The Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity

Activities of JSTP

The Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity cooperates in promoting the communication of research activities and presentation of research results on the technology of plasticity, and thereby aims at contributing to scientific progress and advancement in the field of technology of plasticity. The following are major activities of JSTP.

1. Conferences, symposia, and workshops, etc.

  1. Conferences (spring and fall)
  2. Symposia (approx. 7 times a year)
  3. Lecture series (approx. 3 times a year)
  4. Workshops (approx. once a year)
  5. Seminars (approx. 6 times a year)
  6. Tours of facilities

2. Publication of the journal and books on technologies

The “Journal of the Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity” is prepared for publication after careful review and editing of the contents of papers, commentary articles, technical information, various event notices, etc. JSTP also publishes the book series “Technology of Plasticity” (19 volumes, in Japanese) and other books, as well as educational videos on plasticity technology, etc.

3. Committees and Research Committee

Seventeen committees and one research committee were organized to facilitate the exchange of scientific knowledge and technology in specific fields. All members are welcome to participate in any of these committees.

4. Branches

Nine branches were established nationwide. Each branch conducts technical activities and information exchange in close cooperation with local industries.

5. Awards

・JSTP International Prize for Research & Development in Precision Forging
 -Call for nominations of ICTP Award for young researchers
 -2023 JSTP International Prize for Research Development in Precision Forging

Branches・Committees and Research Committees


The JSTP has set up 9 branches in Japan, from Hokkaido to Okinawa, as a place of the information exchange and the friendship for local members. You will be automatically registered to a branch when join JSTP. These branches hold “round-table conference” to discuss problems coherent to local duties properly, “tour session” for each other’s information exchange and “technical improvement seminar” corresponding to the new technology approximately six times from three times a year. Members can participate in all events.

  1. Tohoku & Hokkaido Branch
    • Hokkaido Local Committee
    • Tohoku Local Committee
  2. Kita-kanto & Shin-etsu Branch
    • Kita-kanto Local Committee
    • Nagano Local Committee
    • Niigata Local Committee
  3. Higashi-kanto Branch
  4. Tokyo & Minami-kanto Branch
  5. Tokai Branch
  6. Hokuriku Branch
  7. Kansai Branch
  8. Chugoku & Shikoku Branch
  9. Kyushu Branch

Committees and Research Committees

Committees and the Research Committee offer the opportunity for networking of scientific knowledge and technology in specific fields based on the needs of members. Currently, there are 18 committees, one technical committee, and one research committee. All members are welcome to participate in any of these committees.
Each committee holds meetings approximately two to six times a year by selecting subjects in a specific field.
In addition, some committees organize practical hands-on lecture classes and promote activities in which participants can bring up problems/difficulties encountered in daily activities as examples for discussion of practical problems in addition to speeches and lectures, and discussing solutions among all participants.

(year of establishment)
Committee on Roll Forming
Theory of roll forming; technology for preventing pocket waves, cambers,
and other shape problems; committee meetings and plant tours are held several
times a year on the improvement of forming processes and development of
new forming processes for electric-resistance welded pipes, lightweight
sections, shaped tubes, steel decks, building products, etc.; and an open
seminar is held once a year.
Committee on Rolling
Rolling theory; analysis of numerical models; rolling technologies for
plates, sheets, sections, bars & wires, and pipes; rolling machinery
engineering; rolling control engineering; plant tours of rolling mills
and manufacturers of rolling mills; tours of universities and research
Committee on Process Tribology
Lubrication problems in various plasticity technologies; fundamentals of
tribology; test methods; tour/discussion sessions on research topics (4
times a year); literature information WG
Committee on Tube Forming
Research meetings, literature survey and introduction of forming technologies,
secondary forming characteristics and pipe forming technologies (the latest
forming technologies, presentation of research results: approximately 5
times a year); tours of research institutes and manufacturing companies;
public information activities (seminars, lectures for beginners)
Committee on Sheet Metal Forming
Sheet metal forming (SMF) seminar on deep drawing, shearing, and bending,
etc.; tours of SMF facilities
Committee on Forging
Research meetings on the theory, technology, equipment, and peripheral technologies of forging; group activities and practical hands-on lecture classes; communication with international forging groups
Committee on High Energy Rate Forming
Committee on High Energy Rate Forming
Committee on Polymer Processing
Injection molding; extrusion forming; blow forming; plastic molding, composite
materials; material design; CAE; forming machines; regular meetings (4
times a year); public information seminars; workshops; tour sessions
Committee on Mashy-State/Semi-Solid Metal Forming
Research meetings and tour sessions on mashy-state metal forming processes, semi-solid metal forming processes, numerical simulations, etc.
Committee on Powder Forming
Research meetings, discussions and information exchange, and plant tours
on powder forming facilities, powder metallurgy
 Committee on Joining and Complex Design
Joining and complex design; development of joining processes; characteristics and function of joining and complex materials; micro-joining; plastic joining, etc.; joining and accident cases; literature collection; arranging and ordering tests, evaluations, and terminologies; dismantling technologies; database construction; tour sessions; workshops; discourse sessions
Committee on Extrusion
Extrusion forming; research on manufacturing cases; information exchange;
study on research trends; research meetings
Committee on Applied Ultrasonic Metal Working Processes and Technologies

Ultrasonic-wave forming, database, and research meetings
Committee on Die and Mold Engineering
Study on national/international research trends, collection and analysis
of technical information, and evaluation of various mold technologies;
establishment of a cooperative system among industries, academia, and the
public, and support for acquiring public funds for the development and
research of mold technologies; research meetings, tour sessions, and workshops
including outside speakers to be held three to four times a year
Committee on Computational Mechanics in Material Processing
Literature survey and introduction of fundamental theory, discrete analysis
method focusing on finite element methods, and simulations on various forming
technologies; seminars including the introduction of a finite element method;
lecture series on the Journal of JSTP
Committee on Wire Drawing
Research meetings (committee meetings: twice a year); workshops on drawing; research group and sub-committee meetings (research group on wire drawing using dies and roll drawing: twice a year); collection of literature information and distribution of papers (distribution of papers and commentaries: twice a year)
Committee on Nano/Micro Processing
Investigation and research on new technologies for the processing of nano/micro-order
products, such as transfer forming of nano/micro-size shapes, forming mechanics,
surfaces, tools and mold technologies, micro-factories, etc.
Commitee on Porous Materials
Comprehensive and interdisciplinary survey on lightweight porous materials
from the viewpoint of materials processing, plastic forming technology,
deformation theory, melting/solidification, powder metallurgy, joining,
surface treatment and additive manufacturing etc.
Research Committee on Forming Technology of Biomedical Materials
The committee acts for the objectives as follows,
– Human resources development and education of researcher and engineer
for biomedical materials forming technology R&D.
– Promotion of research on biomedical materials forming technology.
– Information collection of the latest and new needs and seeds in the field.
– Proposing research trends, supporting fund raising and research project