The Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity

2020 JSTP International Prize for
Research & Development in Precision Forging

Awarded by Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity with a Fund Donated by Nichidai Corporation on the Occasion of the International Conference on Technology of Plasticity (ICTP)


The "JSTP International Prize for R&D in Precision Forging" is established to promote research and development in precision forging and other net shape forming methods. The purpose of the prize is to recognize distinguished researchers who have contributed to the worldwide advancement of precision forming technology with high quality research work.

Technical Areas:

Candidates for the prize will be selected from researchers who are working in technologies related to precision forging and other precision forming methods, including but not limited to: theory of forming, forming machines,die and tools, lubrication and coating technology, forming materials, simulation of forming processes and computer aided engineering.


1) Candidates must have carried out a clearly original work such as development of a new forming method, new theory, etc. that have had a significant impact on precision forming technology. The results of this contribution must be published and recognized internationally.
2) The nationality of the candidates is not a criterion of selection.
3) Research institutions, companies and groups cannot be candidates of prize because this prize aims at valuing distinguished persons with great creativity, but they can nominate candidates.


One or two winners will be selected from among the nominated candidates. About six million yen in total including gold medals and plaques are awarded to the winners on the occasion of the 13th International Conference on Technology of Plasticity (ICTP) held in Columbus, Ohio, US in July 26-31,2020.

Obligation of Winner:

The prize winner should give a special lecture during the 13th ICTP.
The prize winner should also give a special lecture in “9th International Seminar on Precision forging”, which will be held in March, 2021, in Japan.

Method of Selection:

1) JSTP will commission the Forging Research Committee of JSTP to appoint a chairman for the Selection Board from Japan, and three other board members from other countries: one from Asia, two from USA and Europe. The names of board members will be disclosed after selection.
2) The International Exchange Committee of JSTP will monitor the process of selection and the associated documents and other materials.

Documents to be Submitted:
1) Nomination form,
2) Reason for nomination (1 page),
3) A copy of each publication related with the achievements (maximum five ones),
4) List of all publications,
5) Curriculum vitae


March 16 (Mon.), 2020 (when the nomination form is received, notification will be made by e-mail.)

Mailing Address:

A secretary-general of Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity, Y.S.K. building 4F, 1-3-11 Shibadaimon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0012 Japan.
Fax: +81-3-5733-3730
Submission by e-mail will be highly recommended, in which the necessary documents are attached. The total capacity of the attached documents shall be less than 10MB.

Announcement of Result:

The result will be announced around in the end of May, 2020. It will be sent to all the nominators and the prize winners by e-mail.

International Seminar on Precision Forging:

In association with this prize, an "International Seminar on Precision forging" will be held in Japan in the spring of 2021 by the same way as the former seminars.
Further information will be announced around the 13th ICTP.


The 1996 prize winners were Prof. H. Kudo (Japan) and Prof. T. Altan (USA).
The 1999 prize winners were Prof. K. Lange (Germany) and Dr. H.L.D. Pugh (UK).
The 2002 prize winners were Prof. K. Kondo (Japan) and Prof. M. Geiger (Germany).
The 2005 prize winners were Prof. K. Osakada (Japan) and Prof. N. Bay (Denmark).
The 2008 prize winners were Prof. T. Dean (UK) and Prof. R. Kopp (Germany).
The 2011 prize winners were Prof. J. L. Chenot (France) and Prof. T. Nakamura (Japan).
The 2014 prize winners were Prof. A. E. Tekkaya (Germany) and Prof. K. Mori (Japan).
The 2017 prize winners were Prof. C. G. Kang (Korea) and Prof. T. Ishikawa (Japan)

Nomination form: