vol. 58 no. 676 May 2017

Mini Special Issue on Trend of Material Control and Related Technology on Rolling Processing



View of Recent Rolling Technology  ―Past Glory Dream?―
……Fumio FUJITA  1(345)


Progress and Prospect of Hot Rolling Mill and Technologies
……Hideaki FURUMOTO and Toru TAKEGUCHI  3(347)
Control Technologies of Rolling
……Yoshihide OKAMURA  8(352)
Control of Microstructures and Properties for Steels by Integration of Rolling Technology and Metallurgy
……Kohsaku USHIODA 13(357)
Production of Bimodal Steel Strip by Heavy-Reduction Rolling
……Hyung-Won PARK and Jun YANAGIMOTO 17(361)
Temperature Control and Mechanical Properties Prediction of Hot Rolled Strip
……Kazuhiro OHARA 22(366)
Numerical Simulation of Microstructure Evolution Related to Rolling
……Akinori YAMANAKA 27(371)
Cooling Control for Hot-Rolled Strip on Run-out Table in Hot Strip Mill
……Shigemasa NAKAGAWA, Hisayoshi TACHIBANA and Tatsuro HONDA 32(376)
Accumulative Bending Process for Grain Refinement on Hot-rolled Sheet
……Yukihiro MATSUBARA and Naoki NAKATA 37(381)
Presents and Trends of Rolling Oil for Steel and Nonferrous Metal
……Takahiko OKAMOTO 41(385)

Message to Students of Plastic Working

Looking Back on My School Days
……Satoshi SHIRAKAMI 46(390)


Implementation Report on 54th Technical Salon in Tokyo-Minami Kanto Branch of JSTP “Die and Mold Engineering on Sheet Metal Working”
……Hitoshi OMATA 48(392)


Evaluation of Wrinkling States Using In-process Ultrasonic Examination during Sheet Metal Forming
……Ryota KAKINOKI, Yuji SEGAWA, Yasuo MARUMO, Yasuhiro IMAMURA, Tomohiro NONAKA and Yutaka SAKATA 49(393)
Improvement of Lubrication Properties of Water-Soluble Polymers in Cold Rolling  ―Application of Lubricant Solution to Cold Rolling Processes II―
……Yukio KIMURA, Noriki FUJITA and Ayako MIURA 54(398)
Thread Rolling and Performance Evaluation of New Double-Thread Bolt
―Study on Development of Antiloosening Bolt Fasteners Based on Coarse-Single Coarse-Multiple Double-Thread Mechanism, 1st Report―

……Toshinaka SHINBUTSU, Shuichi AMANO, Teruie TAKEMASU and Toshihiko KUWABARA 60(404)

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