The Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity

Membership Enrollment Procedure

For those who wish to enroll in JSTP, please download the application form after reading the “Article of Incorporation; Chapter 3 Members(in Japanese)” and the “Privacy Policies of JSTP(in Japanese)”.
Mail or fax (+81-3-5733-3730) the completed membership application form to JSTP Headquarters.

You can also send your application through online access below.

 Download the Membership Application Form (Excel)

After receipt of the membership application form, documents relative to enrollment (membership ID, invoice, etc.) will be sent to the applicant. After confirming the data, please remit your annual fee by the due date. Note that approximately 10 days will be required before mailing the membership enrollment documents.
* See “Payment of Membership Fee” for details about payment methods and procedures.
* Requests for JSTP brochures (for membership application) should be made to JSTP Headquarters.
Those joining in the middle of the fiscal year will receive the back issues of the Journal of JSTP included in the annual fee. However, if you are accepted as a regular member or supporting member after October 1st, you will not be entitled to receive the back issues for April through September, as the annual fee is reduced to half.

Enrollment Timing and Annual Membership Fee

 Enrollment timing
 Membership category  April to September October to March
 Regular member 10,000 yen 5,000yen
 Student member 4,200 yen
 Overseas regular member 10,000 yen 5,000 yen
 Overseas student member 4,200 yen
 Supporting member 100,000yen  50,000yen