(110)
Shearing and Stretch Flanging of Ultra-High Strength Steel Sheets
……Yohei ABE 19(115)
Finite Element Simulation for Shearing Process
……Masato TAKAMURA 24(120)
Hot Stamping of Ultra-High Strength Steel Parts
……Ken-ichiro MORI 29(125)
Stamping Simulation Technology for High Strength Steel
……Takayuki OGAWA 34(130)
Spot Welding Technology of High-Strength Steel Sheet for Auto Body
 ―Improvement Technique of Peeling Strength for Spot Weld Joint through Post-Heating―

……Yasunobu MIYAZAKI 39(135)

Message to Students of Plastic Working

One Learned during My School Days, and Current Work
……Toshiro AMAISHI 44(140)

Voices of Female Engineers and Female Researchers

How to Work Regardless of Whether in Humanities or Sciences
……Saki SAKAMOTO 45(141)


Report on the 39th Seminar in Die and Mold Engineering Committee of JSTP, the 15th Seminar in Nano/Micro Processing Committee of JSTP and the 9th Technical Forum in Tokyo-Minami Kanto Branch of JSTP
―“Development of Material Processing Technologies in Medical-Engineering Collaboration”- Development into Medical Applications of Plastic Processing Technology and Construction of the Collaboration System - ―

……Shoichiro YOSHIHARA 46(142)


Evaluation of Nonuniform Deformation during Plastic Deformation of Polypropylene-Cu Mesh Composite
……Makoto UCHIDA, Daichi KAWAMOTO and Yoshihisa KANEKO 49(145)
Effect of Stopping Time on Time-dependent Release Behavior of Creased White-coated Paperboard and Analysis of Nonlinear Relaxation Characteristic
……Shigeru NAGASAWA, Dai ADACHI and Natsuo SASADA 55(151)
Synthesis of Unidirectional Porous-Structured Aluminum through Explosive Compaction Using Cylindrical Geometry
……Kazuyuki HOKAMOTO, Koshiro SHIMOMIYA, Masatoshi NISHI, Lovre KRSTULOVIC-OPARA, Matej VESENJAK and Zoran REN 60(156)

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